6V SLA AGM Batteries

Ensuring that your Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery powered devices have fresh and lasting batteries provides you with the assurance that you'll be able to work longer, play harder, and generally know that you'll be able to complete whatever it is you're doing. For example, if you're crunching spreadsheets all night and the power goes out before you had a chance to save your data, you know your APC or Tripp Lite UPS will give you those extra few minutes to do so. Or if your child wants to enjoy the new ride-on toy just a little bit longer, you know the 6 volt battery will last. That's the power of Mighty Max Battery.
6V SLA Batteries
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In order to meet your personal battery needs, we offer a large number of 6v battery sizes, which have an equally wide array of uses. These 6v SLA batteries bring life to your home and garden tools, hunting and fishing accessories, and even robot construction projects. Regardless of your device's brand, whether it's a Fischer Price Power Wheels Ride-On Toy, Streamlight Vulcan light, or a Pyle Amplifier System, Mighty Max Battery is compatible.
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6V SLA Battery

Advantages of a 6 Volt SLA AGM Battery

  • Deep Cycle performance offers longer usage without negatively impacting the life-cycle of the battery
  • Comes pre-charged, factory sealed, and is maintenance free, making ready for use immediately
  • Perfectly compatible with most makes and manufacturers
  • Significantly more cost effective and considered safer than lithium
  • Safe for regular shipment and handling. No free-flowing electrolyte and spill hazard
Regardless of how your 6 volt SLA battery is used, whether its to power tools or toys, the point is to make sure the item powers on. There are occassions where this doesn't happen and understanding the reason can be difficult. If it's due to the battery, try looking out for a few tell-tale signs of a faulty battery, such as weird smells and warped or swollen casing. Otherwise, pay attention to your devices performance, particularly slowness, dimness, or weakness in functionality. Some devices even offer warning lights or other signals that indicate it is time to change your battery. In all cases, remember to be cautious and carefule when handling any battery as they can be dangerous.