ML7-12 – 12V 7.2AH Replacement UPS Battery for APC Back-UPS 550 BE550G

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ML7-12 – 12V 7.2AH Replacement UPS Battery for APC Back-UPS 550 BE550G


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Delivering power when you need it, the Mighty Max ML7-12 12 Volt 7.2 AH uses a state of the art, heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid that provides exceptional performance and service life in both float and cyclic applications.
The ML7-12 is an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology with a valve regulated design, that can be used in enclosed and indoor environments without leaking or maintenance, providing a superior performance for thousands of models.
Mighty Max SLA batteries are utilized in a wide variety of applications including; Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Engine Starters, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Motorcycles, Power sports, Portable Tools, Solar, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security and more.
Voltage: 12 Volt
Amperage: 7.2 AH
Chemistry: SLA, AGM
Terminal: F1
Battery Dimensions:
5.94 in x 2.56 in x 4.02 in
Weight: 4.50 Lbs
1 Year
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104 reviews for ML7-12 – 12V 7.2AH Replacement UPS Battery for APC Back-UPS 550 BE550G

  1. John K.

    It’s working good after just a few weeks. It replaced another Mighty Max battery that was almost 5 years old. That’s great reliability and I hope this one lasts that long too!

  2. Web Customer

    hubby was looking to pay a lot more i foundd this and surprised him. very easy to install

  3. Essais

    Replaced the nine-year-old battery for the UPS used for my computer. The new battery terminals are slightly smaller than the OEM battery terminal, but the connectors engaged completely and remained firmly connected. The new battery showed initially 23% charged on the Linux power manager, then began increasing, confirming it was charging. Simple replacement: 1. Press the UPS power button, and allow it to completely shutdown (lights out). 2. Unplug all connected devices (remember which plugs were in the battery-backed side vs the surge-only side). Also unplug the USB cable, if used. 3. Turn the UPS upside down and slide away the battery cover. 4. Slide the old battery outward and (firmly) pull off the battery terminal spade connectors. 5. Remove the new battery terminal protectors. 6. Push on the battery terminal spade connectors (red to red, positive; black to black negative) to the new battery terminals. The new battery terminals are slightly smaller, but confirm that they are fully engaged and do not pull away easily. 6. Slide the new battery back into the UPS. Should fit perfectly! 7. Slide on the UPS battery cover. 8. Plug-in all connected devices and the USB cable, if used. 9. Press the UPS power button, and allow it to start-up (flashing light goes steady-on when ready).

  4. Travis M.

    It lasts a good amount of time for the price

  5. Wayne Walker

    Fits my apc battery back up perfectly.

  6. Ronny Vikstrom

    It works when I need it

  7. Pedley Dan

    So far so good. The customer service is top of the line. That is a big. I’ve had this new battery only for a short while so I cannot rate its longevity yet. It works. It fits. Let the seller know if your existing battery has the F1 or the F2 size connectors, as some of the APC Back-UPS 550 BE550G models have one or the other size! The sellers will accommodate you. Highly recommended based especially on the great customer service.

  8. Fitness N Beyond

    So far so Good!

  9. Big Dave

    Fit my backup UPS with no problems. Now have 20 minutes of backup time instead of 3 minutes! Way less expensive too!

  10. dA

    Does not have 1/4 terminals. My APC 550 thinks that the battery needs replacing and alarms many times a day.

  11. Dennis Kleier

    Works just like more expensive brands

  12. Tim Daviess

    The battery was easy to install.

  13. Ronald Jensen

    Good value

  14. Wilson

    Works as well s a new one at a fraction of the cost.

  15. George W.

    Easy to install

  16. Lloyd T. Bolden

    Battery back-up.

  17. JohnMD

    It works just fine. No problems.

  18. History & Science Buff

    Arrived promptly, easy to install, seems to be a perfect replacement.

  19. Walt

    PROS: o affordable o fit just like originalCONS: o none reallyThe *only* thing that I wish is that there was an option to get this with F2 terminals instead of F1, but as others mentioned, if you contact the seller they will send adapters, which they did very quickly. Good value. Now to see how long it lasts…

  20. Martin

    This battery works in the BackUPS 550 BE550G that I installed it in, and the cost was less than replacement of the entire UPS, so I would highly recommend this battery. I cannot speak for the longevity – time will tell, but as replacement batteries go, I have replaced many over the years and have had good results and long life in most cases.

  21. DT

    Installation was a breeze. Worked right out of the box.Can’t judge longevity since I just started using it but so far so good.

