12V 35AH SLA Replacement Battery compatible with Minn Kota Endura C2 – Trolling Motor

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12V 35AH SLA Replacement Battery compatible with Minn Kota Endura C2 – Trolling Motor

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Delivering power when you need it, the Mighty Max ML35-12 12 Volt 35 AH uses a state of the art, heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid that provides exceptional performance and service life in both float and cyclic applications.
The ML35-12 is an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology with a valve regulated design, that can be used in enclosed and indoor environments without leaking or maintenance, providing a superior performance for thousands of models.
Mighty Max SLA batteries are utilized in a wide variety of applications including; Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Engine Starters, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Motorcycles, Power sports, Portable Tools, Solar, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security and more.
Voltage: 12 Volt
Amperage: 35 AH
Chemistry: SLA, AGM
Battery Dimensions:
7.76 in x 5.12 in x 7.01 in
Weight: 23.15 Lbs
1 Year


Amp Hour





Nut and Bolt










23.15 Lbs


1 Year

177 reviews for 12V 35AH SLA Replacement Battery compatible with Minn Kota Endura C2 – Trolling Motor

  1. dan

    not to heavy like other batteries

  2. Ray Fortune

    I could not answer the longevity because I’ve only had it for a few months, but so far I’ve been very happy with it. I can run for a couple of hours as long as I’m not on full power. I would by a second if I needed more time.

  3. James

    Nice battery handles etc.Still testing for battery life/usage

  4. Vanter

    I?ve used the battery a few times so far with my trolling motor and it lasted the whole day. It was easy to charge.

  5. Joseph J. Pluskey

    So far so good, this battery is light weight and easy to use. Works well for my trolling motor and does not take up a lot of room in the boat.

  6. Carlos Garcia

    I love this compact and powerful battery. I was using a much larger one that weighs 53 lbs! This is more than enough for us to boat around with our Min Kota 30 trolling motor on our Intex Excursion 5 inflatable boat. Though I wish it had a better way to attach the cables from the motor to the terminals. But I am sure I can find an adapter to make it easier.

  7. Atkins Lee

    I like the size of this SLA battery.I will be using it to power a Minn Kota trolling motor on a pontoon boat.

  8. john harold monk

    It lasted 4 hours with my trolling motor

  9. Greg P

    This battery worked well with my kayak trolling motor, a 30 lb. thrust MinnKota. Small size and weight makes it manageable. I’ve used it exactly once as of this writing, so I cannot attest to the longevity of the battery. First use was on the water fishing about 5+ hours. Obviously I did not run it for 5 hours but used it to move from place to place and to reposition the kayak. I moved it at varying speeds and only used it at full speed maybe 20-30 minutes. I covered maybe 2 miles or so of water. When I got home I expected and hoped for 50% power use. I was pleasantly surprised it was still at 69%.Now this is important. I removed the 5 position switch on my motor and replaced it with a pulse width modulator. The 5 position switch is a resistor type, meaning it draws full power from the battery regardless the switch position. Slow speed draws the same power as full speed. The excess power at slow speeds is converted to heat, rather than being fed to the motor, so there is no power savings running at slow speeds vs. high speeds. The pulse width modulator only draws the power needed per the dialed-in speed so running at lower speeds saves power and thus battery life. At least, that’s the way I understand it. So I really cannot speak of battery life using the stock 5 position resistor type switch. Regardless, if you need to cover a LOT of water distance then you may be better off with a larger amp hour battery. For my needs fishing, and just moving from spot to spot and positioning the boat, this works well for me so far. I’ll update this review if necessary.

  10. Jack Lindt

    This product keeps my trolling motor running great while I?m out fishing on my one-man pontoon boat. Plus, the vendor was more than helpful taking care of an issue that occurred during shipping.

  11. Banam

    My last Prius battery was also a lawn mower battery, but lead acid liquid….lasted over two years (died in the 100+ degree summer heat + from lack of use as we often go weeks without starting the car). Hopefully this AGM battery likes the Prius charging system a bit better. The original Prius battery is AGM, so I’m expecting this to jive better, but will update review regarding longevity if it becomes an issue.Came charged to the hilt. My trusty volt meter showed 16.8 volts. Yikes! Talk about making a first impression! I was a bit concerned about the high voltage, but my Prius shows no ill effects.I almost paid $2 extra for a competing battery on to get the carrying handles so was pleasantly surprised these came with them (makes installation so much easier). Also included are mounting bolts for the terminals. If you own a 2nd gen Prius (mine is a 2008), it’s not a 5 minute drop-in job. I used a 10-inch piece of 2X4 to shim the battery hold-down (this battery is much shorter than original) and to act as a mounting substrate to secure any wires down using a big wood screw to act as a wire-mounting terminal. If you have one of those little metal hose clamps (99 cents for pack of 8 at my dollar store), wire mounting becomes even easier as you can use one to clamp the positive wire around a big wood screw and release the wire using the clamp in the future if needed.

