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ML7-12 – 12V 7.2AH Replacement Battery for APC ES500, ES550, LS500, RBC110, RBC2

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Delivering power when you need it, the Mighty Max ML7-12 12 Volt 7.2 AH uses a state of the art, heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid that provides exceptional performance and service life in both float and cyclic applications.
The ML7-12 is an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology with a valve regulated design, that can be used in enclosed and indoor environments without leaking or maintenance, providing a superior performance for thousands of models.
Mighty Max SLA batteries are utilized in a wide variety of applications including; Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Engine Starters, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Motorcycles, Power sports, Portable Tools, Solar, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security and more.
Voltage: 12 Volt
Amperage: 7.2 AH
Chemistry: SLA, AGM
Terminal: F1
Battery Dimensions:
5.94 in x 2.56 in x 4.02 in
Weight: 4.50 Lbs
1 Year
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196 reviews for ML7-12 – 12V 7.2AH Replacement Battery for APC ES500, ES550, LS500, RBC110, RBC2

  1. Suzanne O.

    I went to youtube to see how to change battery. Finally just ripped the old one out. New one was easy to install. Can’t tell yet how long it will last.

  2. RAS

    Terminals are a little undersized for APC UPS’s, making installation tricky; had to crimp with pliers to keep cables from slipping off. As for longevity, I gave it 5 stars in hopes it lasts a couple of years.

  3. The Crow

    The 2 UPS’s that I put these batteries in both proved to be dead. Both are over 10-years old. Mighty Max pre-tested and shipped me 2 replacement batteries. There was no problem with the original batteries that Mighty Max sent me.

  4. Craig

    this is the second battery I’ve bought and no complaints

  5. rene

    all perfect

  6. Phil Ferber

    Took 5 minutes to install. Working just fine.

  7. Michael

    I bought these to replace failing batteries in UPC UPS units. They fit perfectly and so far have performed very well. All in all I consider the replacement batteries to be an excellent value.!

  8. lestrade1

    works wellreplacement for my FIOS system

  9. deac84


  10. ReliableWebsiteHost

    Worked great in an APC 550 as a replacement Battery.

  11. Steven L. Ross

    The original battery that came with this battery backup unit finally gave up the ghost. The incessantbeeping from the APC unit was driving me and my wife crazy. A new battery fixed the problem rightaway.

  12. Todd Keim

    Good price!!

  13. DMetzler

    Fits like OEM

  14. AlanBike

    The battery seems clean and correct but I don’t have a meter so I can’t be certain. I installed it correctly but it did not power up my UPS so I don’t know what to conclude. I will just buy an entirely new UPS with battery installed. Yes, it’s probably a waste of money but TIME!

  15. J. Barker

    Time will tell if they last. The OEM battery lasted a couple years with almost no usage. Seems like it should have lasted longer. We’ll see how long this one lasts.

  16. jackc

    It was past time to replace battery. Price is right, perfect fit for replacement nd quick delivery.

  17. Lynette

    My husband installed this battery about 2 weeks ago and so far so good. I’ve read reviews and I know it’s mixed but if I could get 3 years out of this, I’d be super happy. I registered with the manufacturer to receive an additional 3 months of warranty, too. We’ve already had a power outage here in Florida and it kept my internet and computer running. I’m very happy!

  18. John Himmelberger

    came fast, just as expected, perfect

  19. Sam

    They sent me one battery that went bad and I told them it broke and they sent me a new one right away.

  20. Don Clark

    Still too new to rate longevity.

  21. Customer

    I ordered this battery foe my Back-UPS after discovering the existing was dead and I had no backup protection. The battery arrived earlier that the promise date, in good condition. I was easy to install and is working fine. It is also a good value for the price.

  22. homer

    These batteries came fully charged. And they are good batteries as tested with battery analyzer showing good capacity and low resistance!

  23. David R Armstrong

    Perfect fit replacement for OEM battery

  24. Beverly Helwig-Norden

    I purchased this product because it stated that it was a RBC110 replacement. It is not. The battery was shipped quickly but after receiving it I tried to install the product and the leads kept falling off. I compared it with my old battery and the terminals on the new one are smaller. I can kind of make it fit but feel it’s not safe to use. I will be trying a different battery with F2 terminals.

