SLA / GEL Heavy Duty Group U1 Battery Box

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The Mighty Max Battery Box is designed for group U1 batteries. Designed to effectively collect battery acid, allows adequate ventilation, secures and locks the lid to the base, and prevents accidental contact of underground battery terminals.

Mighty Max U1 Battery Box Features:

Heavy-duty grade battery box for automotive, marine, lawn and garden and more; designed for a single group U1 battery

Compact design; features reinforced handles to prevent cracking during relocation and ventilation holes for releasing battery gases

Designed for rugged environments; impact resistant down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, withstands acid, gas, oil and other 
contaminants, and immune to UV exposure

Keeps your battery safe; limits water entry, effectively collects battery acid, allows adequate ventilation, and protects against accidental contact of battery terminals

Mighty Max U1 Battery Box Dimensions:

Inside Dimensions: 8.25″(L) x 5.38″(W) x 7.94″(H)

Outside Dimensions: 10.35″(L) x 6.10″(W) x 8.19″(H) 


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