  12. Todd

    Good little battery

  13. John

    It?s for my dad. Don?t know exactly how it?s performing. Great I?m sure. He hasn?t complained yet.

  14. James

    It works great

  15. cindy chauvin

    So light weight, but gets the job done! ?

  16. mike johnston

    Great battery

  17. Billiejo

    Great product great price!!

  18. Denise J Morrissette

    I use this with my minnkota. Works fine.

  19. Karin I Fischer

    Great value. Battery really holds its energy for a long time. TAlking 3 hours on the lake.

  20. Bikerdave97

    Good battery. Have not had it long enough to rate the longevity but it works well, takes a charge pretty quickly and hopefully it will work for a couple of years.

  21. stephen shepanski

    Great for short trips with a trolling motor – charge does not last long.

  22. Rafael n.

  23. Michelle R

    Please make sure that they are packaged in such a way to prevent damage to the posts. Despite the red and black covers, the positive post on one of the batteries was smashed. I have photos but cannot attach to this review. I highly recommend this product for trolling motors!

  24. Wild Gravity

    Great battery for a trolling motor. I use this with a Minn Kota on an Intex Seahawk 3. The first one I received had a damaged connection terminal, but the company was very easy to working with in order to get a replacement. I use this battery when I have to walk a little ways from the car to wherever I’m putting in the boat because of its relatively light weight. Have been out for 3-4 hours and haven’t had any issue with it losing power or worried about it doing so.

  25. big mac

    This works great to be small. Long lasting

  26. Five Star One

    Has lasted well and done the job. However, all that this battery is being used for is to power a winch to move a light kayak and paddleboards up a slope. The charge lasted all summer, but it was probably used only about 2 dozen times.

  27. Terry Patterson

    Preform better than expected would buy it again

  28. Customer

    we use this to run bilge pump in bait tank holds charge good use about 14 to 16 hours at a time has not let us down all summer

  29. Steven J. Ybarra

    Very heavy but charged quickly.Looking forward to using it.

  30. Paul Camarillo

    Awesome little battery with slot of power.

  31. Daniel Teal

    Longevity is super. Used the battery 3 to 4 hours a day for two days without recharging.Very happy so far. Please note

  32. Ryan

    I liked it was fairly cheap 40$? Dislike ?? It’s tiny!!!!! This battery fits perfectly in my mower!!! I needed to use it on my boat!! Would be good for a kayak maybe ? Used on mower and she’s a beast.now!! Otherwise would buy normal battery .

  33. Customer


  34. jpro

    I have only used the battery to power my trolling motor once but it worked real nice. Can’t wait to use it again.

  35. Martha Mahalick

    Great battery for trolling motor

  36. Donna

    Have only had this battery a short while so I can?t attest to the longevity or the battery life, but it has been great so far.

  37. Mike

    Exactly what I was looking for. Using on Ascend 128T Kayak with minn Kota 30 lb thrust trolling motor battery. Been on water now twice and ran around for 6 hrs each trip. Both times battery never dropped more than 1 volt. Been measuring after charges ?13.26v? and after use ?12.86v? approx. I troll for walleye and striper. Battery been great so far I?ll try and update on longevity in the future stay tuned

  38. Mary Kay Corum

    So far so good, I use a solar panel to maintain charge, works great!

  39. Alexander V.

    Everything Okay!

  40. Gerald Snodgrass

    Works all day

  41. Brian Bertrand

    These batteries are a great value with exceptional life.

  42. Ernest J Domingue Jr


  43. Will

    Light weight, provides power needed

  44. james

    Bolts need a wing nut to make it easier to tighten the clips from my minn-kota, 30 lb. thrust, electric motor to the battery. Have use battery several times in a lake up to 4 hours with plenty of power left.