  25. Brad Kinkade

    Worked flawlessly. Bought more to replace other failed batteries in older UPSs and everyone worked consistently.

  26. J Beck

    Great value on a battery that arrived in good shape and was easy to install.

  27. Customer

    The battery fit perfectly, takes full charge, and works so far.

  28. Bill

    Batteries arrived on time and immediately put to good use: installed in battery backup systems.

  29. tempus

    It is exactly what I needed. I can’t speak to the longevity because I don’t know how long it will last in the UPS

  30. Erik L.

    No issues to report on the battery, been working for some time now and all is good. Using it in a ups unit.

  31. JLB_TX

    Very long lasting. The battery this one replaced is the exact same model and it lasted nearly four years. The customer service is outstanding with quick response to a question. I highly recommend this product.

  32. Waine E. Newland

    Mighty Max Battery ML7-12 — 12V 7.2ah Replacement Battery for APCIt’s a Battery — Seems to be A-OK so far

  33. tomeno

    Original Battery from Ver1zon lasted about 3 years. but this cost is much less

  34. Jerry

    Best price for similar batteries. Delivered right on time. Don’t know about the longevity yet, but the installation couldn’t have been simpler. Passed all tests for keeping my modem/router running until the generator kicks in.

  35. Norman S.

    This is my second purchase of this battery very good product.

  36. Jonathan H. Levine

    1/3 the price of other batteries. Only had it for about 2 months. Can’t say at this time of how long it will last.Easy to install in the back up battery and surge protector for my pc computer

  37. Jeffrey Thomas

    It’s a battery. Yep. That’s it. The good thing is that it’s the same power rating as the original one that died in my UPS, but much cheaper than the brand name. I verified the output with my voltage tester, so I know that part is the same. A great alternative to the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) battery.

  38. Paul S. Melancon

    Ease of installation

  39. Horses5050

    worked great easy to get fast delivery

  40. Carol S.

    Replacement UPS battery. Arrived earlier than estimated, no instruction but straight forward and already charged so no waiting before use.

  41. Hansonbbadger

    I have purchased this battery previously and have always received long life for my cable system – why I gave it 3 stars instead of 1. However, this battery has only lasted for 6 months. Purchased on 4/2/19 and getting the annoying beeping stating the battery is expired. I will purchase it once more and see if it was just a flawed battery my last purchase.

  42. White Lantern

    Got it to replace backup power supply. Main reason was price. Better price than APC brand. Bought same one before.

  43. Angelina Gillham

    perfect fit and now we are back up and running as before. quick delvy was down only 2 days.

  44. JAMES

    Used for a COMPUTER UPS, as for longevity?? to early to tell, as its only been installed a week or so but so farit appears nominal

  45. S K

    ….so far; I will update this if necessary.

  46. Paul

    Made my Back UPS 350 just like new.

  47. Customer

    It fits and it works

  48. Tony Lin of Memphis

    I looked up the replacement for my old UPS and this one came out as a good fit. It came on time and work perfectly. (I cannot tell the longevity yet so that I gave a 4 stars.)

  49. Gene L.

    Fits perfectly and functions well. Can’t speak to its longevity yet. But if it fails prematurely I will update. Otherwise, a great price to bring my battery backup back to life.

  50. Bill Hempel

    Every bit as good as original

  51. ww2

    I have several APC ES500 UPS’s and replace 3 of them with this battery. The longest use so far is 6 months with no problems. I would purchase this item again.

  52. Bob

    Bought to replace the one that comes with the FIOS system. Working well. Fits well. Just make sure of the terminal type for the one you are replacing.

  53. DDR4040

    Just adding to the compatibility ratings. This battery fits my APC Back UPS ES 550 (Model BE550R) snugly. Terminals slipped on with no problems and seem fine. All in all, for less than $20 out the door, I am happy. Now I just wait and see how long it lasts.

  54. bonne myers

    used in computer power supply back up.

