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Ride On Replacement 6V 7AH Battery For Kids Ride On Power Car Wheels

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Delivering power when you need it, the Mighty Max ML7-6 6 Volt 7 AH uses a state of the art, heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid that provides exceptional performance and service life in both float and cyclic applications.
The ML7-6 is an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology with a valve regulated design, that can be used in enclosed and indoor environments without leaking or maintenance, providing a superior performance for thousands of models.
Mighty Max SLA batteries are utilized in a wide variety of applications including; Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Engine Starters, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Motorcycles, Power sports, Portable Tools, Solar, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security and more.
Voltage: 6 Volt
Amperage: 7 AH
Chemistry: SLA, AGM
Terminal: F1
Battery Dimensions: 
5.94 in x 1.42 in x 3.94 in
Weight: 2.43 Lbs
1 Year
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2.43 Lbs


1 Year

238 reviews for Ride On Replacement 6V 7AH Battery For Kids Ride On Power Car Wheels

  1. Dk


  2. JMH

    This battery saved me from spending over 50$ to replace the stock battery on my kids tractor.

  3. Larry Myers

    Easy to use and install. Love it. Thank you

  4. Christen Lee

    Great product. Lasts a long time between charges so far.

  5. Customer

    Works well in the kids Jeep wasnt as thick as original one but still worked

  6. danna sopohia garcia zazueta

    La batería llego rápido y en muy buen estado

  7. Sebastián Salazar

    Llego a tiempo bueno producto

  8. Britt Chewning

    As advertised

  9. mikealangraham

    Nice replacement battery

  10. Meg Clark

    Works great! Charged quickly and we love it!

  11. Sherri Campbell

    Works great!!! Use it in grands car.

  12. Crystal Rodewald

    Perfect for what I needed

  13. Nikauris

    Me funciono a la perfección

  14. Hazel J

    There is no way to switch the battery out for the old one

  15. Jennifer Rodriguez

    I used this battery as a replacement for my huffy Minnie Mouse car and it worked just fine.

  16. Joe Banana

    Excellent replacement for the tiny battery that came with the car. You just need to splice the wiring for the new battery. New battery lasts almost 2 hours! Your experience may vary…

  17. Amanda Lovins

    Works great fits great

  18. Harpreet Kaur

    Good .

  19. Sarah R.

    Works great!

  20. Brent

    Fit inside and replaced the bad battery in my daughters madored power wheel truck

  21. Oscar


  22. Waterforyou

    Did everything it was supposed to.

  23. kevin langlois

    Easy to install works great I would recommend these batteries to anyone needing power wheels batteries

  24. Stan

    Used for a child’s electric car.

  25. Purple

    Great 6v battery for Kid power ride on vehicles. No wires, however, so be sure to save your old wires.

  26. Shaylene

    Worked so good

  27. Karen Peters

    Fast Shipping product as described

  28. Jess N

    This battery was a perfect fit anD has worked perfectly for my sons Spiderman Car!! I absolutely couldn’t have found a better product for the price!! He’s thrilled to have his car working and I’m thrilled that I was able to get a replacement battery and save some money!!

  29. Hermdagerm72

    The battery was just right for what I needed and the best price I could find.

  30. FeFi

    This was a replacement battery for my baby mobile car. It came right on time.

  31. Beth Hill

    Works great!

  32. Yvette Guerra

    Works great the kids live it because there power wheel goes now lol great product

  33. Customer from NC

    Shipping was quick and well packaged. Came fully charged. Recent Manufacture date. Very reasonably priced. Warranty information included in the box.

  34. Nikia Johnson

    Replacement battery fits and works perfectly!!!

  35. Jermaine W.

    This was an awesome buy, this allowed me to add more power to my son’s power and it holds a charge for days. Great battery

  36. JR

    Fit childs car very well .I put a slow trickle charge on battery ,only took about half an hour and it was fully charge . My great grand daughters (2) enjoy their new ride. I purchase two because the price was right and to also have an extra battery charged and ready because they both enjoy riding around ,also to see the fun they are having in their eyes

  37. Justin Banning

    Fast shipping and great product!

  38. Kiki

    I bought two and both came package well. Both worked on BMW cars Thank!

