Buying SLA and Lithium Batteries Online

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), which includes absorbed glass mat (AGM) and Gel-cell chemistry, and lithium batteries are an important component in very many items we use on a daily basis. This ranges from hobby items, such as toys and recreational vehicles, to home or office applications, including lighting, alarms, computer backups, and solar panel generators. They are used to power motorcycles and the power tools used to help repair motorcycles. Communication devices, such as two-way radios, can be powered by lithium batteries. Even electric scooters and wheelchairs utilize SLA or lithium batteries. Furthermore, there are instances where accessories, such as chargers, clamps, or wires, are required for proper care and maintenance.

Mighty Max Battery ShoppingWith so many different applications for these types of batteries, it can become difficult to find the right source to purchase replacement batteries from. While Mighty Max Battery strives to be that perfect source for all of your battery needs, we know and respect your option to shop around and compare the items offered by some of our competitors. It's important to make sure the websites you purchase from are trustworthy, secure, and providing you the best possible shopping experience. To help you along your way, we've put together this short guide to help you look for important details that can help improve your online shopping experience.

This guide will provide tips within the following areas

Mighty Max Battery Guide
  • Observing the battery sellers website
  • Understanding the items being sold
  • Utilizing customer support
  • Taking advantage of added values

It would be very long and difficult to provide an exhaustive list of all possible aspects, paths, and trouble points that can exist when shopping for batteries online. The fact is, the web continues to evolve every year, with new benefits and risk with each new feature introduced. This guide acts as a great starting point. If major changes need to be discussed in the future, we'll update this guide to reflect them. That said, let's begin!

Battery Sellers Website

Mighty Max Battery SSL SecureAs with any type of online shopping process, battery shopping starts with the website. There are several key factors that can be considered the low hanging fruit of website trustworthiness. Starting with easy and insightful navigation and search functionality. A website that is designed in a way doesn't make it easy and obvious how to find the exact items being sought out is destined for failure. In today's world of website development tools and services, having a website that confuses its users might be a sign that the site owners have alternate agenda's. Then there are the credibility factors, which includes secure checkout functionality and third-party accreditation. Look for secure checkouts by checking the address bar in your web browser; the website should start with https:// instead of http://. This means that the site is using SSL to encrypt the data you enter into their forms. Third-party accreditation by companies, such as or McAfee, offers some peace of mind as they had done some due diligence to confirm that the website you're shopping on is trustworthy. Finally, battery sellers typically use merchant accounts to process credit card orders. This means that they don't need to keep your credit card information once the order is completed, even if you created an account with the website. Storing your credit card information with many websites increases the chances that your information might be compromised.

Products Being Offered

LiFePO4 by Mighty Max BatteryThe items offered by the website should also be taken into consideration. Websites that offer many different types of items or many different brands might not be able to provide the focused level of service you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a replacement battery for your Yamaha TTR 125, but want to try a LiFePO4 battery instead of a SLA, would the website that also sells cell phones and gloves have the informed support to provide you with guidance? It's probably not very cost effective to train customer support about cell phones, gloves, and motorcycles among other things. While we're discussing the items, pay special attention to how the items are described. Many websites use automated systems to populate their databases with the minimum amount of information about the products being offered. Batteries can be important purchases and need to fit and function properly within their destined application. Insufficient descriptions make your purchase a guessing game.

Customer Support Options

Pay Attention to Customer ServiceWe started discussing customer service in the last section, but this aspect deserves its own space here. A phone number, email address, and contact form should be provided for you in order to speak with a helpful human being. No matter how large or small your purchase, a question or comment might come up that can't be answered by navigating the site alone. Having the ability to communicate with people that are informed about their products instead of automated systems that can end up looping through non-answers is a crucial ingredient in a trustworthy website.

Added Values

Mighty Max Battery Added ValuesConsider the other added values being offered by the website as you shop around. We mentioned in a previous section that batteries are an important purchase. This means that the seller should provide some sort of warranty. Accept nothing less than a year and make sure it's hassle-free. Batteries can be heavy, which can be reflected in shipping costs. If shipping isn't included with your purchase, there's a good chance your total will be significantly higher than expected. Look for discounts for multiple purchases or bundled items. The seller should be able to offer savings for large purchases. Finally, try to get an understanding of order processing time. Some websites don't specify how long an order might take to process, which can leave you waiting for your shipment for an extended period of time.

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few things to keep in mind as you compare batteries across various websites. These include the website itself, the products being offered, the customer support available, and any added values the website provides. Battery purchases should be easy, but complications do arise. Following the tips in this guide can help you prepare for and mitigate some of these complications.

Have some of your own tip? Add them in the comment section below! If you have any questions about the information here or any part of our website, your calls and emails are always welcome.