  55. Rocket Pak

    Works great.

  56. David W

    Works on my ancient APC UPS.

  57. bspike

    Popped this baby into an old battery backup unit and it’s been working fine!

  58. ken

    just what I needed

  59. Robert E. Smith

    No problem with the install

  60. Robert Ledbetter


  61. Customer

    The first one that arrived had a dead cell, but I got great customer service. The second is in place and working great.

  62. MinhTuyen – Le

    Yes it easy to install and fittings inside perfect . Unknown for battery life

  63. Customer

    Have to replace this battery every year.

  64. Charles R. Greenwell

    Fit right in case and does what it is suppose to. Satisfied.

  65. Joe

    Product as advertised. Fast shipping and fair pricing.

  66. Kevin

    Installed and running in under a minute. UPS back online.

  67. Mac Clark

    The battery shipped quickly and installed in less than a minute. Very cost effective.

  68. William P. Rountree

    It works as well as the old battery.

  69. content_of_character

    Bought this to replace battery in an ES550 that was purchased in 2014. No problems with connector sizes. Battery installed quickly and is working fine.

  70. Gerald T. Abrahamson

    Replaced old RBC 17 and it worked properly.

  71. db

    Had to replace the battery in one of our battery back-up systems and this product met the task. Priced very competetivly and was delivered when expected.

  72. Chris

    I installed this battery in my BACK-UPS 350 with a little modification to give me more run time. It seems to work great but I can’t evaluate battery life at this time. I will change my rating if need be.

  73. Adnil

    It worked as it should.

  74. Douglas

    Would have been 5-star if the terminals were the correct size. Once installed (needed to crimp the female spade lugs on the ES-550), the battery otherwise fit inside the UPS and so far is working fine. My ES-550 is older. Newer ones may have smaller female spade connectors. – I don’t know. Recommend checking your particular UPS to assure proper terminal size. The battery I received had F1 terminals. My ES-550 has F2 terminals.

  75. kenm75232

    This is a good replacement battery. It was easy to install and seems to be functioning just great.

  76. Ernesto Carmona


  77. Kishmei

    Replacing the ups battery is simple and easy -no reason to buy a new device.

  78. Steve

    Great battery

  79. Zaylay

    There is no other replacement brand we by.Mighty Max quality and cost effectiveness can’t be beat.

  80. Richard Torrone

    Thanks works great!

  81. Joebob

    A fine replacement for my APS UPS. It took me less than 5 minutes to pop the battery out and insert the new battery. It’s working well.

  82. Keith A. Teague

    So far, so good. The battery is installed in an APC BE-550G and appears to be accepting a charge. I will update later if there are problems that come up.Caution: The power lugs on the battery are smaller than the original battery from APC and do not perfectly fit the lugs in the UPS. The ground lug, in particular, fits a little loosely. I think it’s ok when installed inside the UPS, but this could be a problem in the future. It appears possible to crimp the connections slightly to get a more secure fit, but I’ll try that later if it becomes a problem. As a note: a replacement battery from APC fits perfectly.

  83. Sheila

    Good replacement at good price

  84. Brittany

    The replacement battery fit the intended device perfectly and has been performing well. Very Satisfied.

  85. Matt Friedly

    Purchased as a replacement battery for my UPS, and it does the job perfectly.

  86. Richard L.

    Exact replacement, working fine. The last battery I had lasted 7 years. Hope this one works as well.

  87. DavidO1

    When I found out our IT department was going to toss a battery backup because it had died, I was allowed to take it home. Found this battery at Smile. , and decided to give it a try. Wow, for about 15 bucks, I have a new battery backup. I use it to power our Orbi satellite, and I’m very well satisfied.

  88. John K.

    Nice battery at a good cost.

  89. Nj

    Great product.

  90. Howard Blank

    Delivered promptly and as promised.