  22. Justin

    If purchasing this for the APC UPS550G, contact Mighty Max for the F1/F2 terminal adapters–no sweat. This is my second purchase of replacement batteries from Mighty Max. I was very pleased with the performance of my prior purchase that I had slim to nil hesitation in using a battery that wasn’t tested by APC in their UPS unit. I’m glad I thought through APCs marketing fear strategy their batteries are somehow better. Well, seriously, even though the battery is drawn upon to provide an even power supply to our beloved electronics, it’s the UPS unit itself that manages that. The battery is a source of power. The question is how long does it maintain a full (or sufficient) charge over the course of years of use. I don’t have longterm experience to say, but for less than half the cost and with my own satisfaction of the power provided by from my previous purchase, I was happy to make the switch from APC battery to Mighty Max.Definitely contact the seller (Mighty Max) if you’ll need the F1/F2 adapters. Compare the terminal measurements with the spec sheet provided on the product page. The adapters are just a couple of pieces of metal that slide onto the terminal, but they’re the RIGHT kind of metal. See photo.

  23. RW

    Item as described and great customer service.

  24. Gary P. Gordon

    This battery fit nicely into my UPS’s battery compartment and has been working fine.

  25. D Heron

    Got the new battery. Installed it. Waited a few days for the big test. So, pulled the 120 volt plug out of the receptacle. The battery and UPS work very well. This UPS also offers surge protection on several of the outlets.All in all, an inexpensive way to have my UPS back in service. I’m very glad I ordered and installed this battery.

  26. Customer

    I don?t know how long it will last I just got it. It did fit perfect and seems to be working great.

  27. allthingsG

    Keeps my APC alive and well over the years. Battery is long lasting as well.

  28. Mitch

    Kind of a mystery why they don’t use same sized terminals for this battery or at least include terminal adapters in the box. It worked anyway for me so I gave them four stars, not five. Must remove plastic protectors before installation.

  29. Aidas Na

    Fits well when replacing other brand batteries. The contacts are narrower and thinner than I expected – had to crimp the wires a little.

  30. David Bramson

    The title pretty much says it all. Currently Power Chute software tells me I have 77 minutes of backup time. Good buy 🙂

  31. Texan89

    This brought our back up system back to life. Thanks!

  32. Fred

    Simple install. Worked for me

  33. Jason

    Needed to replace a kid’s motorcycle battery and this worked well. Had to mess with the connectors on the old battery to get them to work on this new one, but wasn’t hard and works fine.

  34. Jeremy Edgar

    Battery fits great and functions well so far.

  35. Wally

    I replace the battery’s every 3 to 4 years at the first sign of a problem and never worry about problems with any of my electronics.Replacing a battery is much less expensive than replacing a TV or Computer because of damage from a storm or brown out.



  37. CSHouse

    Happy one month out. Hope it will last the long haul. Company good to work with. Needed terminal adaptors and they send them upon request. Thanks!

  38. G Huddleston

    The battery was good. I used it in surge protector. No problem at all to install.

  39. Peter L. Rogers

    Have used this replacement battery before for my APC Back-UPS 550.

  40. James Zielinski

    It was easy to install. It just works. It was about half the price of the mfr battery so I don’t care that it has a little less capacity.

  41. jvpbiz

    great product fast shipping

  42. Allgood

    Backup power

  43. Daniel Martinez

    So far so good came in really quick. Seems to work just fine I like it.

  44. Customer

    It?s very good

  45. Customer

    Would buy agian

  46. William B. Allender,jr

    Used for UPS.

  47. BobBuilder

    It fits as described.

  48. Pat W

    I was a little concerned when I read reviews that needed adapters. I am not sure if the battery has been updated, but it was a perfect install. Total time was about 2 minutes to install. It is slightly larger than the battery that was in my APC 550. The original battery had a sticker on it that this was a mfg alternate battery. Interesting.I can not comment on how long it will last, but for now – PERFECT

  49. Jean M. Schantz

    Thank You!!

  50. smart shopper LI

    Easy to install. Have had one before

  51. Mark L. Horvath

    Quick and cheap replacement to replace worn out UPS battery.

  52. Sam Harvey

    Happy with this battery. It is perfect for a replacement of the original.

  53. tenderfoot

    This is an excellent battery and should serve me well. The only problem is the terminal size is a mismatch and it should always ship with terminal adapters for F1 or F2 since there is a significant disparity. It took a bit of work to adapt them myself.

  54. JECK

    Purchased it and it didn’t have the F2 connector but luckily I had a few on hand. Used them on battery but battery showing bad on APC. They sent me another one. It turned out being a faulty APC Back-UPS ES550 unit.