  39. S. Dennis Dore

    Used it to replace the battery in a used ride on car the my kids were gifted. It lasts for a long time when I charge it and take them to the park.

  40. Chris Blaharski 517-388-1062, Flint, MI.

    Part came as described, works fine, no problems.

  41. Jaycee Cid

    Works great and was easy to install! Price was excellent

  42. dagger

    Said two weeks delivery. Came in 5 days. Charged it for 24 hours just to be safe. Works great!

  43. elizabeth g.

    I used this battery for my sons ride on car. It works perfectly fine. It is good quality. Didnt think it would work but it did.

  44. Lori S.

    It was exactly what was advertised and what we needed

  45. Teflon

    Almost a perfect replacement for the on in my grand children electric car. But overall it works well and the pricreasonable. nable.

  46. Joan Woodard

    The battery works great in my granddaughter’s car. Great value, and so easy to install

  47. Kathy W

    Had to figure it out to fit in the toy car.But did manage.Grandkids live riding in the car again.

  48. Lloyd Stewart

    Yes! After ordering the wrong battery, I finally found this one and it works for the little bmw power wheels car we have! My son is so happy! Shipping was way quicker than what it stated, so I was very pleased with that.

  49. dolphin

    Im glad I ordered the battery for my daughter’s car the shipping was fast and everything is working great. The car is a BMW i8 spyder.

  50. Nancy W

    Works well for my granddaughter’s ATV,

  51. SanDIYego

    Revived an older toy car we got from the neighbor. Worthwhile investment.

  52. Travis walker

    It die to fast have to put in charge to much

  53. Martin L Baroni

    Took out old 6v from small kids car and ran better than new. Outstanding battery

  54. Kay McPherson

    Just what I needed

  55. Customer

    This was used for a battery operated car

  56. Shirley Prince

    It works well ans last a long time

  57. Mike


  58. Pastrami

    As advertised.

  59. Victor Butler III

    The Mighty Max Battery Ride On Replacement 6V 7AH Battery works excellent.

  60. Jonathan Griffin

    Just as expected

  61. RP

    Worked perfectly

  62. Toph

    Exact fit and replacement. Cheapest price I found.

  63. Jessica

    Works great!

  64. Jose Soto

    Worked perfect as replacement battery of my kids ride on mini Cooper.

  65. Anthony A

    Works perfectly, and for considerably cheaper than the company wanted to charge me for a replacement part!

  66. Sergio Molina

    Producto igual al solicitado

  67. Keith tucker


  68. bexie


  69. Joyce Mu

    We love the battery replacement. thanks.

  70. Customer

    Good product. Works as expected. Holds charge. Kids are happy again

  71. PrettyinPink

    My husband didn’t have any problems installing. the only con that I found is that there weren’t any instructions as to how long one should charge it but contacted seller and they promptly informed me how long for the first time charge should be. and it was a range of 24-30 hours and after that they informed me that it was based on the voltage of the charger ???? using. Writing that in case someone is wondering the same thing. By the way sorry if that is obvious info for some.So, my kids have enjoyed riding on their ????.

  72. Robbie

    Works great in my son’s Not Powerwheel car. Plenty of battery life.

  73. Vanessa

    It worked perfectly for my daughters car ! Great fit just like the one she had.



  75. d&b

    Bought as a back up battery for our daughters ride on car. Seemed a little expensive for a battery but we needed it so it was purchased. Couldn’t find it anywhere else even though the ride on car was originally bought from another store. has it all, and it’s worth the $$. Works just as great as the original battery.

  76. Bellz

    Worked great, lasts a good amount of time on each charge. It wasn’t a direct fit for my Kid Trax, but as always, duck tape saves the day :). It was the same size battery as the stock one, but the stock one had a cover that screwed in on top that fit right under the brackets that held it down. So since the cover didn’t fit this battery, the brackets to hold it down didn’t fit. Enter duck tape. Easy mod and way cheaper than the stock Kid Trax battery. Happy customer!

  77. Jose Dario Da Silva

    Excelte productGreat

  78. Leonardo Hernandez

    BMW Powerwheel

  79. Vanessa Canales

    It’s great. It was easy to put in, I had no trouble. Its also durable and had no trouble with my kids’ cars. Its also the same one as in the picture.

