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Delivering power when you need it, the Mighty Max ML35-12 12 Volt 35 AH uses a state of the art, heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid that provides exceptional performance and service life in both float and cyclic applications.
The ML35-12 is an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology with a valve regulated design, that can be used in enclosed and indoor environments without leaking or maintenance, providing a superior performance for thousands of models.
Mighty Max SLA batteries are utilized in a wide variety of applications including; Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Engine Starters, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Motorcycles, Power sports, Portable Tools, Solar, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security and more.
Voltage: 12 Volt
Amperage: 35 AH
Chemistry: SLA, AGM
Battery Dimensions:
7.68 in x 5.16 in x 7.13 in
Weight: 23.15 Lbs
1 Year
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  1. P Jones

    Battery came double packaged and well protected. Fast to add to my solar power bank. Will be buying more soon to build up my battery bank further.

  2. Joseph

    Battery functions as described. Good price, good packaging, fast delivery.

  3. KLamb

    works as expected

  4. Northstar

    I bought two of these to use in parallel on a solar system and they hold a charge very well.I should buy more as I need them.

  5. Dgreer1986

    I wanted something that was maintenance-free and these are great. I had a problem with one battery on delivery — it was obviously damaged during shipping — but they are happily replacing it. I just sent a photo and they got one on the way asap. I’m pretty happy with this purchase. We’ll see how long they last?

  6. stacy roux

    It was delivered fast but with one terminal bent in half. No biggie, I just bent it back and it works great. I use it on the back of my one man Pontoon boat.

  7. Larry

    Work great for solar projects.

  8. Paul A. Thompson

    Like the size – fits easily into 45 cal ammo can! The tabs with hardware for connections are easy to use. I am using it as a standby power supply for my CPAP machine. I have humidifier off (too much current draw) and have a 3 stage 3 amp charger always attached, and use a 150 watt sine wave inverter, recommended by the CPAP manuf. Always ready to take over when 120VAC power is lost. It is storm season and I already had one interruption for 8 hours!. Works like a charm.

  9. Scott


  10. lah

    After receiving the battery with damaged terminals…Mighty Max replaced the battery with a new battery very quickly within two to three days…which I appreciated greatly…but second battery came with slightly less damaged terminals…but I was able to make it work…I use it for my solar powered box on camping trips to power lights, water pump for shower, and cellphone charging and especially the portable fridge…it was capable to run the frig for about 8hrs…very acceptable

  11. rb.sr

    My previous 1 star review now elevated to 3 stars. 370 days after ordering and 364 days after delivery, battery failed to hold a charge. Installed on a gate opener with solar trickle charger. Stated company policy is 1 year warranty from date of order. Company extended my warranty by 5 days. Upon my submitting a printout from battery tester at my local auto repair shop showing battery failed load test, they shipped me a replacement. Very friendly and easy to deal with. So a mixed review: one star on first battery, five stars for customer service. Let’s see if this battery lasts longer.

  12. BahaQueen

    It came with screws and before scheduled delivery! I shall update later on it?s performance. Thank you sooo much!!!

  13. RayC

    Small and compact. Using it for my shed solar project.

  14. StuckOnSimple

    This battery is the perfect fit for small trolling motors and small spaces in a boat or canoe. Works like a champ

  15. rumpus

    As advertised

  16. Dan raftery

    Great for small solar system in a pop-up or van.

  17. Danny w. Sayers

    Compact an sits in my kayak nice an runs a 30 lb thrust motor 6+ hrs

  18. A M.


  19. Terry

    Very good battery use it on solar hook up and my electric trolling motor worked great holds charge very long time

  20. hdude

    Just installed it so much too early to know how it’s long term performance will prove out.

  21. sreames

    I purchased 4 of these and connected in parallel for 100-watt solar array. With 2000 watt inverter I supply power to a 1/2 HP submersible pump. So far, highly happy with the purchase and quick delivery.

  22. kylefahr

    Battery was delivered prompted and as described.

  23. Richard Forslind

    Good battery.

  24. Steven

    works great

  25. David C. Ross

    Use this to power a water pump in a stock tank to keep it from freezing. Works well. Had to recharge after about 3 days of running. The sealing strip at the top of the battery is kind of flimsy. It came off while the battery was charging. Just taped it back on and battery still works fine.

  26. Jeff

    This battery is great to use with any solar project. I recently built a solar powered generator and I needed a well sized battery to power it. I used an ammo box and placed the battery inside along with the solar charge controller and other components. The only thing to keep in mind is that this battery is heavy. Although my solar generator is portable, it weighs about 25 pounds. It?s a great workout! Would recommend for any project.

