24V 2A 3 Stage Charger for Rascal 140F

24V 2A 3 Stage Charger for Rascal 140F
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24V 2A 3 Stage Charger for Rascal 140F

The Mighty Max 3 stage automatic smart wheelchair battery charger comes with the round 3 pin XLR connector. The Mighty Max Charger provides an enhanced charging method that will not damage your batteries when left connected. Mighty Max 24V 2A charger also provides a short circuit protection, enabling the product to charge safely in most environments. Most common use with the following wheelchairs: Invacare, Pride Mobility, Hoveround, Freedom, DDC, Shoprider, E-Scooter Electra, Frank Mobility, Merits Health Products, Theradyne and many more.

Mighty Max 24 Volt 2 Amp charger with 3 pin XLR connector 
3 stage charging method ensuring full charge, avoiding over-charging
Float charge to ensure the batteries life
Temperature / Short Circuit protection
Dual color LED - showing operation of charging progress

3 Stage Advanced Charging;
Phase 1: Constant charge
Phase 2: Constant voltage
Phase 3: Float Charging

AC Input: 110-265Vac, 50-60Hz,
DC Output: 29.2V (28.8 - 29.6V);
Operating Temperature: -10C - 40C 
Dimensions: 4.92 x 1.89 x 1.26

LED Indicator;
Green On: Power on, No Battery
Red On: Charging
Green On: Charging Finished, Trickle On
Green Flash: Battery Reverse Protection
Price: $29.99