Smart Charger for 8.4V-9.6V NiMH For AIRSOFT BATTERY for G36 AEG

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All-around charging solution for anyone who Airsofts. Awesome price, great charging time, and Smart Charging capabilities (so you don’t have to guess when the battery pack is full).

Not limited to just Airsoft — use it for any 8.4v or 9.6v NiMH Battery Packs that are used in RC Cars/Airplanes. Just make sure connector is Mini Tamiya!

Smart Charger for NiMH battery packs of 8.4V-9.6V (7-8 cells).

NiMH Smart Charger Features:

Charger LED turns GREEN when batteries are Full.

Please use the charger for battery packs with capacity of 1100-1600mAh or Higher.

Able to auto distinguish bad battery and indicate malfunction.

Able to activate over-discharged cells.

Unique test mode guarantees high quality.

Automatically stop when battery pack is fully charged by Delta Peak detection.

Short circuit & reverse polarity protections.

Built in mini male tamiya connector (charger side).


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