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12V 55Ah Power Boat Pontoon Electric Trolling Motor Deep Cycle Battery

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Delivering power when you need it, the Mighty Max ML55-12 12 Volt 55 AH uses a state of the art, heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid that provides exceptional performance and service life in both float and cyclic applications.
The ML55-12 is an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology with a valve regulated design, that can be used in enclosed and indoor environments without leaking or maintenance, providing a superior performance for thousands of models.
Mighty Max SLA batteries are utilized in a wide variety of applications including; Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Engine Starters, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Motorcycles, Power sports, Portable Tools, Solar, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security and more.
Voltage: 12 Volt
Amperage: 55 AH
Chemistry: SLA, AGM
Battery Dimensions: 
9.06 in x 5.43 in x 8.98 in
Weight: 38.58 Lbs
1 Year
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159 reviews for 12V 55Ah Power Boat Pontoon Electric Trolling Motor Deep Cycle Battery

  1. Dennis Fussell

    Good lasting battery, it’s a bit on the heavy side, by the price is right

  2. tyler dawson

    I was expecting the size. It would be nicer if it came with some sort of hardware.

  3. Customer

    Used for 2 days fishing on one charge. Just 55lbs thrust trolling motor.

  4. franko8765

    Sure impressed me, right out of the box it ran my electric trolling motor longer than two 12v standard ones would. About 12 hours to recharge with a 10 amp. charger perfect. With one more I could troll around all day.

  5. Illinois Accounting & Tax Co, Inc

    Have had this out in the boat, unprotected, and it has held up like a charm.

  6. Mike

    Holds charge great so far. Using it for my trolling motor.

  7. Super Gonzo

    Bought the battery and was very surprised at how long it lasted the first time. Might buy a second one soon. will recommend.

  8. Dan Nitzel

    I bought this battery as a 12 volt power supply for my CPAP. When fully charged I found that I can use it for at least four nights, 8 hours each night on a single 100% charge while boon-docking while out in my camper. To use with a CPAP be sure to get the proper 12 volt DC power supply cord recommended for you brand and model of CPAP. My CPAP cord came with a male cigarette plug attached and all I had to do is plug it into a female cigarette plug with alligator clips like this one https://www. .com/BESTEK-Cigarette-Lighter-Battery-Extension/dp/B00JOY6U7U/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=12+volt+cigarette+female+with+glipes&qid=1598816232&sr=8-5 . Be sure to test it out at home before you leave to make sure it works properly. I also used it to charge cell phones and other digital equipment while boon docking.

  9. Cynthia Taylor Wills

    Perfect for the Starcraft Starflyer!

  10. Connie E. Mares

    This battery is great but heavier than I thought. But, arent batteries heavy..??? Came welk packaged and fit my needs

  11. Jason

    Overall the battery is a great battery but I could not get clear answer on the weight of the battery through the description. The battery weighs 36.2 lbs for anybody wondering. It weighs too much for use on my kayak so unfortunately I am stuck with a battery I cannot use since will not do returns on this item.

  12. Ken Woerle

    My motor runs well with battery

  13. Customer

    Works great no issues

  14. Donna M Roy

    High quality. Good price. Staff at Mighty Max are a great group of people. ????

  15. John M. Mijaes

    Very satisfied with how it charged and it runs my Newport Vessel Trolling motor.0

  16. sammy bones

    This is a good product but like all deep cycle batteries it is HEAVY.

  17. CESAR M.


  18. Wil Peterson

    Perfect battery for the kayak I purchased!

  19. Louis G Csaszar


  20. Paul H. LeBarron

    I like it but very heavy

  21. Customer

    Last all day and some.

  22. robert.A

    Hold charge very well and I get plenty hours on a full charge using a 30 pound thrust trolling motor at least three hours running straight

  23. Troy Swartzle

    Good deal for a reliable battery

  24. Emmett Dwyer

    This battery works great! Fast shipping, good company.

  25. Claudia Buchsenschutz

    Purchased for our boat. It works great on our electric motor.

  26. learning to shop

    Both arrived in excellent condition, lt took less than twenty minutes to bring both batteries to 100% (one was 94%, and the other was at 92% before charging). These batteries are very heavy, I hope they will last for a long time. I will be using them as a portable power source and charged with a solar panel.

