Motorcycle SLA AGM Batteries

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries with a specially made fiberglass "mesh" (the mat), which prevents the liquid electrolyte from flowing freely between the lead plates inside the battery cells. The mat actually holds all of the liquid electrolyte. This offers some level of protection in case there is any battery shell breakage as there should be no electrolyte leakage. SLA batteries without this mat, having a free flowing electrolyte, are called flooded lead-acid batteries and are considered inferior in many cases.

SLA AGM Motorcycle Batteries
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The AGM motorcycle batteries offered by Mighty Max Battery are often sought out by motorcycle enthusiasts because they can offer a high burst of amps, as high as 385 cold cranking amps (CCA). With proper general use, such as keeping them in relatively cool environments; preventing them from overcharging or discharging more than 50% too often; and ensuring clean terminals, these batteries can offer several years worth of charge/discharge cycling.

Advantages of AGM Motorcycle Batteries

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SLA AGM Motorcycle Battery
  • Short recharge time using a good quality standard battery charger, giving riders more time to ride
  • Valve regulated to automatically discharge a relatively small amount of gas, making it safer for the environment
  • Maintenance-free, requiring no liquid insertion or manual gas release, making it safer for people
  • Able to be positioned in any orientation, allowing support of a broader range of motorcycles
  • Long life span with proper use, providing financial savings over the long term

When to Replace a Motorcycle Battery

There are various signs that can help you know whether you may need to replace your existing motorcycle battery. This includes the sound of the engine starting replaced with nothing but a "click" when the starter-button is pushed; faint or non-functional headlights; or a horn that sounds weak or out of tune. The best way to check, of course, is to test your battery using an analyzer or by bringing the battery to a shop. A dead or dying battery can be the result of not starting the motorcycle for an extended period of time or due to the battery reaching its maximum charge-cycles. If you've tried jumper cables and it produced short term or no results, it might be time for a replacement battery.

Mighty Max Battery offers high performance AGM batteries that are compatible with all major motorcycle makers and models. This includes Harley Davidson, BMW, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and others. Furthermore, these batteries can replace those made by other battery manufacturers and resellers such as Yuasa, Shorai, EverStart, Power Sonic, and many others. Mighty Max Battery provides the additional benefits of easy 1-year warranties, free ground shipping, super fast order processing, and friendly customer support just an email or phone call away.