  27. D. R. Hatton

    Replacement for a wet cell lead acid battery used to start contractor equipment. No Maintenance is great, too soon to tell if the life cycle is longer, mostly standby use will update.

  28. Mr. Orencio Medina

    I purchased this battery for my solar system. I have a 100 watt solar system that I use to power 3 water fountains all day long and shut it off at night. I have not had any problems with this battery. My other battery used to discharge after about 3-4 hours but this one has not quit on me yet and I’ve been using it for about 4 months now.

  29. Customer

    Very good


    This battery came promptly, installed easily and has performed flawlessly for about 3 weeks. I use it as power storage for a solar powered outbuilding. So far I consider it as a good purchase.

  31. Ron Mahurin

    These batteries have been trouble free. Works great with my shall well pump and solar panels.

  32. kevin erazo

    Exceeded my expectations. Will purchase other One If necessary.

  33. Customer

    The battery is just as expected. I’ve hooked it up to my solar 100W panel and it’s been running as expected for the last 3 months. Might get another one.

  34. Sam


  35. Brendan P Clark

    There’s not much to say about a battery other than it works or doesn’t work. However, this battery is pretty amazing for its physical size and the longevity of use. I use 2 of these batteries wired in parallel to run a minnkota endura 30 trolling motor on an intex mariner 4 boat. The 2 batteries provide 70 amp hours together and will last all day on the water. I run the motor usually on 2 for trolling and get multiple hours of use. My last outing was a long stretch where we trolled 4 miles. The batteries were still indicating 3/4 full.

  36. Gary Washington

    The battery was as advertised. It came within three days. It fits nicely in my EZGo golf cart.

  37. Maribel Almeida Alonso

    AWESOME product and seller. Highly recommend both. We live off grid and so far these are proving to be worth their weight in gold and that’s alot.

  38. max plank

    Nice and compact with handles has plenty of power I think it lasts for 2 years

  39. s&s

    The battery was a fast delivery would have five stars if not for bent terminals which from what I’ve read is a common problem with these batterys. Made installation a little difficult.

  40. David

    great little battery used it for my trolling motor was very happy

  41. Alexander Munoz

    Great product!!!!! And YOU GUYS are helping someone in Puerto Rico. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This product along with my 100w solar panel are making a GREAT difference in my daily and hard daily life! May God keep blessing your company!

  42. vott

    no problems

  43. NoPickle

    Product arrived promptly and has worked quite well through several charge/discharge cycles. It runs my monitored alarm system for five days at a time with power to spare.Update 5/3/2020. Still using this battery for various 12 volt power needs. It charges, holds and supplies power now just as it did new. I have bought a few different mighty max batteries for other uses such as push mower start and computer UPS battery replacement. All have performed well.

  44. Glenn Connaughton

    Great battery for taking our Traeger pellet smoker on road trips and camping. Have not had any problems and shipment was on time as advertised. Would highly recommend.

  45. MIke M

    nice little battery for I need it for. The deep cycle is what I needed since it will be on a solar panel array constantly.

  46. Fernando

    That battery is good guality

  47. Evan B.

    Works great. Keeps the fans on in my greenhouse throughout these hot summer days. Recharges quickly with 100w solar panel in peek sun hours.

  48. Customer


  49. Bruce Gerber

    I get several outages each year, I have connected to an inverter, so I can power 22? LED, router and a Dvr, works great ??

  50. WAD

    A welcome quality battery @ a time when many of my battery experiences have been negative.

  51. davesavalanche

    Good battery.Fast shipping.Great customer service….

  52. Mitchell Kerr

    Best solar battery I have to date

  53. Crazyoldman

    The name mighty max,for that size we got a lot of power,love it.

  54. tim bass

    Good price for a battery with this many amps.

  55. asiulcar

    Performance is as expected.

  56. carlos ruiz


  57. Tony


  58. Luis Ramos (Puerto Rico)

    Is exactly whats I need small and with a lot of power. Actually I am considering buy two more batteries to complete my proyect.

  59. Nelson Delgado

    So far is putting out the max charge I need and it recharged easily

  60. Robert Rooks

    This is a perfect fit for my 16HP lawn tractor.

  61. Marc Widick

    I bought this battery to replace the lead acid battery in my UTV. So far the motor starts without any hesitation. My only concern is how well this sealed battery will survive the Texas heat. Only time will tell. OBTW, before I forget the battery shipped and arrived much quicker than I anticipated.