  27. Jose

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Good. 4 hour in my motor 55 lbs, speed three of five

  28. Ron Wyman

    Lightweight, lots of power for my trolling motor.

  29. Bob Mangan

    All the power I need!

  30. Mage1111

    This battery powers my Pelican Bassraider 10E fishing boat with MinnKota 30ah trolling motor with gusto! 2 guys fishing and this battery on a full charge pulls us both for 6-7 hrs of fishing. No problem. I have used this battery on 5 fishing outings with no problems whatsoever.

  31. Customer

    I use this battery in my inflatable dinghy to power a trolling motor. Works well so far.

  32. Simon

    36 lbs net weight. Easy to handle.

  33. Wayne Evans

    I have an older heavy duty 3 wheel MAXIMA Scooter that the batteries went dead on . These batteries arrived early and fit perfect and long lasting between charging. Well the price of these batteries.

  34. James T. Hoge

    Seems to work as expected. Thought the price was a little too high.

  35. paul

    Very good battery used it for my first time with a c2 30 lb trolling motor with 20 mph winds and medium waves for 4 hours mostly on speed 5 and still had 50% battery life left going to get me a 2nd one for my camping trips well worth the money

  36. Julie lowery

    As said it would be.

  37. Joe (Seattle)

    Works with Minn Kota power center, Minn Kota portable charger, and Minn Kota trolling motor. Charge lasts at least a few hours with a 30 lb thrust motor. On the heavier side.

  38. CS

    Worked great for my trolling motor. Had about 4 or 5 hours of hard use.

  39. Customer

    I used this battery on a 10 foot 2 passenger kayak. So far it works great.

  40. RaQue

    Delivery was fast and the package undamaged. I’ll give a fuller report once I’ve been able to use it. Stay Safe!

  41. Gordon R. Thomas

    I bought this for my kayak for which I have built a transom to add a trolling motor (I will often go out for a long 3-4 hours day and like to be able to add some motor power). The motor is a Newport electric motor with 35 lb. thrust capability. I have used that motor at highest speeds for about 1 1/2 hours often pulling a tethered kayak and the battery has only dropped from 13.2 to 12. 2 volts. (they recommend to not go below 11 volts) However, it is heavy!! At first I had it placed behind me, but between my weight and adding battery weight to the back in addition to the weight of the motor, I only had about 1 inch leeway before the kayak would have gone under. I now place the battery in front of me and it fits perfectly between my legs as they are spread to the footholds in the kayak.

  42. Customer

    Like expected

  43. David Bourget

    This is the second time useing mighty max batterys the first set has lasted 4 years in my solar generator

  44. Man Downeast

    Used it for a 30lb thrust trolling motor. Fished as long as 4 hours trolling around and never showed any signs of draining the battery

  45. John D Ca

    Holds charge well. Maintenance free. The only drawback is the posts. It should have threaded bolts so that a wing nut could be used to connect battery cables. But a conversion to alligator clips solved the problem.

  46. jason bowman

    I got about 4 hrs of charge out of mine.

  47. TheEcoDryer by GreenGloveDryer

    Worked great

  48. Richie

    More than I expected! Very light weight and lasts as long as much heavier batteries in my trolling motor.

  49. Derek B.

    Easy to Cary just a little heavy

  50. James Morgan

    We had a power outage the other day and it last about 8 hrs so I have a cigarette plug in inverter so I used the battery an my inverter to keep our freezer from thawing out and it worked very well

  51. John Z Larese

    Good packaging arrived undamaged

  52. Eva C.

    Received promptly and is what was advertised.

  53. Customer

    Everything great so far

  54. Good Guy

    Arrived on time as described. Will see how it performs.

  55. dawson

    I used it for 5 hrs at variable speeds and it lasted great.

  56. Customer

    The battery is not lasted for one day trolley. Need more improvement. I charge it full but only 4 hour worked

  57. Jay t.

    Small,ran 45 lb. thrust trolling motor on medium speed for five hours off and on.Still had power left to spare! We had two people and lots of gear in a twelve foot Jon boat.My only complaint is battery is a little heavier than exspected. Ps battery does have built in handles..All in all I am very pleased with this product????

