Electric Wheelchair & Scooter Batteries

With nearly 2 million individuals in the US taking advantage of the navigational freedom offered by powered medical mobility devices, such as electric wheelchairs and electric scooters, the batteries that power these devices are a key supporting component. The typical usage of electric medical mobility devices requires that their batteries are able to be used for long daily rides, but also with the possibility of no usage for extended periods of time as alternatives are utilized. This means that a deep cycle feature might be required as well as a smart charging solution. Together, these can help ensure longer rides and extended battery lifespans

Electric Scooter & Wheelchair Batteries
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SLA AGM deep cycle wheelchair and scooter batteries by Mighty Max Battery are the perfect solution for long lasting durability and performance. With proper care and maintenance, the batteries should provide approximately 2000 charge/discharge cycles. This includes ensuring that the batteries are protected from physical damage and debris, preventing the battery from discharging below 50%, and using a proper charger when the battery is not in use. A scooter battery charger is the perfect solution to maintain necessary power levels. By following the proper care and maintenance procedures, your battery can provide the energy output needed for relatively long trips across flat or hilly surfaces. And for those individuals that really take their electric scooters or wheelchairs to the limit, it might be worth considering to have a spare 6v or 12v battery, depending on your medical mobility device, that is used in turn.

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Electric Scooter & Wheelchair Battery

Advantages of an SLA Wheelchair or Scooter Battery

  • Maintenance-free, meaning there's no dealing with liquids or valves. Just use the right battery chargers.
  • Sealed and non-hazardous, so it can be shipped cost effectively with any carrier.
  • Comes in a wide array of sizes and energy output values.
  • Supported by most leading device makers.
  • Deep Cycle performance offers longer usage without negatively impacting the battery's lifespan.

When to Replace a Wheelchair or Scooter Battery

Many powered wheelchairs and scooters are equipped with a battery life display system, which is typically a light or LED screen that informs the user of a low battery. This can usually be found on the device control panel. While this display system offers a trustworthy means of communicating battery issues, there are other signs that can mean it's time to change the battery. These include a battery that doesn't last for the same length of time or distance that they used to; the electric scooter or wheelchair is unable to achieve their maximum speed; or the device is unable to climb a sloped path as it used to be able to. Another way to check the battery is to have it checked using the proper equipment. This equipment can be pricey, but a significantly more affordable option is to simply bring the battery to an auto repair shop, such as Jiffy Lube or AutoZone, where they can provide a full analysis as they are able to use the proper equipment.

Mighty Max Battery offers high performance AGM batteries that are compatible with most major electric scooter and wheelchair manufacturers. Whether it's for all day use or several hours daily, you can choose from a wide array of high quality SLA batteries that are charged and ready to go. These replacement batteries are compatible with most manufacturers, such as Pride, Quantum, E & J Lancer, Braun, and many more. For additional savings, purchase a multi-pack and a wheelchair or scooter battery charger to ensure your batteries never drop below 50% power, which will extend their lives.