Exit and Emergency Light Batteries

Having proper exit and emergency lighting is important in homes, particularly for new tenants and especially in basements and boiler rooms. Getting disoriented and navigating a dark environment can be difficult. Having these lights to provide guidance can be helpful in such situations. If the facility's power is out, the signs and lights rely on their internal batteries for proper functionality. This is why it has become a legal requirement to ensure that proper emergency and exit lighting is installed and maintained in business environments. With OSHA enforcing a monthly testing procedure of all emergency lights, exit signs, and combination units, maintaining these devices is not just good planning, it's also the law.

Exit Sign and Emergency Light Batteries
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With SLA AGM batteries by Mighty Max Battery, you're confident that your devices, whether its exit signs, emergency lights, or combination units, can deliver the guidance needed during an emergency or power outage. Considering what's at stake during this type of situation, it makes sense to try minimizing the risk of any failure when egress lights are needed for guidance. Having a highly dependable battery can help you achieve that peace of mind.

Mighty Max Battery provides top quality, deep cycle, 6V and 12V SLA AGM batteries to cater to your energy needs when your exit sign and emergency lights need to shine their brightest. The deep cycle capability means that the batteries can be used longer between charges without negatively impacting the lifespan of the batteries.

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Exit Sign and Emergency Light Battery

Benefits of AGM Exit & Emergency Light Batteries

  • Maintenance-free, meaning there's no dealing with liquids or valves
  • Sealed and non-hazardous, so it can be safely & cost effectively shipped with any carrier
  • Comes in a wide array of sizes and energy output values
  • Supported by most leading exit sign & emergency light makers
  • Deep Cycle performance offers longer usage without negatively impacting the battery's lifespan

Replacing an Exit Sign or Emergency Light Battery

Exit and emergency lights are an important safety measure that often goes overlooked. Many dont realize that OSHA requires monthly inspections of emergency exit light installations. Please refer to your local and State guidelines for proper testing and record keeping procedures, which might need to be completed by a professional. There are three overall types of lighting devices: emergency lights, exit signs, and combination units, which are all hard-wired into the facilitys main power lines. Most devices have a test button, which disconnects AC power and put thse unit in battery backup mode. To summarize the testing procedure, the test button is used to confirm that the device is able to properly function for a predefined period of time. Failure to pass this test means that the battery needs to be replaced.

During an emergency or a power outage, being able to safely exit a room, floor, or building with the help of emergency and exit lighting is a necessity. In a place of business, it's a legal requirement and OSHA states that these devices should be tested monthly. Mighty Max Battery provides you with the emergency and exit lighting replacement batteries that are made for reliability. Whether it's for emergency lighting, exit signs, or combination units, these batteries will work for you and are compatible with most major manufacturers. This includes Sentry Lighting, Emergi-Lite, Lithonia Lighting, Dual-Lite, Big Beam, and many others. Purchase a multi-pack for additional savings and to have spares on hand.