  58. Richard J. Grant

    Easy to hook up with plenty of power for our micro camper, matched it with a 100 watt solar panel and a 300 watt inverter.

  59. James L.Davis

    Arrived today.Very well packaged.No damage.Fully charged.Very fast delivery. I have it’s little brother and it’s doing well so, I expect no problems with this one.This should keep my telescope mount running much longer.

  60. Customer

    Good Product at a good price.

  61. Elizabeth S.


  62. Jermaine Face

    Works well with my trolling motor. I can get at least 5 hours of use on my 46lb thrust motor on a full charge.

  63. billy spier

    very pleased with these batteries, use them to power trolling motors, very good service with this merchant, will buy from them again when needed.

  64. crazycatmusic

    battery was delivered fully charged and held its charge longer than i thought it would. used it throughout the day and came home with at least 50% left. and that’s after using it once time before(shorter amount of time) without charging in between. but i use an old shakespeare trolling motor so the draw may be minimal. i also forgot how heavy batteries are, but it is what it is…

  65. Craig C.

    Have only had it out twice so far but very impressed with its storage capacity. I have a 36lb trolling motor on a Kayak and ran it for 4 hours strait at level 4 of 5 power. At the end of my tour I still had 1/2 to 3/4 battery level.

  66. Theresa Zittritsch

    I have no complaints but can’t give 5 stars until it’s been used for some time longer than a month. Charges well, and seems to discharge over long periods. Will see how well it works in cold weather soon.

  67. william stanford

    I have a 10 foot Jon boat with a 40 lb thrust Minn Kota trolling motor. In two days of fishing, this battery worked well. The first day was calm and I was out about six hours, usually running at speed 2. Came back with 75% charge. The second day was windy and I was often at speed 3 or 4. Again about six hours. Had about 50% charge at the end of the day. Of course, I was anchored and fishing much of the time. Very pleased. I want to see how the battery holds up over time.

  68. B. Owen

    I have this battery paired with my Minn Kota Endura C2 30 and it lasts all day. All day being 4-5 hours of fishing. Last weekend I did a couple of full speed runs for about 20+ minutes each and intermittent use over 5 hours and the battery didn’t die on me. I am very pleased with that.It fits perfectly under the front hatch on my Vibe Seaghost 130.Update: 10/18/18I upgraded to a Minnkota Endura Max 45lb trolling motor and the battery is still holding up very well. It will last all day long with an Endura Max as long as you don’t run the speed continuously at 75% or more.Update: 5/15/19I upgraded again to an Endura Max 55lbs trolling motor and I’m still getting the same performance as before. I’ve fished for 3-4 hours and come home with more than 50% charge left. I run for an average of 30 minutes on full speed and the rest of the time I’m running right at 20% speed, which is perfect trolling speed for my kayak. Even though I haven’t had this battery for a full year, I’m surprised it’s still holding up. I guess my charging habits have helped keep it going strong. I charge it as soon as I get home and leave it on a trickle charger at all times. The only real drawback for having it in a kayak is the weight.

  69. scottminot

    I use this battery to power a Minn Kota Endura C2 30 on my Jackson Big Rig kayak. I’ve trolled for seven hours in first gear and still had 50% when I put on the charger. Tremendous!

  70. michelle

    This product works great for trolling the sailboat.

  71. Customer

    Traded my 80 pound agm battery for this 30 pound battery agm. My only regret is I did not do it sooner. I push my 14 foot Jon with my 40 lb motor. And the boat is loaded with 2 grown men and the outboard and it last beyond all day

  72. Joseph l.

    Great battery works great holds charge for a long time

  73. Keith S.

    Mighty max battery is perfect for my kayak.

  74. minh

    Good battery.

  75. Chilly Willy

    Will hold a charge for 5 to 6 hours running a 55 hp trolling motor

  76. Karl Miller

    I use this battery for a Minn Kota 40 lb. thrust trolling motor, on my 15′ canoe. It works great! I am some times out for 4 to 6 hours fishing and it lasts the whole time,trolling and cruising around the lake mostly on speeds 3 and 4. I would recommend this battery for it’s relatively light weight(37 pounds) and long run time.