  80. Tadd edwards


  81. Bryan Chamblin

    Item arrived on time and as described

  82. Jinho Park

    was thinking about tossing out the toy car,i said why not change out the battery and see if its worth it.Kids are back on it again! just like new.

  83. Raul Delgado

    Awesome product

  84. Emma Mcknight

    Fit perfectly in my daughters car that I purchased from Walmart. Easy to install and was amazing!

  85. Martha R. Barclay

    It was exactly what we needed and it’s performing well.

  86. JRC

    Great, compact

  87. Pete Mullin

    Great charger. Charges batteries quickly.

  88. Aaron

    Love it

  89. jenna gallo

    Worked perfect. Came charged

  90. Maria Galindo

    Fit perfectly on my ride on car and easy to put into .

  91. Ricardo Garcia

    replace old battery

  92. Shane Bushman

    Perfect replacement for my kids ride on F1 car!

  93. Tbaby

    Bought a benz kids care for my son a while ago and it stopped working so i figured out it’d be the battery.I ordered this from and my hubby helped fix it and guess what?,it worked again.my boy is so happy riding his car again.

  94. Lauren

    Super great battery! My son loved the new car for Christmas. It’s held is battery for a long time. In 2 months I’ve only charged it 2 times.

  95. Customer

    This battery doesn’t last longen then stock battery is a good replacement but not better then stock.

  96. MikeMaxfield

    Used this battery to replace the dead battery in a 2nd hand kid’s car. Had to remove protection cover & wiring harness from old battery and install on new battery. Only issue was new battery did not have screw posts in battery case to accept cover screws. I 3D-printed a couple and super-glued them to the case. Voila! Also installed a voltmeter/ammeter (https://www. .com/gp/product/B01CG1CU7G/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) to monitor battery charge condition during operation and charging. Works great!

  97. Richard Hoffecker

    Batt operated ride on car.

  98. Utahn

    Brought a dead kid car back to life. I kinda regret having all the noise around the house but the kids love it. Works for a good 30-40 minutes at least per charge. We’ll see long term after alot of recharge cycles but so far I am pleased with the battery performance.

  99. Wayne Dahl

    My Grandson is happy so that’s all I need to know.

  100. Debbie P

    Since we didn’t know for sure the little kid’s car needed a new battery the price was good so we didn’t have to second guess it. But the battery did the trick and it arrived in a timely fashion.

  101. elaine swenson

    Good so far

  102. Customer

    Battery works great. Was the perfect fit for a battery powered toy for our grandson.

  103. Rafael Gil


  104. Wen Wang

    I use this item to replace the original battery for my grandkids Ride On Power Car. It is not hard to install and it fits well as what I expected. Above all, it works well.

  105. Monser

    Si le dura la bateria al carrito

  106. Donna Dodd

    Worked great

  107. David

    Solar fence

  108. Jordan

    Battery came charged and works great

  109. Tamanna_786

    Worked great with my son’s ride on car

  110. Juan Lorenzo

    Perfect fit for a juiced up power wheel.

  111. Manida M.

    Received the package on and it works with my son ATV

  112. Pets4Ever

    works great

  113. Alex

    Perfect replacement battery for my old Power Wheels Jeep. The charge lasted for a while!

  114. J. Dawson

    I upgraded the battery on my son’s 6v Kid Trax quad ATV when the original battery started holding less and less charge. Now it runs for weeks before I have to recharge. I neglected to check the measurements of the new battery, it’s twice the length of the original, but it fit just fine inside the quad, just not in the original battery location. If you’re upgrading from a smaller battery, make sure it will fit. Also, be sure to calculate the time for a full charge. This takes about twice as long as the smaller battery. Charge time can vary depending on the output of your charger, and the one I have doesn’t shut itself off. I have to unplug it when it’s full and not overcharge it.

  115. Customer

    They were just what i needed

  116. Jeff D.

    Perfect size for what I needed

  117. cordova1220

    Bought for my grandson he loves it. High recommend

  118. MICHAEL

    Battery ran my son’s power wheel car for 2 hours straight and it was still going. I was very pleased with the duration, it lasted until we had to go inside.