  62. ACR

    Very happy with this product. I live in Puerto Rico and after hurricane Maria have not had power since (50+days). Connected 2 of these batteries to a 100w solar panel and a 3000w inverter. Hooked two lamps, 2 laptops, 3 cel phones a a fan. Great product.

  63. Gary F.

    Excellent battery that has more than enough capacity to run my inverter and battery charger to top off my car’s battery. Holds the charge fairly well and easily recharges using my 60 watt solar panel. Nice carry handle makes it easy to transport when using as a power source for my portable ham radio transceiver.

  64. Rick Creeden


  65. Robert E. Richardson

    Although I have only used this battery during hurricane Irma, it has worked well in conjunction with my inverter.

  66. Wayne L. Miller

    I purchased two. They arrived with acceptable charge level, indicated the batteries were fresh. After a month or so, one developed some corrosion around one of the terminals, indicating that it was not fully sealed as it should be. I’m living with it.

  67. Mike Johnston

    I purchased this battery for use in my DIY solar generator. Good price, fast shipping, and very happy. I run a laptop, LED lights, WiFi and router, and charge all phones using this set up.

  68. Norm S

    I am using this battery for a swing arm gate opener. It has worked great and this gate gets a lot of traffic. During Christmas we had family staying with us for two and a half weeks. There was a lot of traffic through the gate during this period. We went 4 straight days with no sun and temperatures below freezing. The gate stopped opening. I ordered another battery figuring this one froze. I put the battery on a conditioning charger and it took it 3 days to finally charge. Put it back on the gate and it has been working fine ever since. Now I have two Mighty Max Batteries on my gate. Maybe two will have what it takes to make it through several days with no sun.

  69. Matt R

    Charging this with a 100w (peak) 12v Solar panel through a cheap PWM controller, holds about 4-5hrs worth of 30w Fountain pump time, still working after 1 month.

  70. Timbo

    They work great! i really like the size and the power. We use them on our Minnkota troll motor.

  71. christus cenac


  72. david hudak

    Great battery works great

  73. M.

    Wow… battery works great. Now my solar panel really works.Fast delivery.

  74. Customer

    works great

  75. Rafael LG

    I purchased 1 battery first and then a 2nd one.I have a 40 pound trust trolling motor to move my inflatable boat and I have them in parallel,both weight less than 50 pounds, I spend hours in the lake, from morning til afternoon,going from one place to another and they still have remaining power after I am done.I recommend this battery

  76. Efrain Castaneda

    Works great for my solar generator.I want to get a second one

  77. Newbie

    Ok. Run cool. A little small in AH. I have to purchase more cables to connect to several small batteries.

  78. R. Grossman

    Battery was replacement for the original on my Cart Tek remote self propelled golf bag cart. Of course time will tell how long and how many charging cycles this one lasts but initial impression is that it is a good fit. The original battery lasted about 3 years and I will be thrilled if I get that much out of this one.Played 18 holes of golf with it yesterday and did not notice any discernible difference in the speed of the cart from beginning of the round to the end. So it seems to have plenty of power to spare. Additionally was half the price of the replacement battery being offered by cart’s vendor. The seller shipped super fast as well. I ordered the battery on Tuesday and it arrived at my door on Saturday (using the free shipping option no less).

  79. Junnel TEXAS

    Perfect trolling motor battery! Used it multiple times and have only had to charge it once.

  80. craig jones

    Im very satisfied with this battery. I use it for my led running lights on my boat..

  81. Andrew Chiciak

    Bought this to power a small trolling motor on my Explorer xt twin pontoon craft…so far so good…ran for about 1.2hour…plenty of charge left

  82. John Eric Poss

    Using this to power a ventilation fan for my newly constructed chkcken coop, recharged by 5 x 15 Watt panels. Seems to be working great and holding a charge well so far.

  83. J. Walker

    Outstanding for serving my Ham Radio in the field.

  84. Chris Whitcomb

    It came on time and was ready for me hook up to my existing battery bank, and it has worked just like it is supposed to.


    Have bought 2 of these for my solar panel. They work great…

  86. Jerry M.

    I have this hooked up to a 30lb thrust trolling motor. I have only used it once but it got us across the lake and back to the launch twice. Maybe an Hour of run time? I hooked it up to the charger when I got home and it was still at 13.4v and would hardly take a charge. I’m looking forward to stretching it out for some longer trips in the future.

  87. Ronn

    we are subject to frequent power outages, so I use this as a power source (with pure sine wave inverter to power my router and tv, works great Lasts about 10 hours. Very well pleased!

  88. Bradley Jay

    Got this for my 2014 Toro MX5060. Quality seems great based on weight compared to the original. I really like the flip up handle!