  77. Oguzhan

    It is a good product for trolling motor. I have newport vessels 55lbs trolling motor, and i use it first and 2 level for 5 hours. were left

  78. Jonathan Cowal

    I bought this battery to use with my Minn Kota 30lb thrust trolling motor that i have on my 12 foot aluminum Jon boat. So far the battery has been excellent. I have used to for about 2 or 3 hours out on the lake and had it going at full thrust for about 30 minutes straight. At the end of the day I tested the power left on it and it still registered at full power (I have it in a Minn Kota battery box with a charge tester on it).

  79. M. Clark

    Took it out and used all day on my 16ft boat with four passengers. Still running strong at the end of the day.

  80. Wes Jones

    Ive taken this battery out twice on my motorized fishing kayak, seems to be good quality and hold a deep charge. The one they sent me had more beefed up terminals than the one in the pic, so that was pretty sweet. Got it 2 days after I placed order!I will rewrite this review once ive used it for a year and update on how it holds up in the long run.I recharge it with a 1.5amp trickle charger, takes a good 14+ hrs so I’d say the 55mAh rating is spot on, probably honestly it’s under rated and holds more. Very pleased thus far with this battery.

  81. Harmony Mafield

    Used this battery 9hrs steady trolling on low with a 55lb thrust motor and held charge all day

  82. BubbaB

    This battery has been dependable for my little 10 foot boat; but I wish it lasted longer. I guess I usually get about 3 hours worth; but at least it works every time, unlike the more expensive super battery I also bought.

  83. Ted Baker

    Great battery for my 12′ jon boat. Just to see how long it would last, ran around in a buddy’s pond using a Minn Kota 40lb thrust trolling motor. After 4 hrs. of playing around, the battery was still over half charged. The size of the battery is great for smaller boats with limited space, but it is heavy. The battery appears to be sturdy, but haven’t had it long enough to determine how well it will hold up and how quickly the battery will degrade.

  84. James Loftus

    Powerful and easy to chargePrompt delivery

  85. FischFace

    This is the best battery for a 30-36 lb. thrust trolling motor. It weighs a bit more than the 35 amp hour battery but lasts a lot longer. I went for over two hours last week at top speed and still had 70% battery.

  86. DAC

    So far so good, but it drops to 88% charged when unused (from 100)

  87. Michael Black

    Compact enough to fit in the 12ft canoe.

  88. Customer

    Works well on a 34 T trolling motor. Kept a charge for 5 hours on the water.

  89. Denise J Morrissette

    Works great on my electric motor mounted on a 12′ canoe.

  90. Fred G.

    Great endurance.

  91. don

    works great with my 44 thrust motor on12.5 golden eagle canoe

  92. DrReview12

    great battery, was unsure if I should go with the better know brands for much more money and I’m glad I didn’t. runs my minn kota whole day.

  93. Vicki

    Yes it is lite but has long life.

  94. Jim

    Immediately upon receiving this battery I put my charger that I use for analyzing battery condition. After initial charging the trickle current was less than one ampere which confirms the condition of the battery as being very good. The battery was packaged very well and arrived in excellent condition. Only Time will tell how long the battery will last. I will say the battery is heavy but I know that when I purchased it.

  95. dave

    It came charged. I used it the first weekend Saturday and Sunday both days, about 6-7 hour’s each day. On Monday it still was more than halfway charged. Very pleased..gone out several times since does real well on a 2 man boat.

  96. John

    I built a telescope field power box using this battery and an DC to AC inverter and it works great. There’s enough juice to handle the scope, laptop and coffee pot over several nights before requiring a recharge.


    I bought it for trolling motor on my gheenoe, works great. Also powers my lights and accy.

  98. Customer

    I have used this battery 6 times on my pontoon boat with a 40lb thrust trolling motor. each time for 3-4 hours and using the motor at between 3rd and 5th speeds, with 5th being the highest, and have yet to end the day with less than 75% battery left.

  99. Charles

    Heaver than I expected but lasts long.

  100. Wallace M.

    Seems to work good. Only had it a day so I can’t speak of the overall life of the battery.Got this today and it was roughly 90% charged. Hooked it to a battery chrger and charged to 100%(took maybe 2 minutes lol). Will be using this for my solar setup soon. I hooked up my 400watt inverter and about 65 watts worth of lights. Took about 5 hours to run it down to 50%. It’s within spec there.That’s all I can really comment on. Had nuts, bolts, washers and lock washers included. Packaged well and looks great.