  55. bspike

    A top quality battery at a fair price. Thanks, Mighty Max!

  56. Mr. Tragic

    Brought my APC back to life

  57. Morgan F Boyle

    What else can you say about a big battery like this, fast shipping from Edison New Jersey, very easy to install, and less than half the price that Verizon FiOS charges for a replacement battery.

  58. A Customer

    A new purchase so hard to say how longevity is, but battery working great for a great price. I did pinch the contacts slightly with some needle-nose pliers to get a tighter fit, but that’s easy.

  59. Rachel

    One third the price of others but works perfectly

  60. Customer

    Great for the computers back up battery. I replace the battery rather than purchase a complete new battery back up. $17.99 vs $35.00. Very easy to install!

  61. Robert J. Sullivan

    Less than a minute exact substitution.

  62. Patricia

    It fit like a charm!

  63. CG

    Works pretty well, however after I installed it I kept getting a flashing red light which indicates a problem with the battery. The issue was that the power crimp wasn’t very tight. I just applies a little pressure to it with a needle nose pliers and it stuck on well then. Hoping to get a couple years out of it 🙂

  64. Bill Reithmeyer

    Great price, quick delivery.

  65. Knbrecko

    I bought two of these batteries for my APC BE550G UPS units. As others also discovered, the terminals on the batteries are the type F1 size but the connectors on the APC UPS Units are designed to connect to terminals of the F2 size. The difference is that the type F1 terminals are not as wide as the F2 type. While you might be able to get them connected, the connection wouldn’t be as solid as it should be and could easily become disconnected.I read in other reviews of this product that people had contacted MightyMax batteries regarding this issue and that MightyMax batteries had provided adapters that would convert the terminals on the battery to the F2 type at no charge. I contacted MightyMax batteries myself via Email and I am pleased to say that they shipped me two free adapter sets as well. With these adapters, which are easy to install, I have a solid connection between the battery and my UPS unit and both are working well.

  66. James V.H.

    All I wanted was a battery to fill a UPS that I acquired for not much money. In this particular backup I think I have a Xbox One, secondary PC and TV hooked to it. Ironically just before writing this review our power went off and back on last night. Battery/backup worked perfectly. Everything stayed on until the power came back on.So battery works just fine and does just what I wanted it for.

  67. Dunn Family

    The product works as advertised. It fit perfectly in the designed space and has held its charge in the weeks we?ve had it. An excellent lower cost option to replacing the whole surge protector.The only thing that kept me from giving 5 stars were the terminals. The ones on the battery were more narrow than the cables in the protector. I contacted Mighty Max about this, they responded quickly and sent me adapters that worked great free of charge. If they would have included them in the original box, so I wouldn?t have had to contact them about the issue, I?d have given them 5 stars.

  68. Customer

    Works great in my APC. Great price too.

  69. Paul

    Battery itself appears to be fresh. the terminals are thinner than the APC 550 model original battery had. Had to crimp the power cable plugs a bit tighter so they will make good contact with the smaller terminals.

  70. L Realtor

    Great value, seems to work as well as a genuine APC battery at a much lower price. Same size case, but terminals a little smaller, but connections still went on just fine.

  71. Xarrebato


  72. digitalbear

    Works perfect

  73. Martin Mortensen

    Very good price and shipped very quickly. Battery is working just fine.

  74. Nbrskn

    The battery is as advertised. Arrived promptly and best price. Exact replacement for my APC Back-UPS ES550 unit. Time will tell how well it holds up. So far I’m satisfied.

  75. JPM

    Battery arrived as described. used it to replace original battery in an APC UPS. I use this UPS to run my internet rack, cable modem, router, network switch and two POE APs. I’ve had the power cut out twice since I started using the new battery and power did not drop from my network. Good product at a reasonable price.

  76. Amock

    works in my older backup

  77. editus

    I got the battery and it fit the UPS fine. It charged up quickly and the UPS is working as expected.

  78. Electro Ham

    Used in battery back up for computer. Works great.

  79. Dennis

    Can’t say that I love a battery, but it has met all of my expectations as an OEM replacement at a lower cost. Installation was straightforward using the video on the APC website, and the battery worked as it’s designed to in the device when we had a short power loss during a recent snowstorm. Battery was packaged well for shipment and arrived when promised.

  80. Shotgun Willie

    Bought 4 for my fire alarm system. No issues.

