Lithium Iron Phosphate Motorcycle Batteries

The lithium iron phosphate rechargeable battery, sometimes referred to as an LFP battery (LFP standing for lithium ferrophosphate), uses LiFePO4 as its cathode. Being a lithium battery, it offers higher power density and a small form factor than SLA batteries.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Motorcycle Batteries
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The LiFePO4 motorcycle battery by Mighty Max Battery is a performance wonder. There are similarities between SLA and LiFePO4 batteries, particularly in how they should be treated in order to ensure a long lifespan. Deep discharge or overcharging should be avoided, as should excessively hot operating and storage environments. Prolonged periods of time in these states will damage the battery and significantly shorten the number of charge cycles it will be able to carry out before needing replacement. Generally, LFP batteries are incredible in preserving voltage while not in use, only needing a recharge approximately one per year. In other words, if you're a seasonal rider and your motorcycle might be pulling a current while not in use, remember to charge the battery every few weeks.

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Lithium Iron Phosphate Motorcycle Batteries

Benefits of LiFePO4 Motorcycle Batteries

  • Significant safety advantages over SLA and even other lithium-ion batteries
  • Much faster charge time than SLA, allowing you to enjoy more rides
  • Higher number of charge cycles, equating to a longer lifespan and potential savings
  • Smaller form factor and lighter in weight, which can improve performance and efficiency
  • Can also be oriented in any position, supporting a wide array of makes and models

When to Replace Your Motorcycle Battery

There are various signs that can help you know whether you may need to replace your existing motorcycle battery. This includes the sound of the engine starting replaced with nothing but a "click" when the starter-button is pushed; faint or non-functional headlights; or a horn that sounds weak or out of tune. The best way to check, of course, is to test your battery using an analyzer or by bringing the battery to a shop. A dead or dying battery can be the result of not starting the motorcycle for an extended period of time or due to the battery reaching its maximum charge-cycles. If you've tried jumper cables and it produced short term or no results, it might be time for a replacement battery.

Mighty Max Battery offers high performance LiFePO4 batteries that are compatible with all major motorcycle makers and models. This includes Harley Davidson, BMW, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and others. Furthermore, these batteries can replace those made by other battery manufacturers and resellers such as Yuasa, Shorai, EverStart, Power Sonic, and many others. Mighty Max Battery provides the additional benefits of easy 1-year warranties, free ground shipping, super fast order processing, and friendly customer support just an email or phone call away.