  101. JakeHall

    Small compared to the old one I had years ago.

  102. Jeff

    This is just for my trolling motor a 55 lb. Minn Kota have not really used yet but its a Minn Kota

  103. Customer

    so far so good

  104. Danny

    works great for my trolling motor

  105. TL

    I bought this battery for my solar generator, it works well.

  106. Marlin

    I have a minn kota Endura Max 55 on a 12ft v-hull aluminum boat. On first use I drifted with current and used the motor for correction for about 2 hrs then when it got dark I set it on max all the way back to the boat ramp for about 45 min. Battery gauge showed in the red, took almost 30hrs on trickle charge to bring it back up. I will have to purchase another on of these or get a larger battery if I plan on fishing more than half a day.

  107. Brian Valente

    great battery

  108. Kevin Tinto

    Great trolling motor for 55lb Newport. Will run my 10.5 inflatable at 6mph for one hour at level 5, or 3-4 hours level 3-4

  109. Marc Champagne

    I’ve bought other MightyMax batteries and I’ve had good luck with all of them. They seem to function well and they’re very reasonably priced.

  110. Julio Shimokawa


  111. Mixed2dmax

    This battery works great. I currently have a Explorer 420x Inflatable Kayak 14ft and this can power me at full speed 5-6mph for 2 + hrsI used the MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center which works great but i did have to install some high density form to stop battery from moving around inside. Battery is less than 40lbs case included. Been out 2 entire weekends using it constantly and the best way to get more life out of this is only use motor when tired of paddling or need to get out in quick…

  112. Joe

    Battery is working just as I had hoped :)Very satisfiedThanks

  113. Customer

    Excellent and good value. Delivered well on time

  114. ChrisMuz

    Fully charged right out of the box. Used it next day for 3 hrs and hardly dented the strength. Had it hooked to my trolling motor and fish finder. Well worth the money spent. Frank R.

  115. Brian Harasha

    Best price around. Arrived quickly. Good product.

  116. jeff

    Perfect for a small solar setup.

  117. eugin

    Great battery for the electric motor I bought for my boat…. Holds charge for a long time, I have used 3 times for about 2 hours each time and after all that it still has a lot of power….. I love it…. Easy to operate even without the battery box they for these batteries….

  118. G. Reon

    Using this in parallel with an identical battery to power 12VDC waterfall pond pumps with a solar charging panel. The discharge from the pump operation is a total of about 40ah overnight. The solar panel charging controller shows the battery state and over the three weeks the battery has been in service there have been no issues.

  119. Rongee

    Runtime is great stayed out on the water for about 4 hours, with power spare. Took it home charged is minutes. ..

  120. Believer

    Wonderful! Great battery.. Noting but the Truth. . .

  121. R. Stanley

    Fine quality

  122. Bernard C Schur

    Works as expected with my trolling motor.

  123. Wild Willy Hiccup

    Totally works as advertised

  124. Arthur B.

    This battery is the boss. I use it with my canoe and a 45lbs thrust trolling motor on my canoe. I’ve used it all day and never had it run out of juice. I got a slow charger to keep the battery life as long as possible and even dumped my canoe and had this sit on the bottom of a lake for an hour or 2 but sustained no damage. If you’re looking for a trolling motor battery for a small boat, this battery may make you as happy as it’s made me.

  125. pchm

    Purchased this battery to power my 46 pound thrust, Newport Vessel, trolling motor attached to my12 foot NuCanoe Frontier12 kayak. I’ve been out twice since adding the motor and am happy with the time I get out of a full charge which is about 4 hours on the second speed. I’m hoping to be as pleased with the battery’s longevity as well. Its very nice to be able to operate the battery on it’s side. Would absolutely purchase again if the need should arise.

  126. Benjamin

    Strong battery

  127. sappy


  128. Ronald D Young

    I used it to start a Mercury 9.9 hp motor and run a 22 lb trolling motor. Works great

  129. Mary Jo Johnson

    took a quick charge and remains on float charge till needed

  130. Apprentice

    I wanted to go up in size from a 35 ah battery by a small amount in order to avoid sinking my 10ft kayak the Mighty Max 55 ah did that at roughly the same price I paid for my 35 ah Vmaxtanks battery. It is taller than my other battery but because it is an AGM I could lay it down to save space.