  91. Customer

    Great price and received quickly. Battery terminals were not identical to the leads on my APC UPS but they still connected fine and it seems to be working as good as the original. My ES550 is back in business!. 5 stars now but I’ll update later if it does not last as long…

  92. Customer

    Quality product at a reasonable price, that arrived on time and installed without a problem. Very happy with this purchase

  93. Lew Bolton

    It came not in manufacturer’s packaging, but a cardboard box, which makes me think it was a used battery or refurbished, though advertised as new. The attachment connectors were smaller, less wide, than the original connectors, so it wasn’t a really snug fit. However, it works for now. The quality of the battery will be determined by how long it lasts.

  94. Ronald J.

    Fast shipping, perfect fit.

  95. Slickdome

    My battery backup is working again. Works great

  96. Stephen B Smith

    Good service and a good product. Works great and easy to install.

  97. Joe C

    4 stars only because I don’t know how long this battery will last. It came at least partially charged and has been working fine for some months now. The original battery from APC worked for about three or four years, and while I won’t wait that long to increase the stars on this review, I’e still like to give it a few more months. That said, the APC branded battery was grossly overpriced, this one seems to be a perfectly good substitute, and even if it lasts only two years it t will still be a bargain. My only complaint has been mentioned by others; the terminals are a bit smaller than the original and it took a little effort to get a secure contact when installing. No big deal.

  98. Robin

    The batteries arrived as stated and have worked better than the ones I bought from a different seller. I will be buying from then again. Highly recommend.

  99. Eric H

    Works great! A lot less expensive and less wasteful than buying a new UPS.

  100. Robert L. Fink

    I have no way of knowing how long they will last but working great so far and fit like the original one.

  101. Don

    Didn’t problem at all.

  102. Melinda Malico

    It’s a LOT cheaper than getting it through Verizon, and works fine

  103. L. RV.

    works well

  104. Gin Mung

    Until now, it is working and so I am satisfied. I don’t know how long it will last but with the price I paid and it replaces the original without difficulty, I recommend it.

  105. s Customers

    Slipped right in place without any tools needed. One of the wires seems a little loose when clipped on. But the UPS isn’t complaining and all seems to be working as expected.Feels heavier than the original battery, so I’d expect a little more power from it.

  106. Michael Mackin

    It?s just what I needed

  107. Jeff C.

    Battery worked as expected and got my UPS back up and working.

  108. Steve Bedford

    I used 3 of these to repair 3 of my computer UPSs. I have 2 of the APC ES 550s and one of the APC ES 725. The amp per hour rating is in the part number of the APC. The APC 550 is normally 5.5AH and the APC 725 is 7.25 AH. So with this replacement battery I was able to increase the capacity of both my 550s the the same level as the 725. In my opinion these are of the same quality as you would get from APC.

  109. Chad A

    Popped it right into my UPS, and it’s been running with new life for over a year now, without issue.

  110. Ja

    Shipping was a little slow but this got my UPS back up and running so it was a good value even though I had to wait a little longer.Update *** One of the batteries has died at exactly one year old. The original batteries lasted 3 years. Changing my review to 3 stars since these are a good value to get your device back up and running but you may not get long life out of them.

  111. Mike Stewart

    been using for a few months on my synology server …no problems

  112. charlie

    works just fine

  113. David H

    Works great. Excellent price.

  114. Troy McClure

    Bought 2 of these for a pair of APC Back-UPS 350 that had dead batteries.Both have been working well for over 6 months.

  115. kenzzy

    Seems to do the job as expected

  116. Carrie L.

    Vendor shipped within noted period. Battery was recently installed and performing properly at this stage.

  117. RGS

    Works great. Just as good as the original.

  118. Chris

    Replaced APC battery and UPS is working properly. Direct replacement. Would buy from this company again.

  119. moeses guzman jr

    great value

  120. Michael J

    Inexpensive and functional replacement for the battery in my old APC UPS. happy.

  121. Donald G. Holly

    The price was just right for a battery who’s life is 2-3 years. Fast delivery and no issues using it so far.

  122. Yoink

    Excellent affordable replacement for my UPS’s dead battery. I’ve purchased two of these and they’re both working like a charm. I plan on buying more of these in the future too.

  123. Laszlo

    Works the same as the original, for much less money.,

  124. John S.

    Perfect replacement for by back-up system, very easy to install!