  89. Customer

    So far so good

  90. bmiles

    This battery runs a small trolling motor in a pond boat. Plenty of power.

  91. Kevin Webb

    Works great… A friend of mine was using this on his little fishing boat for his trolling motor and was raving about how powerful and light it was so I ordered one to use in my 16′ canoe. Hooked it up to my Bass Pro Prowler 55 trolling motor where I trolled in low speed for about 4 hours and still had a power to spare. Nice and light which is really handy in a canoe where you’re trying to keep the weight down. Great delivery time as well. Highly Recommend

  92. aage schou

    out of this world

  93. CN

    This is a nice little battery for a solar generator project, have ordered from this company before, smaller batteries for smaller project. Great company

  94. Ashin Sandimar

    Use it instead of heavy weight batteries like 200AH. You can buy 6 of 35AH that make the total of 210AH. 12 batteries will be 420AH. For the elder like me, I prefer small batteries to hook up. Even commercial solar business companies recommend me to use that size, 35AH to install 5Kw= 5000Watt. But they asked me to pay $22500 to build it. So, I bought two complete-kits with 4 of 100watt-solar-panels each. Then, I bought six of 35AH batteries. I have to buy 18 more, because each of the complete-kit can charge for 400AH. I am using 12 batteries to each kit. You will be happy. Do it your self — do not pay $22500. It will be enough for my free-of-charge meditation center on the 19-acre of land in Arizona.

  95. Customer

    I run my HP 2000 laptop, my cell phone and a small 10 inch fan all night after a full charge on all the batteries the day before. I only have a 200 watt solar panel charging system for back up power.

  96. erikmont

    Arrived on time, and works as expected.

  97. rbgilbert

    It’s little and comes fully charged. Way better than carting around an automobile battery. This is for use with my solar panels while camping.

  98. Peter R Shipman


  99. W. Johnson

    I needed something with a lot of storage to replace a lead acid lawn mower battery. This worked great.

  100. Keith Ritman

    Great Product, even greater price. These little power houses do their job and recharge quick too. Just bought two more, will be buying a dozzen for the bank at the house

  101. Jederex

    Great battery for camping! I put it into a cheap Husky toolbox and connected some USB ports, a cig adapter and a 30 watt solar panel w/ charger. Runs the LED TV and charges the phones in my small trailer.

  102. cr fatout


  103. Doug R.

    I love it 100% better than the first 1 you recommended it wouldn’t work at all it just sets on shelf. Glad it doesn’t eat anything !

  104. daren granger

    It is a bit smaller ( less storage) than I needed but it is good product at a good price.

  105. Catherine M. Writesel

    In the process of having power at camp

  106. Customer

    If I could give 10 stars I would. These folks got an email from me asking for faster than expedited shipping as I needed this for a camping trip to power a medical device. They emailed me back that they were right on it and made a huge difference. Thank you Mighty MAX for going above and beyond!!! Highly Recommended.

  107. CLB

    Great battery, nice size for a small solar setup. Holds a charge really well. Only issue was that the positive terminal was alittle crushed in shipping. Had yo use pliers to straighten out and open hole up.

  108. Louis

    Love this product, works well with my home Solar Powered Photo Studio. They should call them Mighty fabulous.

  109. Ryan

    I bought 3 of these battery’s for a small shed solar hookup. So far they work great. I recommend these batteries. I will most likely buy more.

  110. Donald E. Gray

    Have not really used it yet but appears to be well built and design for rugged work.

  111. LHDinh

    Fast shipping, well packaging. Arrived Fully charged. I was impressed with performance and ordered 1 more to hook up into my solar system for my patio.

  112. Keith J. Matthes

    packaged well, I have several on our psolar pond aerator system and the batteries have performed well so far.

  113. nacho

    I would advise to spend the extra $ on a better battery. Unless a cheap Chinese battery is OK. Once I upgrade my solar panels I’ll upgrade.

  114. Mustang guy

    Bought it for my power walk-behind golf cartFit great, works great..

  115. Ccollins

    I don’t really know what to write for a review of a battery but it accomplishes being a battery. The price was perfect and shipping was basic but free.

  116. danieljb

    It works great so far. Delivers the amps for my mobile bicycle sound system.

  117. makintracks

    What I expected

  118. Unanimouse

    works great. original battery on our gate lasted 3 years. Hope this one lasts just as long or longer.

  119. DRBremer

    Good quality item and very good service from seller.

  120. Paul Hicks

    This battery works great for what I bought it for and receive it quicker than I expected and would recommend it to anyone.

  121. Kenneth Armond

    The battery I received is just what I needed. It works as advertised.

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