  45. AMB

    I can’t comment on battery life because I have had battery for such a short time. This battery is just what I wanted. It is light enough to carry down the hill to boat and has plenty of power for the trolling motor. I am pleased with this product.

  46. LeeMac

    I bought the battery for my trolling motor on a very small boat. Have not used it much yet so can’t say how long it will last. It does have a good carry handle and is built sturdy since the first thing I did was let it fall out of the rear of my vehicle, hit the ground and rolled over a few times. No apparent damage to battery and still working fine. Battery is lightweight as advertised so easy to handle in the boat.

  47. Jeffafa

    Great so far

  48. Paul

    bought this for my small trolling motor this summer

  49. Savannah

    No complaints, works well.

  50. Jess

    I currently don’t think it will be too small for a couple hours trolling. Will know better after use.

  51. Gary

    Great product w great price and fast shipping

  52. Jim

    Using on an electric trolling motor. Due to ice, unable to give review on battery life.

  53. Toshiba l755-s5311

    I used on my inflatable boat with electric motor inkota. Usualy, it take me for 8 miles on one battery.

  54. Bob. H.

    I used the battery in my Kayak and it worked great, I ran my trolling I first seed most of the time, but did use second about 20 percent, I tried third forth and fifth for a very little, I used it for 3 hrs and when back home the battery still had 12.5 volts. Had 13.6 to start. I am pleased, hope it last.

  55. Customer

    works great fpr my boat on local farm ponds. Well worth the money

  56. thak

    The battery is performing as expected. I use it on my remote golf cart and play 2 rounds before charging.My only hope is that it will last more than 1 year.

  57. Annette M.

    The price was right and it was used for a mobility scooter.

  58. Tomahawk66

    Excellent product, lightweight, compact, and yet very powerful. I use it with my kayak and my Jon boat and have never ran out of juice. Would buy again without reservation.

  59. JOHN

    Works great so far; is kept on trickle charger when not in use. So Much better that carrying the old lead acid deep cycle batteries and I expect it to last longer than 3 years too.

  60. Jacob Hayes

    I would not recommend this battery for anything trolling motors over 30 thrust if you will need more than a couple hours of run time. I use mine with a Minn Kota Endura C32 which is a 30 thrust motor and I typically only get about two hours of run time on a full charge. My experience has not been the same as what I read in other reviews before purchasing. If size is a concern, then this is a very compact battery, but I regret not getting something larger that would give me a longer run time. My battery box can handle size 24 and 27 batteries, so will be getting something that lasts longer and keep this as an easy to store back up.

  61. Leroy

    Works Great!

  62. Earl Jones

    Needed more amp hours so bought two. Hooked in parallel. Quite pleased with the result.

  63. Dean

    Compact and last for hrs

  64. ABSTER

    lightweight and does the job just like described

  65. Customer

    Light weight long lasting great battery for a small trolling moter

  66. David S. Kaplan

    This little powerhouse is perfect for my little one-man boat with Minn Kota Endura 30 trolling motor. Lasts at least 4+ hours of fishing, running the motor a lot. I bought a second one so that I have the option to switch when I come ashore for lunch. Generally, 4-5 hours is long enough to fish, though. Nice to not have a heavy battery to lug around. I might prefer a light 55 AH unit if they made one. Highly recommended.

  67. patricia miller

    I am a 72 year old woman and this is battery I can carry comfortably to and from my skiff. It keeps a charge for multiple trips around the lake and is just what I needed! I’m looking forward to great times on the lake!

  68. Jimmy Blume

    Cant belive its so strong being so little Exlant

  69. Joel Barton

    Good battery.

  70. Ian

    Good battery. The positive and negative connectors came bent due to shipping. Was able to fix the problem and works fine.

  71. Customer

    went out on the lake for one hour or so ,suddenly no power, rowed thr boat against the wind with one emergency oar. looks like the fuses were loosebrought battery in to charge, after one day 11.7 volts, after second day 11.7 volts, gave up and purchased new battery from Walmart.After 4 days disconnected the mighty max from charger etc. next day gave it one last shot with charger. lo and behold after 8 hours 13.5 volts.Now I’m afraid to use it, What do I doFrank hamelin

  72. R. Sides

    The battery arrived fully charged and performed very well even though I inadvertently undersized it. I actually needed a 55 a/hr battery. Nevertheless, performance was remarkable even so.

