Security & Alarm System Batteries

When a threat of danger enters the home or place of business, we rely on security systems, alarm panels, and fire alert systems to inform us of these threats as soon as possible. The security, alarm, and alert systems provide the time needed to decide and execute the best course of action, which may be to evacuate, call for help, or both. Wired and wireless home security systems, physical access control systems, as well as alarm panels and fire alert systems roll over to internal battery power if the facility's main power is not available for any reason. The battery becoming the sole power supply means that a deep cycle feature would provide the longest amount of power to security systems and alarm panels.

Home Security System and Alarm Panel Batteries
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Mighty Max Battery provides you with high quality Deep Cycle, SLA AGM batteries, which are the ideal solution for long lasting performance when it's needed most. An intruder or a fire can knock out the home or office main power supply and having reliable internal batteries can give you the precious seconds needed to either get out, request help, or both. Don't let your home security system, alarm panel, physical access control system, or fire alert system be powered by anything less. If your system uses more than one battery, replace all of them at the same time with a Mighty Max Battery multi-pack to ensure the longest possible lifespan.

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Home Security System and Alarm Panel Battery
Batteries for Wired or Wireless Home and office Security Systems, Alarm Panels, Surveillance & Monitoring Systems, Fire Alert Systems, and Physical Access Control Systems

Benefits of AGM Home Security & Alarm Batteries

  • Maintenance-free, requiring no liquid insertion or manual gas release, making it safer for people
  • Long life span with proper use, providing financial savings over the long term
  • Deep Cycle performance offers longer usage without negatively impacting the battery's lifespan
  • High compatibility, used by most major manufacturers
  • Sealed and non-hazardous, so it can be shipped cost effectively with any carrier

Many security and alarm panels are designed to alert you if the batteries are low, but it might not be obvious that your batteries might need to be replaced. The best way to confirm is by testing the security systems battery or batteries. Each battery in your system should be tested individually and, in case the system uses multiple batteries, together or serially. Furthermore, the batteries should be tested two ways. The first is while they are disconnected from the alarm or security system. The next is while being connected and in use by the system, which is called load testing. The goal of the tests are to see if the batteries display and maintain the correct voltage levels, which can be found in your security system manual, in both scenarios. This requires the right tools and knowledge of the security system. To ensure proper testing and maintenance, refer to your user manual or contact the system manufacturer for assistance.

Our property, whether its home or work, is one of our most precious assets as we, our families, and our colleagues spend a significant amount of time there. Using home security systems, alarm systems, and fire alerting systems, we secure ourselves from threats of danger. The batteries in your wired or wireless security system is an important power supply, which is used in case power is cut at your home or place of business. Mighty Max Battery provides you with high quality home security system, alarm system, and fire alert system replacement batteries. Whether its a wired or wireless security system, controlling motion detectors or door and window sensors, or an industry physical access control system, you'll find these batteries compatible with most systems. This includes HySecurity, Potter Electric, ADI, Brooks Equipment, Simplex, and Fire Lite by Honeywell among many others at very affordable prices. Pick up a multi-pack for even more savings.