  119. Alberto

    Price was good. But didn’t last as long as we would have liked between charges. Installed this on our sons battery operated Mini Cooper ride in car. Good thing was it got the car moving again tho for a few hours, he was happy until we needed to charge them he wasn’t. But then again that would have happened even if it lasted 6 hours. Haha.

  120. Verified Purchaser

    This was a perfect fit, and a perfect value. Plus, we received it fairly quickly. Thank you!

  121. Purva

    Works well as advertised

  122. Sharon findlay

    Works great

  123. Carrie

    We were going to sell sons powere wheel because it needed a new battery but we took a chance with this one and it works perfectly. Recommend would buy again

  124. Dazzza

    Identical almost to the original, we were looking for a replacement and even though we bought the Disney Mickey Roadster Racer 6-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On by Huffy, Wal-mart does not sell replacement batteries for them when they fail (they do sell batteries, just not the one needed for this particular ride-on). We found this on and decided to give it a try, it was easy to swap out and install and has been charging, holding a charge and powering the ride-on just fine ever since. I will certainly buy Mighty Max brand again should the need arise.

  125. BH

    So far Working well.

  126. Ann Cornelius


  127. Cisco

    Great replacement for battery that came with Mercedes battery operated car.Doesn’t have the sewer holes like the original for the adapter cap but still works.

  128. Sean Murphy

    Added more power to daughters quad

  129. Jaimie Hoag

    Works perfectly

  130. mehtel

    works perfectly

  131. Migon Leblanc

    Replace in Minnie Mouse power wheel car very easy to do

  132. Janet de Acevedo

    It never occurred to me when I bought a solar-powered fence for my horse pastures that it had a battery inside that would one day need to be replaced. But, sure enough, when it stopped working my husband opened it up to find a battery that had died. None of the local feed stores that sold the fencers carried replacement batteries. While I buy online a lot, I was cautious about buying a battery that’s so specialized. However, the site provided measurements that I compared against the dead battery and I bought this one at a very nice price. It came in good time, and I’m happy to report, it works perfectly.

  133. bestmimi

    Replacement for grandsons little ride. Easy to install

  134. Shawn Richards

    Was what I needed to replace the same battery in my daughter BMW i8 Concept 6V Car. It wasnt the part that needed replacement but I eventually figured out what it was

  135. Mary McKay

    For my grand daughter. Worked well.



  137. Aleena

    We installed the battery super quick within a minute or 2 and bam my daughters hello kitty car she got from Walmart that decided to just randomly stop working out of no where just magically worked again. Great value for the price. I would definitely order again. It arrived in a small priority mail box but it arrived securely without any issues .

  138. James Mathis

    Perfect replacement battery

  139. Customer

    Worked great on my kids mini Cooper ! Thanks

  140. Kankuman

    I use it for my alarm backup battery, and so far is working fine

  141. John Higginbotham

    Excellent value

  142. Carolyn Merriweather

    Good replacement item

  143. Mary S.

    This item was smaller than the one it replaced but it is already doing a much better job of staying charged. Very happy with the purchase.

  144. Erick

    Great price easy to put in my son power wheel just doesn’t seem to last very long.

  145. chad l.

    I had problems with the first one and they. Sent me another one right away. Battery holds a great charge.

  146. cassandra hillery


  147. yaohui

    Exactly same battery from my old ride on car. Compatible with old charger too.

  148. Greg

    Needed new batteries for kid’s riding car and truck. These worked perfectly! Came precharged. Very cost effective. Still have see about durability.

  149. Rich Patrick

    Fit great so far so good

  150. Spierguard717

    Works how its suppose too

  151. missycat928

    I have three boys and by the time the trusty yellow Mini Cooper made its way to 3, the battery died. It took some searching because some reviews say this wont work for my particular car, and some are absurdly expensive (like – buy a new car for that price expensive). This battery was cost-efficient enough that if it hadn’t worked, I wouldn’t have been insanely angry with myself for trying. I did have to buy a new charger, too, but the two came together and it works like a charm. Can’t wait for the next sunny day so little man can drive around like his brothers once did.