  73. jenny anania


  74. Anthony Rincones

    powerful little battery for my trolling motor,keeps a charge for quite awhile.

  75. Kiki

    Good and lasts enough for fishing!

  76. JD

    As soon as I received the product, I put it on a slow charger. Noticed full charge within a few hours. That to me, is good indication of a new battery with no internal cell damage! I have not tested the time duration of the battery yet, but I have positive feelings that this product will perform to the best of its ability.

  77. Customer

    GREAT VALUE For the Money.

  78. Bubba Barham


  79. Ralph Ballew

    Battery works great!!

  80. Robert

    It’s mostly my fault that I am not totally satisfied. I did not read the size specifications clearly and received a battery that is the same size as my lawnmower… not my car. From fully charged it’s good for a couple hours of continuous use at varying speeds but mostly low. I am using this with a 30 pound thrust Minn Kota motor. Again, this is about the size of a normal riding mower battery, so I should not expect more. I failed to pay attention to detail… If I were gonna do it again, I would spend more money and buy a larger battery.

  81. Customer

    The battery is smaller than expected, but packs plenty of wallop. In combination with the Minn Kota Endura C2 trolling motor it provides multiple hours of power pushing a 22 foot party pontoon smoothly and swiftly around our lake.

  82. Customer

    Exceeded product expectations

  83. Customer

    Looking forward to using it on my kayak rig

  84. Joe Torres

    Great for trolling motor and a good price

  85. Robert McGinnis

    Works great with a 30lb thrust trolling motor installed on a 12′ kayak. I have used it up to 4 hours of fishing without even reaching 50% capacity.

  86. robert p

    Great for lightweight battery. Obviously not as long running time as on larger battery. I use on Minn Kota 30lb motor. works well for me.

  87. Tazcopperl


  88. Mississippi_bass_fisher

    I have a 30lb thrust trolling motor will pull my 14ft skiff all day and all night if you run it on 3

  89. FloridaColoradoDude

    I am using this with a Minn Kota C2 30lb thrust on a kayak, I get about two hours going upstream with a distance of about 2 miles and I paddle back. I do like the convenient size of this battery and the carry handle might have been useful if it had not arrived broken. Overall I am satisfied with the purchase and would probably get a second battery if I find that I want to go further/longer.

  90. Customer

    55 a/h for such small size.Works just perfect!

  91. Francis V. Hill

    excellent product.

  92. Tom Phoenix

    Terrific. Powers my electric motor for my kayak for several hours on low speed.

  93. Ryan J.

    The battery is not bad, came to me and required charging. I used this battery to power my 36lb trust trolling motor and it would push me and my hobie outback for about 2.5 hours on setting two. Was hoping for a little longer troll time. Used it twice before i upgraded to Walmart everstart group 29dc battery. For about 30 dollars more (and 30lbs more) I can now stay out all day with my larger battery.

  94. Randy

    We got this for our Minn Kota trolling motor. It works perfect!

  95. John Garza

    Don’t work like I would like it to work!

  96. B Besancon

    Have used about 10 times now – very good power for the Minn Kota and is easy enough to transport

  97. Captain John

    Lots of power here. I can run pushing a 16 foot fiberglass boat on low speed all day.

  98. EM

    Good product for price

  99. Thomas Boler

    This battery works great and hold a charge for a longtime

  100. Judd

    Ran it for an hour straight and still had more than enough power left.

  101. Gabe


  102. Kris

    Cruzed around on the lake with a trolling motor almost non-stop for a little over two hours and the charge only dropped to about half capacity. Great battery!

  103. Deon

    Charges well is convenient to use.

  104. Customer

    Packaging was minimal, but the battery arrived by UPSP intact. It was a bit heavy for my mailbox. Haven’t used it yet for its intended purpose with my Minnkota trolling motor. At 22 pounds it will be much less effort to carry to the jon boat than a conventional deep cycle marine battery at nearly 60 pounds. It should last longer than I will be operating the motor on the lake as an occasional user.

  105. John J Talorico

    Great little battery, holds charge for a long time.

  106. Customer

    Battery works great and holds a great charge

  107. Ogre911

    I ran these batteries two together for my 24v trolling motor and it worked great for about an hour and a half then quickly died. I expected a little more time with two batteries, but it could have been that they are new? Or maybe that i just don’t know enough about batteries..

