About Mighty Max Battery

At Mighty Max Battery we offer high quality batteries and battery accessories. We take pride in creating an above average customer experience from start to finish. While manufacturing some of the leading battery replacements in our industry, our products are compatible with major brands in the automotive, medical mobility, data device, solar, and electronic fields. Mighty Max Battery doesn't only stop at battery products, we also manufacture solar panels, battery chargers, and battery accessories.

We not only take pride in creating above average products, but we also strive to make your browse pleasant by providing an easy to use website and a simple to reach customer service team. We believe in our products so much that we offer 1-year warranties and free ground shipping all processed within 2 days of your order on all of our products!

To make our batteries and products more affordable for you, Mighty Max Battery provides daily deals, new customer discounts, and multi-pack battery offers allowing you to purchase at reduced prices. The quality of your customer experience is just as important as our manufacturing process.

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