Mighty Max Battery

Warranty Policy

Limited Warranty is respected from the date of purchase for all Mighty Max Battery products.

Warranty replacement will only be issued to and through the original purchaser. Replacement is not transferable. Warranty applies to products that are affected by faulty workmanship or materials.

For all products eligible for the warranty replacement a print out test result is required to the Mighty Max Battery Customer Service Department to process and respect the warranty. The test must be done by a third party.

Businesses that have performed the required testing on our batteries at no cost are:
O’Reilly Auto Parts
Batteries Plus
Advanced Auto Parts
And any reputable battery retailer

Outside businesses are not obligated to perform these tests on products that are not sold by them. Please continue your search until a business is obtained and will run the required test. Mighty Max will not reimburse any costs to have testing completed .

Acceptable Test ResultNot Acceptable Test Result

The following terms are only applicable to Sealed Lead Acid and GEL battery products. Other items (including but not limited to Lithium Batteries, Solar Panels, etc) is not applicable. Other rules apply. Contact us for more detail.

Test results must clearly state that the battery is faulty. Results such as charge required and at home tests are not acceptable. Each battery must have its own test results/ticket #. You may be required to return the product at Mighty Max Battery’s discretion regardless of test results.

Mighty Max Battery has the right to test and charge the product before agreeing to the claim. In this event the customer is responsible for the shipping costs. Mighty Max Battery reserves the right to make product changes without notification which may alter the physical appearance of the original ordered product. Any defects caused by natural forces, misuse, abuse, physical damage, improper charging, sulfation, improper application made by the customer will result in disqualification of warranty fulfillment.

Mighty Max Battery liability in all circumstances shall not exceed the purchased price paid for the product. The end user assumes all responsibility for any and all personal injury and property damage resulting from the use, maintenance and installation of the Mighty Max Battery product.

Please see below for specific warranty policies that apply to your purchased Mighty Max Battery based on the price per product:

$1 – $50 (price per product)

-1-year warranty

-Testing results not required

-Customer is responsible for shipping costs

$51 – $100 (price per product)

-1-year warranty

-Test results are required

-Customer is responsible for shipping costs

$101 and above (price per product)

-1-year warranty

-Third party results not acceptable

-Must ship defective product to Mighty Max Battery warehouse

-Customer is responsible for shipping costs

Other rules may apply to bulk orders, please speak to our Customer Service Department (855-378-7135) to determine these rules. Warranty time will be carried from the purchase date of the original product by the replacement product. A new product warranty date will not be issued for replacement products. Warranties will not be issued if products are carried or used outside of North America or US territories.

Return Policy

  1. All returns must be phoned in for a return authorization number prior to shipment to insure proper handling of your return. All return authorization numbers (RMA) are valid for 14 days only. A processing fee of 15 percent will apply to the value of all merchandise returned for a refund.
  2. Returns are permitted within 30 days from the date of receipt of merchandise. Returned merchandise will be accepted by us only if all conditions A, B, C, D and E below are met. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. We are not responsible for any shipping and handling charges of merchandise being returned to us.
    • All returns must include original factory box, original factory packaging (foam, plastic, wrappings, etc.) blank, unfilled warranty cards, all instruction booklets and paperwork. Do not deface original factory cartons or packaging in any manner. UPC codes cannot be removed the box. We will not accept a return if packaging is not in its original condition.
    • All returned merchandise must be in its original mint and clean condition. Returns on damaged or scratched merchandise will not be accepted. Units that are defective may need to go back to the manufacturer for service directly and not be shipped to our facilities. If product is manipulated, return will not be accepted.
    • All returns must include all the factory accessories which come with the item.
    • Packages that are refused will be charged for the actual shipping cost both to and from your location unless pre-authorized by our customer service department.
  3. Returned merchandise which is lost or damaged in transit is not our responsibility. Please insure your return with your carrier. It is your responsibility to file claims with the carrier upon the discovery of the problem.
  4. Once your return is received and checked in you should expect to be refunded within 7 days. You will be refunded to the same method used for the purchase.