  81. Charlie Allen

    fast shipper; producet functions as advertised; time will tell if the lifespan is equal to factory parts

  82. Laurie Teague

    Great product and transaction

  83. Molly_Dog

    EDIT 12/6/2017After leaving my initial review, I was contacted by the seller who provided me with a set of terminal adapters free of charge. I just installed the battery with the adapters and my backup battery is working great! Thanks to the seller for their excellent responsiveness, followup, and service!_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________This battery may be the right dimensions, amperage, etc., for the APC ES550 but the terminals on this battery are most definitely NOT.First off, they are too small. The UPS terminals simply slip right off. So I spent the first 15 minutes trying to crimp them down to a narrow enough slit to remain attached to the battery. The positive cable was pain enough but I finally got it crimped down enough to maintain the connection, or so I thought. Then came the negative cable terminal.It comes from the factory with a plastic casing to avoid shorts should the cable come loose. That makes accessing the actual terminal difficult. Fortunately, I work with small electronics fairly frequently so I had a pair of needle-nosed pliers to crimp those terminals down. Time to insert the battery.I *carefully* set the battery into the compartment, paying special attention to the cables and terminals as much as possible. Everything looked good so I plugged in the UPS and powered it on. I immediately received the screech that means replace the battery. So back to square one.This time, though, I left the unit plugged in and powered on. Again, I re-crimped both + & – terminals.50% tighter than I already had done. I plugged the two cables to the battery. This time they felt more solid but as soon as I inserted the battery, screech! So I resorted to the solution 10,000,000 rednecks the world over swear by.I removed the battery, reattached the cables and made sure they were tight. Then I grabbed my trusty roll of duct tape and made damn sure the cables did not come off.Maybe many of you had better luck with this product, although if the terminal size on this unit is common, I don’t see how you could have without at least some modification. I didn’t want to solder the connections for obvious reasons. And I came within a thread of replacing the terminals on the cables but again, obviously, that would not have been a wise decision.I’ll give this battery 2 stars, begrudgingly. It really deserves only 1 because what should have been a 2 minute job turned into a 40 minute one because of incompatible design on the battery terminals.Next time, I’ll spend the extra $25 and just buy the one directly from APC.

  84. Kenway

    so far a great replacement for the OEM battery, terminals a bit narrower so I had to crimp down fittings – lets see how long it lasts

  85. JJPM

    Replaced the OEM version perfectly

  86. Customer


  87. E. E. Saulsberry

    Fits and works fine. Vastly cheaper than OEM

  88. David Spann

    This is not an OEM part so I was a little concerned that it might not fit.When I went to install it, it fit perfectly and has performed just fine.

  89. Dan Lindquist

    No issues with installation. I will update if I run into problems. I’m hoping this one will last longer than my no-name battery that only lasted about 1 year before it needed replacement.

  90. FitQuest Nutrition

    Bought 3 similar batteries to go head to head. This one lost. Yeah it was advertised as less amp hours but for the $2-$3 more this one was not worth it.

  91. Jeff Golden

    This is one of my best internet finds ever! Battery on my 8 year old UPS died while it was disconnected while technician was installing FiOS. The Mighty Max battery is a perfect fit, costs way less than half the OEM price, and even arrived super-fast. (Mighty Max is only about 60 miles from me.) Rechargeable batteries for my electric screwdriver died at the same time. I wish Mighty Max had them too. They took a week to come from across the country.

  92. John in Georgia

    Battery was the correct size and installed in 5 minutes. No problems encountered.

  93. john

    works fine no problems

  94. rgtech

    So far so good, thumbs up!

  95. H. Knapp

    What’s not to like. Arrived on time and is working well after several weeks. Fit the APC Back-UPS unit easily. The warning of another reviewer is noted and there is no indication if this one would have been trouble. But it was not.

  96. Karin Greenwood

    This replaced the dead battery in my battery backup/surge protector. Much less expensive than getting a whole new unit and much better for the environment. FIt right in and worked perfectly. Came by promptly too.

  97. Brandon

    Battery terminals could be a better fit as cables slid off prior to sealing unit

  98. Bob Rissler

    Battery is working great in my APC Back UPS 550. This was definitely worth buying instead of getting a whole new UPS.

  99. Signatore

    working great so far.

  100. Monty

    The battery is working perfectly. It was delivery on time. I would recommend merchand to family and friends.An excellent merchand.Thank you for your services.

  101. BK

    This is my second one, last one was good for about 5 years. Hope to get at least that much out of this one, less expensive than buying a whole new backup unit.

  102. Barbara C.

    Exactly as described. Delivered on time.

  103. Ron D

    Exactly as advertised and delivered very quickly! Thanks!

  104. Micky Pollack

    Holds charge for quite a while. Exact replacement for my UPS system that supports my home alarm system and computers.

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