  125. Shannon Squyres

    Perfect replacement battery. I had no problem at all connecting it up. It works perfectly.

  126. Grampsbeer

    This was the best price on the battery for my fiber optic internet box. They last about 4 years. Would by one again.

  127. Alex Alegado

    Works fine. I use these to replace the dual battery module used in an old APC 1200-series UPS but I know you can do the same thing with current models. The battery module consists of two of these SLA batteries taped to a plastic frame out of which the electrical connections are made to the battery terminals and the UPS power harness. It’s a simple matter to cut the tape off the battery module, unplug the wires to the batteries and then reverse that process with the replacement SLA batteries. This costs about 50% less than buying the APC replacement battery module.

  128. Steve

    Good product.

  129. David L. Showers


  130. Steve

    Whats great ,Hope it lasts

  131. Marlon Keith Davis

    A great replacement for my computer backup. Reasonably priced. A great buy.

  132. arie bahbout

    Product received as advertised. Fast delivery. Thank you

  133. Today is Tuesday 30 Spring2019 and no merchandise receive yet…

    Finally I got the correct size and so far it is working. Thanks

  134. GEO

    cheaper then buying a hole new one

  135. bluewaveboats

    Yep. It fits and it works. And it’s affordable.

  136. Rein Family

    I just needed a replacement and this fit the bill

  137. Customer

    I have had this placed in my Home alarm system for 9 months and it is working fine and still going strong.

  138. M. Fields

    fit perfect, cost less then others was a win win for me.

  139. Bruno Girard PA

    I did not instal yet, is a back up one. Proccess and delivery perfect.

  140. R ich

    Perfect fit. The only bad thing I can say is the male terminal ends are smaller then the female ends on my battery backup. Maybe I missed the terminal sizing when I bought it.. No matter, the ends still clipped on and the backup is working fine

  141. Carrie K. Norman

    Does the job!!

  142. Mabrsic

    Direct replacement for my FIOS boxFios says last years needs replacing but I have been running it for a year in my boat on a small electronic bilge pump

  143. Apollo Beach, FL

    This does the job as needed…. will purchase again when needed!

  144. dsss314159

    Arrived on time and fits perfectly in my portable UPS.


    fit well so far so good

  146. J. Vail

    I plugged it into my APC model ES500 and it’s sitting there waiting for the next power failure. Seems to work fine.

  147. Karl R. Schneider

    Works fine so far

  148. JMSM

    So far, so good.

  149. Bobby Cleek

    Everything working fine!!!!

  150. GM

    Excellent replacement battery.

  151. Power Shopper

    As expected

  152. jim marlatt

    got the product early and before we lost power so I am very satisfied

  153. Richard

    Good price running monitor and PC with 39 min avail

  154. T. Ko

    Popped into my UPS and worked. Will wait to see how long it will last.

  155. Richard Fisher

    This is my second replacement battery, but I have had the unit for 5 years ,and have frequent power outages.I should have bought a larger capacity unit as I have a huge amount of draw when there is an outage.Batteries only last so long.The electronics part of my APC unit has been flawless and I would recommend it without hesitation.

  156. macymom

    Happy so far. It was reasonably priced, delivery was quick, and it is as described and working well.

  157. iwyellen

    Worked fine and saved money

  158. cowboi

    Great replacement

  159. podmon

    I used this battery to replace a 4 year old APC ES-550 battery. The battery was a perfect fit including the connectors and the UPS is working fine now. Software from APC didn’t notice anything out of place.

  160. James

    works as intended in my old APC

  161. dan j.

    Battery came in a timely manner. Fit perfectly in my compressor worked right out of the box.

  162. A. Newman

    This is the second time I bought this particular brand battery for a APC UPS. Didn’t want to spend the money on a genuine APC battery which costs almost as much as a brand new UPS. I bought the same Might Max battery last year for another APC UPS and so far its been working great so figured I’d stick with same brand. So all I can say is the first one is working great so I imagine this one I ordered will do the same. Can’t say how long they will last but its usually recommended to replace them every 3 years. The first one is serving active duty for a year so far with no issues. For the price if it lasts the 3 years I made out like a bandit compared to buying the OEM battery.

