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It's Superman! No, it's Batman! No wait, it's you and your trusty sidekick Mighty Max Battery! Become the hero in your child's story (no tights required). Is your battery-powered ride-on toy parked while your child misses zooming up and down for hours with their powered ride-on toy? Do they sit in their toy for hour making vroom noises and pretending like they are driving? Get those parked ride-on toys moving again and your child smiling again. Ride-on batteries can be a real pain in the neck to find. So we make the process as simple as possible. No more driving around to different stores in search of a battery that nobody carries. You can avoid the shopping lines and traffic on the streets and in the store.
Ride-On Toy Batteries
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Mighty Max is there for you, delivering you power when you need it the most by offering you those hard-to-find batteries. Electric ride-on toy cars, trucks, and scooters can provide your kids with hours of fun and a deep cycle SLA battery is how to get those hours. The deep cycle aspect allows the battery to be in use longer between charges without negatively impacting the battery's performance over time. Whether it's ride on toys for big kids or smaller kids ride on toys, this results in more smiles for your young drivers!

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Ride-On Toy Battery
Batteries for powered ride-on toys

Benefits of SLA AGM Batteries for Ride-On Toys

  • Comes pre-charged, factory sealed, and is maintenance free, making ready for use immediately
  • Sealed and safe from the risks posed by some lithium batteries
  • Compatible with most major ride-on toy manufacturers
  • Deep Cycle performance offers longer usage without negatively impacting the battery's lifespan
  • Safe for regular shipment, cost-effectively, with any carrier

How Can I Keep My Batteries Fresh?

There are several measures that you can take to extend the lifespan of your batteries:
  1. Overcharging ride-on batteries is a common mistake. This can inhibit the batteries ability to hold a charge. Be sure to keep an eye on your battery when you are charging it and be sure not to continue charging the battery once it is full
  2. Never store your battery in a discharged state. If your battery is low or dead, do not store it in this state. It is best to store a battery near a full charge
  3. Store your batteries in a cool and dry environment. Any other type of environment will cause damage to your battery and shorten the life of your battery

Whether it's 6v, 12v, or 24v ride on toys, a battery replacement is sometimes required. How do you know if it is time for a new battery? For starters, if the toy no longer starts or turns on, then it is likely your battery. Some ride-on toys come with a headlight feature. If there is an option to use headlights, test those. If the lights do not turn on, then it is your battery. If you charge your ride-on battery, but it does not seem to hold a charge or the ride-on toy seems to be slowing down, then it is probably time to replace the battery. If you are unsure and want a formal test, then you can test your battery with an analyzer or take it to a store and ask an expert to provide you with an analysis. The average maximum lifespan of properly maintained ride-on battery is three years. If your battery has been around for longer than three years, then it may be time for a replacement.

Very few toys can compare to an electric ride-on toy car, truck, or scooter. Here's the chance to be your kid's hero by making sure the power doesn't run out. Mighty Max Battery keeps the fun lasting with the perfect ride-on toy replacement batteries. No more difficult searches for hard to find batteries. No more calling stores or waiting in lines. Find the battery you need, including those for ride-on toys by Disney, Huffy, KidTrax, Peg Perego, Power Wheels ride on toys, and many other brands.