  152. Dana

    Delivered fast! Works great!

  153. LIVE Aloha

    Great produce and fast delivery

  154. Debbie L. Dockens

    Perfect match!! Was the right battery for the model I had, just as the vendor had recommended. Thank you for helping me and powering a great birthday gift!

  155. TW

    Works for electric car, great price

  156. Albiorix

    I purchased this battery as a replacement to my son’s riding toy SUV whose battery had died. I was looking for a replacement and came across this battery.Upon receiving the battery I realized that the battery was connected to a set of cables that I could not remove and were different which did not allow me to connect the SUV cables to the battery. I had thought I could just slide off the connections that were on there, but realized that they were sautered on! I asked a family member, who is a mechanic, to confirm if they were sautered and he agreed – surprised himself that they were sautered. He worked on the battery and removed the connections that the battery came with so that I can connect the cables from the SUV truck to the battery instead.Now that that is done though, this battery works great! It charges up just fine and keeps a charge for days if not longer, depending on how much it gets used.I would recommend this battery just be careful on the connections and what you need your cables to connect to!

  157. David M.

    Work great

  158. Kishore Bashyam

    Very good quality, value for money, fast shipping

  159. VickyLynn

    This was the battery I needed for my son’s ride-on dump truck.

  160. richard plante


  161. Phoebe M. C.

    Works great. I had it installed over the summers and still works

  162. Eve Alcauter

    Works great for my daughters Mercedes fits perfect and great price

  163. Tina Tran

    It works

  164. clark

    It brought the old toy back to life…grandson’s thrilled

  165. Xelexer

    Worked well.

  166. jerome

    Good product, good purchase. Still charge up.

  167. Roger L Rogers

    The product arrived in a timely manner and functioned as advertised.

  168. Eric Whisenant

    Direct replacement everything works great.

  169. Laura Ramage

    Works great! Needed it to replace battery in a hello kitty car. Barely needed charging when got I got it. Happy with purchase.

  170. Rachel Alexander

    Works great!

  171. Bryanna Welch

    Used to convert 12v ride on to 18v ride on. Works awesome and cool to watch 8 year old power-slide an F150 Power-Wheels

  172. Wendy Chen

    work good

  173. M mav

    Will keep it simple and short. Yes battery works well, kids car was running good. Only cons is driving time is little less than the OEM battery.

  174. Darrell H.

    Fit perfect and has great power. We have twins and the toy will carry both of them.

  175. donald

    works great

  176. RRussell

    Works great. We bought for an electronic toddler car.

  177. Customer

    worked like a charm for our toy car!

  178. Adron Holland

    Got battery fast,works as should, hello kitty car on move again

  179. Customer

    Used it to give my sons power wheel and extra boost. Works like a charm.

  180. Kenny J.

    works well


    Not easy to find- very happy with it! Installed battery in the mini- cooper kids took off! Happy Day!!

  182. salvador villasenor

    Works great

  183. Pamela Plimpton

    Works great for grandson’s Minion car!!

  184. Customer

    Exact fit. Excellent value.

  185. Paulette s.

    Worked great my great grandson is up and riding again

  186. I’ve spent too much already

    It works!! My little nephew’s Mercedes ride-on OEM battery finally stopped working after 4 years so it was time to find a replacement. I searched high and low for a replacement and the OEM was no help but I’m happy to have found this one. You should see the excitement on the kids faces after I charged this battery overnight and got the battery all set-up in the ride-on.Size wise, the battery fits perfectly in the placement of the old battery. The only thing missing are the two little holes on top to screw the battery cover in place to keep the connectors from slipping. For now, painters tape will hold.

  187. Kenneth Scope

    This battery seems to hold bigger charge than most I’ve tried. It actually came fully charged and my kids used it riding the car for long time before it needed to be plugged for recharge.

  188. Nice_Customer4

    Very good replacement battery, work fine!!!!

  189. Joseph A.

    Thank you for your respond we are very happy,And thank you for your help .

  190. Customer

    performed as advertised


    It’s work well so far.