  163. Customer

    Works well enough, what can I say it’s a battery. Price was good compared to APC’s prices. Long term we’ll see how it holds up.

  164. Jazz Guy

    I just reordered the Mighty Max battery from the same reseller because my last one lasted three years. I was very pleased.

  165. Don Ramm

    Good value. Comparable battery at local store was twice as much. Coincidentally it was just what I needed to power an airplane radio that I rigged up for use on the ground to talk to flight of aircraft for a memorial flyby so I’ll be back to buy another to put in the UPS that is still empty due to the detour this battery took.

  166. Gus

    Timely delivery. Works as advertised.

  167. David Nguyen

    it looked good & very clean. I am very happy to do business with this seller.

  168. OM

    Runs excellent so far!

  169. Frank

    The battery fit into and my battery backup and works great A Great Replacement!

  170. Herbert SY


  171. Customer

    So far so good. I got this to replace a battery in my APC, good as new.

  172. Customer

    Arrived on-time & as indicated

  173. xbox gamer

    good price

  174. L. Turner

    Works as advertised!

  175. Bart Fitzgerald

    Great product at a good price. Easy to install. Feel safe ordering from these guys.

  176. Randy Johnson

    The battery terminals were a different size. I was able to still use it.

  177. J Lock

    Works like a charm. Easy to install. No more beeping.

  178. Sport98

    It fit perfectly without modification for my APC Power Chute. My observation is that the standby time is 16 minutes as compared to the original which could be up to 25 minutes. Not a big deal to me since not much could be accomplished in either time other than a normal safe shut down if the power company cannot repair the outage.

  179. Richard L. Blake

    The correct battery with free shipping by priority mail. Thanks.

  180. S.

    Plugged in and works

  181. Paul G

    It just works as advertised. A perfect replacement for my APC Back-UPS ES 550

  182. CM

    No problems with this battery. It came fully charged and seems to hold a charge well.

  183. NJ Tinkerer

    Inexpensive replacement for the original battery which came in my APC UPS. Works like a charm.

  184. Noccar

    Excellent price, Quick shipping. Matches right up

  185. Mike a.

    Working as a replacement battery in my APC UPS. Battery terminals slightly large making them a little loose but do work or I would rate 5 stars.

  186. Dog Lady

    Way more cost-effective than buying the entire battery back-up!

  187. pc repair dude

    Battery worked well. good replacement. shipped promptly. a lower price than local market. recommend buy

  188. J L Snuggs

    Perfect Replacement for my UPS that had died. Installation was easy and after charging for overnight, it works as good as new. Now, if it lasts the 8 years the original did, or even half of that, I will be very satisfied!

  189. Dale Cobler

    fits and works well

  190. Sandra Bowers

    We live in Mexico and couldn’t find these batteries. Our phones are like new and we have just installed the replacement battery for our surge protector. Thank you so much for providing these batteries at a very reasonable price! We will tell our friends.

  191. Canticle

    I was hesitant to use a third party replacement battery, but one of my APC UPSs was well out of warranty and its battery was very dead, so I thought it was worth a try. So far I’ve had no problems. It looks well made, it fits the UPS, the terminals stay attached, the UPS doesn’t complain, and the Synology NAS that the NAS is attached to seems to think it has decent standby life.The real test is whether it still works a couple of years from now, but I can’t see any obvious reason why it shouldn’t. Lead-acid battery technology is mature and unless there are construction or design issues, such as electrodes being too close together, my layman’s understanding is that one battery should be as good as the next.

  192. Chris Hilbert

    Working great in my UPS. Fraction of what APC wanted.

  193. Dona

    Exactly what I needed to replace my existing battery in my battery backup for my computer !

  194. Dr. L

    drop in replacement connect wires. works perfectly

  195. FC

    The battery fits in my APC ES550 perfectly, however, the metal terminals seem a little narrow for the UPS cables to make a good connection. It took me 4 tries to make my APC working correctly.

  196. R. Steger

    This is a great battery so far. It was recommended by Hardened Power Systems.

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