UPS Backup Batteries

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) has become an integral piece of equipment for anybody that cant risk losing their computer data in case a power outage occurs. These battery powered devices lie between your computers and your home or offices power outlet. If the power in your home or office goes out, the UPS batteries are used to power your computer for enough time to save your data and properly shut down. Although the UPS remains plugged in at all times and is likely constantly charging the internal batteries, they do occasionally need to be replaced as they reach their end of life. It's obvious that a battery backup supply is necessary in any computer or network setup.

UPS Backup Batteries
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With SLA batteries by Mighty Max Battery, you're confident that your devices, whether its your desktop, laptop, or network, are going to keep running temporarily during a power outage. You'll need the time to either manually or automatically save your data and properly power down your machines. Having the right emergency battery backup configuration in your computer or server setup is crucial to achieving this peace of mind. The truth of the matter is that, if your UPS has more than one internal battery and one or more are suspected of being dead or dying, all of the batteries should be replaced at the same time. The reason for this is having a configuration with various batteries and battery qualities can result in the worst batteries quickly shortening the lifespan of the better batteries.

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UPS Backup Battery

Advantages of SLA UPS Batteries

  • SLA technology is considered safer than lithium
  • Significantly more cost effective than lithium
  • Wide array of sizing options, power output, and orientation
  • High compatibility, used by all major UPS manufacturers
  • Maintenance free, set it and forget it

When to Replace the UPS Batteries

The main components of any computer battery backup power supply are the internal batteries; these are the backup power sources that are used to keep your equipment running during an electrical outage. As these are typically SLA batteries, which do have a limited lifespan, the need to replace them does arise. UPS manufacturers are aware of this and usually include battery testing functionality that can be used periodically to confirm the current status of the internal battery. Upon using the test functionality, a set of lights or an LCD display will alert the user if the battery needs replacement. In some cases, especially if the UPS has multiple batteries, a thorough check might be required as some batteries might be at a different freshness level than others, which can negatively impact all the batteries. The simplest way to do so is to bring the batteries to a shop that is equipped with the proper tools to provide a thorough analysis of the batteries.

Might Max Battery offers dependable Sealed Lead Acid UPS replacement batteries, which can provide with enough power to save data during a power outage. You can select from a large number of batteries that are compatible with a growing list of UPS manufacturers, such as Tripp Lite, Sigma, APC, Dyna Tech, and more. Get a multi-pack and a charger to keep spares ready for hot-swapping for extended periods.