  108. Reid D. Legg

    Great for small trolling motors in canoes, lightweight and long lasting

  109. Billy Vanosdol

    Works good

  110. Daniel sprague

    Light weight and affordable

  111. Patricia M. Caporale

    Works great with my bass boat

  112. Roger Nocito

    Battery arrived quick as expected. Performs well with my 30lb Minn Kota trolling motor.

  113. grammy1

    we love our boat, and motor….

  114. Customer

    Best little cheap battery Ive ever bought! I have a 12ft kayak with a 20lb thrust trolling motor on the back, all kinds of fishing gear, a cooler, and my 250 lbs and this battery lasts about 4 hours. I bought 2 but found out one is all I really need for a trip.

  115. M.p

    Works excellent not too heavy to carry around very portable.Has multiple uses for my high power inflatable pump and trolling motor.

  116. C S.

    Pretty good battery I’d say. I have used it with a Minn Kota Endura MAX 45 Transom Mounted Trolling Motor, 36-Inch Shaft on Hagg lake OR and have spent an average of 5-6 hours trolling at 20% power and have not come close to running completely out of power.

  117. Wally1961

    I’ve used it twice. I was out on my kayak for 5 hours each time, using with a trolling motor. Each time I had about half charge still left.

  118. davidhoaglund

    Great works very good

  119. Trey Davis

    Use it for my 27 trolling motor. Does great. Light for my 2 man boat and that’s what I wanted.

  120. Thomas m. coyne

    great product and price

  121. Brian J. Putman

    Great battery, best price

  122. Thomas Willis

    come charged with a 13.v reading.

  123. Vadim Sergeev


  124. Jay Crabb

    Unreal, works with min Kota c2 30lbs thrust on 15ft canoe 2 guys for 4 hours first time out, on speed 1 most of the time but ran at 4-5 for bursts and still had power as we were getting off the lake. I want the bigger one now it’s awesome! Mighty max ya

  125. Z. Qiu

    Perfect fit for my Minn Kota motor

  126. Customer

    Fabulous. Hooked it up yesterday and took boat out for first time. We were on lake for at least a couple of hours going between speeds 1-5. Came back and still had half the battery left.

  127. Rpaj45

    Works as expected, no complaints. Perfect for the Minn Kota Endure C2 trolling motor.

  128. Nicholas Gibbons

    I’ve only had it out once so far but worked great for my 45 Minn Kota trolling motor. I was using it constantly for 2 hours and still had more than 50% battery.

  129. Skittlephart

  130. Ron Keyser

    Great battery & very light weight.

  131. Customer

    Great unit works like a charm.

  132. bob

    Hold charge for longer then other batteries I’ve used

  133. Roberts

    the battery is fine but it dies out fast.they say it last 3 hours fully charged when it lasted 1 hour.thankyou :]

  134. Customer

    Used this battery for the first time since ordering it,and I gotta say it worked awesome, used it on an 11′ aluminum boat and fished for 4 hours, and still had power left, had it on a Minn lots endura 30lbs thrust….. Great battery for the money

  135. Customer

    Good so far. Light and compact.

  136. Rommel Chatman

    I got this battery to replace my old trolling motor battery. It’s light and holds a charge well. It last much longer than my last battery and is still compact. I’m not sure how long it will continue to work well. I’ll write another review in a year to assure that it is still going strong.

  137. Dain Provins

    Haven’t used it yet, but this is what I was looking for for my Kayak trolling motor.Lighter weight 35AH Battery should work well and came fully charged.

  138. Cori

    Lightweight, yet seems to last well as long as you’re not running your trolling motor at full speeds constantly. We have a Watersnake 34 pound thrust mirror and we can stay out for a few hours without getting into the red with a Sea Eagle 9 inflatable, gear, and 3-4 people.

  139. Steven James Schlingman

    I use this battery to power my Minnnkota C2 Endura 30 pound thrust trolling motor that i have equipped to my Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 kayak, i have only been out once, but all in all it lasted me about 3-4hrs going up current on the Mississippi granted i stopped and fish many places for awhile without it running. So not the longest battery life but for the size of it i cannot complain im thinking about buying another to just keep a fully charged one on my Yak for longer trips!!

  140. James Larson

    The battery is really powerful, received it fully charged and used it for several hours on trolling motor. It is nice to be able to lay it on it’s side for better clearance. The post bolts are a little small but no big deal, replaced with wing nuts and bolts.