  192. She’ree 67

    Great product.. Would buy again..great price..Thanks

  193. Chris Mendiola

    Had to replace the battery on my son’s MarioKart since it drained. Fit perfect in there and now it runs. Trying to figure out how to mod the kart so It can go faster now

  194. Kz

    Replaced the battery on the ride-on toy and works great!

  195. John

    priced right, fit perfectly in grandsons ride on toy, looks same as O E M

  196. stpetesunset


  197. MannFam

    Worked perfect for a replacement for our toy car !

  198. Fly Momma

    Purchased a few months ago and still works great. We don’t use the powerwheels too much, but it lasts longer than out daughter is enetertained by it.

  199. Steve B.

    Fit perfect, worked great!

  200. Malcolm G

    worked like a champ. just what I needed to get my kid back out and riding again.

  201. Young Hawk

    The little battery that could.

  202. Customer

    Fair price and a perfect replacement !

  203. wdavis

    Just as expected

  204. Morgan VanDerLeest

    Found a kids Mini Cooper at a garage sale for $20 but the battery wouldn’t charge. I got this replacement battery and it works now! I wish it came with some type of instructions for charging, but the main thing is it works. Thanks!

  205. ernie

    nice replacement

  206. So Cal Mom

    I am sure this battery is a fine battery indeed but I am clueless with electronics and have no idea how to connect this to my existing battery connector? This was most likely my mistake assuming all I needed to do is match up the type of battery it was by the voltage code and others that used for the same or similar ride on toys. I’m so disappointed that I cannot connect this battery to my existing charger for my two year old to enjoy his car. I provided pictures of my actual battery that came with our Kids Trax toys that has a connector clip to charge; this battery does not but if somebody happens to notice that this is possible to use, please tell me how lol, would greatly appreciate it!

  207. John

    Arrived on time and works as advertised



  209. Wendy Sahr

    Woo Hoo, my gradson is whipping around all over on his quad with his new batteries.

  210. Jimmy Darr

    My kid loves the 18v conversion on his Power Wheels Mustang. I bought this with a 12V 12AH F2 SLA AGM DEEP-CYCLE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY and wired them together. The smiles per hour are well worth the money.

  211. Jerry Dickun

    as advertised

  212. Dimitry

    Perfect. Works very long time without charging.

  213. Stanley Olschewski

    Was able to replace the old battery easy and replace it with the new one.


    Excellent! works better than the original battery the car came with. Worked for the Surge camo jeep

  215. Customer

    Perfect replacement and easy

  216. R. Matteson

    Just like the original.

  217. renee

    Exactly what we needed… Perfect

  218. Dallas

    This was so easy to attach and works great!!

  219. Customer

    nice job,well done.

  220. Barry N.

    i was thinking the battery double the witdth or two of that size.I could have read the desciption wrong im not sure

  221. Spoken Truth

    Don’t have any review that could help, because I replaced battery with this and sold electric kids car, it arrived as expected and advertised.

  222. TimFreeman

    This battery was the perfect application

  223. Lance H. Smith

    Good battery good price

  224. John Corona

    Heavy, but works well.

  225. nikki

    Arrived quick and works great easy to hook up no issues here

  226. Customer

    Perfect direct replacement.

  227. Keith E. Wilkerson

    Nice battery. Works as expected.

  228. Customer

    Great product thank you!

  229. Adam

    the battery itself was was of a better quality than the original. we bought this to replace the battery on a 6 volt bmw x3 from target. the only issue is you have to snip the female part of the electrical connection and put new one on. i could not find the micro female adapter it is really small and they did not have the right size at home depot, so i had to solder it on. user error, i left it charging for 3 days so it is not fully charging.

  230. Customer

    Perfect Fit

  231. Maverick

    A great value for the money!

  232. Customer

    Great battery for the price. They shipped the battery very fast. My kids are enjoying it

  233. Annie d

    This battery is going strong!

  234. Customer

    excellent service provider, no complain

  235. Customer

    Works great very hard to find nattery

  236. Nadia

    It is always a pleasure to shop from .com . My husband was looking for this batteries for more then two months and then I decided to try . It worked like a charm, not only that they had them but they were delivered on time and are perfect! Thank you!

  237. payrl39

    not sure if it works, not charging…

  238. jelbin koury

    Excellent battery Replacement

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