  131. Mike

    I have used it 4 times now and it works great. I used it on my Kayak between 5 and 7 hours each time and haven’t go below 34 percent charged. I am using a Minn Kota 30 lb thrust trolling motor. Kayak ,gear and me about 350 lbs.

  132. Customer

    Great trolling motor, last long, small,affordable very pleased!!

  133. Customer

    Use it to run my telescope and astrophotography gear. Fits well in a MinnKota battery case and I have attached a BESTEK 400W power inverter to the side for AC 110V. All works perfectly and hardly seems to discharge.

  134. GeorgiaRob

    I use this battery to run my 30 pound thrust Minnkota trolling motor. I live on Lake Akoni in Georgia, and I can get about 4 hours of constant full speed use, and about 6 hours of medium speed use. I have not pushed it past that, but when I get done I still have about 60% battery left. The battery is on the heavy side, but I would recommend this over the 35 AE pushed it past that, but when I get done I still have about 60% battery left. The battery is on the heavy side, but I would recommend this over the 35 AH just because I know that I can get all day fishing and then some.

  135. Customer

    Everything was perfect, great product, And fast delivery!! What. More could you ask for!!!

  136. Customer

    Nice battery.

  137. daniel tollison

    very good, came in as advertised

  138. Frank Scarangello

    I use this battery with my electric outboard – it works to perfection

  139. Margarida Silva

    Yes i like

  140. Peter Psomas

    so far so good used it once since we purchased it

  141. Claude D. Morgan Jr.

    Nice size and works good so far!

  142. Daniel Buganu

    Great battery!!!

  143. Kenneth H.

    I bought two of these batteries to use in a small solar powerstation I built. They were very well packaged and protected during shipment,and look to be of high quality. They are working very good at the job I bought them for. I am very pleased with my purchase,and the seller. Thanks.

  144. B. Norton

    I purchased 2 of these units to provide battery storage for a small experimental 2 panel solar kit (complete with charge controller). I added a 1000W sine wave inverter and hooked everything up using the usual fuses and safety mechanisms and I am happy to say these batteries have held up nicely powering a few small lighting circuits during the night. A couple of weeks ago, I added a low voltage disconnect relay to prevent the batteries from being drawn down past 12.4 volts which theoretically at least should extend number of discharge cycles I get from these batteries.The batteries appear to be well constructed and have built in handles for carrying them. If these hold up, I definitely plan on getting a few more for another bank of panels.

  145. Monty Brinkley

    Great product and great price!

  146. KAM

    So far so good….lasted all day on the lake for vacation and now useful for an electronic gate powered by solar.

  147. big time shopper

    KING KONG of batteries

  148. Jettest East

    Works great with my small shed solar system.

  149. Manny C.

    So far so good!

  150. Alex Vu

    It’s small but too heavy. But, I don’t know how long does it last

  151. Quoc D.

    So far so good, on a full charge, I can run my 40 lbs thrust minn kota for about 5-6 hours on a 70 lbs kayak at medium trolling speed. This does what I need it to do, its just how long it will do it for, that’s the real test.

  152. richard viktora

    The battery was well packaged, arrived on the due date and so far is working well.

  153. Jon

    I have not had a chance to fully test the stamina of this battery, but it seems very solid/durable I purchased this for a 55 thrust trolling motor and only used it for about 5 min at full speed, the battery did fine and was at 96% when i put it back on the charger. and sealed batteries are much safer and if they tip over no problems. I plan to put it thru some stress when i get it hooked up to a power inverter. if this battery holds a charge well and lasts I will be buying more. I believe this battery will hold up to the manufactures claims.

  154. Mark Montgomery


  155. Song H Lee

    It’s OK……

  156. GB

    Great battery for my 86lb trolling mototor but very heavy.

  157. T.R.W. Idaho

    Great size, fits in the boat nicely . Will buy more.

  158. F. Serret

    Runs my trolling motor all day

  159. Jose Alvarez


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