  141. Pamela A. Heath

    as described, fast shipping

  142. dylan


  143. Katelyn

    This is not a full size, or weight, battery like I have usually used with my trolling motor but it works just fine. It is sealed and is much lighter. It does require charging more frequently but that was to be expected. I walk 200 feet down an incline and then back up after fishing so the lighter weight is great to me.

  144. Dee Nichols

    Works like a charm and fast delivery too

  145. Norman L. Gillaspie

    Great battery for the price

  146. Bonny Dooner

    I really like the wieght, much easier to deal with on my Scadden Predator, I’ve only used it twice but it ran my Min Kota 30 for over two hours on 3 and still had juice left.

  147. mr mole man

    It came charged enough for me to take the boat out twice before needing to buy a charger. Pretty cool battery if I do say so myself.

  148. PETER Z.

    Heavier than expected. Handle is flimsy and won’t last long. Really disappointed since this battery was meant for my canoe and will be logged back and forth quite a bit.

  149. Marvin Brautigam

    I used the battery on a trolling motor for over 6 hours and still had battery power left at the end of the day.

  150. Customer


  151. Ahart

    Great battery was perfect for the kayak! One thing we are limited on is time..this way my husband gets more fishing in. Would purchase again!

  152. Jerichomama

    Great battery!

  153. FinancialCop

    Fantastic battery for my FeelFree Moken 12.5 kayak with a MinnKota 30lb thrust motor. Works like a charm!!!

  154. Charles Simmons

    Rec’d on time. Happy with the product.

  155. KillBill

    Works great with my watersnake trolling motor in a kayak. Ran it for about 3 hours in a creek, mostly on high speed with two people before it began to run out of juice and I had to paddle us back.

  156. jason

    Battery is for a trolling motor in a kayak. I like the size of this, it stows underneath and can lay on its side. As long as I don’t run full speed, I think I can get a good 5 hours use. Glad I purchased.

  157. K S

    Great Christmas present

  158. Christopher

    Fantastic, works as advertised (35 Amp Hour). Using with Minn-Kota 30 motor and getting several hours of use at speeds 1-3 and over an hour at speed 5 which confirms it’s behaving as a 35AH battery should. Great value for a great product.

  159. ronald w. toalson

    Perfect for small boats, much lighter than a full sized battery.

  160. SMD

    Great little battery with lots of punch

  161. Bass Lake RA

    quick delivery and good product works like a champ with Minn Kota Endura C-2 30 trolling motor and Index Mariner 3

  162. Ernest Kolb

    Works great!

  163. mingjing xia

    Small, but very powerful! Nice product. Last long! Been used for 3 hours to push a boat cruising in lake.

  164. Tj

    Just use the battery for the first time out with me and my girl on raft Seahawks raft and it work excellent. Use it for over hr and it was going strong with no problem. I’m guess I could easily get about 3 hrs out it. The only reason I didn’t cud it was getting dark. This is good for my Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Pound 30 Inch Trolling Motor use on my Seahawks rath 4 seater

  165. Olegvi

    Works as expected

  166. Scott Anthony Matthews


  167. Lewis Arnoldi

    I used the battery with my electric trolling motor. It met my expectations

  168. Ira Kasper

    Delivered within days of order. Quite pleased.

  169. Elliott Truman III

    Using an 18lb thrust trolling motor this runs extremely well. Light, easy to carry and holds charge. Well worth the money spent.

  170. Norma Pratt

    It is working fine !

  171. Farrell B. Gunelius

    Functions very well to power my small Minnkota trolling motor and holds a good charge.

  172. Val


  173. Rick R Gordon

    I’ve used it once, so far so good. For a little Battery it’s really heavy

  174. Ohr

    We have a Canoe with a place for three adult to sit on. We have Minn Kota C2 trolling Motor, and this battery was still working after almost three hours on middle setting.

  175. Jennifer Anderson

    Compact battery, but battery life is short before it needs to be recharged.

  176. Sol Invictus

    Excellent for use with a 30 thrust on a Bass Baby.

  177. William Hayes

    This battery is small in size and light weight. Lasted forever. I ran this battery on my minnkota c2 trolling motor on high speed (5) for over and hour going upstream as well as being out all day with it. I have a small boat that only uses this motor. When i got back to the house and hooked it up to my charger it read 60% still available. Great choice for small boats.

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