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This YTX9-BS is a sealed lead-acid (SLA) absorbed glass mat (AGM) rechargeable battery. AGM and GEL batteries are lead-acid and of the same battery chemistry. This battery comes already charged, sealed, maintenance free, and ready to install.
Premium quality absorbed glass mat technology (AGM) is ideal for ATVs, Motorcycles, Personal Watercraft, Jet Ski’s, Snowmobiles and more.
Specifications of the YTX9-BS Battery
Voltage: 12 Volt
Amperage: 8 AH
Chemistry: SLA, AGM
Terminal: Nut & Bolt 
Battery Dimensions: 
5.90 in x 3.38 in x 4.25 in
Weight: 6.72 Lbs
1 Year

6.72 Lbs




+ I –











Amp Hour



1 Year


  1. JW

    Battery arrived fast. Had about an 80% charge. Charged it and waiting to be used/ installed this spring. Can’t say anything about longevity yet or cranking power.

  2. eric

    Bought this like 6 months ago and I’m barely writing this review. Still working strong.

  3. Hector G.

    Best bang for your buck ! Fits 2005 R6 like a glove and awesome customer service went above and beyond to make sure everything works

  4. Michael Reeves

    I probably don’t treat my batteries well over the winter but this time I made an effort to use my bike every so often.The WAY this battery died was strange too. It just went from fine to nothing which O’Reilly told me was a dead cell.Fortunately my bike died in the parking lot of said O’Reilly’s. For what it’s worth I ended up paying almost double for a battery from them and I had to setup the acid, etc. myself so I’ll be fair and give it 3 stars (rounding up from 2.5…

  5. Customer

    Brand New battery, charged ready to install out the box. This is my 5th time buying this brand battery (various sizes) and am convinced these batteries are just as good if not better than large store brands that cost double or more.

  6. Richard Ades

    The battery has provided reliable starting power for my Kymco scooter. I get the feeling that it’s stronger than the last couple batteries I’ve had. My only gripe is that it’s slightly bigger than previous batteries–so big that it won’t fit all the way into the battery compartment. However, even though I have to leave the lid off the battery compartment, I can still close the seat, so this hasn’t been a problem. On balance, I’m happy with this purchase.

  7. Chemist

    Worked in my Suzuki Burgman 200. So far so good!!!

  8. carla alspaugh

    Great product great price came fully charged

  9. Davidson Huynh

    Work as good original front Kawasaki part

  10. Rebecca K. Pearman

    This battery holds a great charge for our generator which has a remote start

  11. Alexander Greene

    Good product; arrived on time!

  12. MightyPen

    Factory correct size for 2008 Suzuki Burgman AN400 model. Also I verified it is identical to the 2013 Burgman AN400 as well.

  13. Robert 7941

    good deal slow delivery

  14. Jonathan

    This thing turns the motor over faster than any battery I’ve ever had in the bike and as a result, it cranks faster.

  15. Frank Drake

    It’s great work like it’s supposed to.

  16. bushman

    perfect fit quick shipping

  17. Bill A.

    Bought this battery as a replacement for my wife’s UTV. It’s predecessor cost 3X what this one did and only lasted 2 years. This type of battery seems to be relatively short-lived. Even if this one lasts a single year, I will still be way ahead on cost. It directly replaced the old battery with no problems. Would likely buy another one when this one fails.

  18. Music lover

    Works as expected for a Suzuki Burgman 400, 2007. I couldn’t find one anywhere in town.

  19. Ben Bailey

    Great motorcycle battery! Good buying experience.

  20. Nicole M. Smith

    Replaced the battery on my kawasaki ninja 300 with ease using this battery – nothing else to it. It just worked.

  21. Benny B

    Looks well built and was fully charged when arrived. Can’t wait to try it out in my Honda Shadow 600!!

  22. aries

    Great battery. I out this in my 08 zx6r. Started right up. The best part about this battery is that i didnt have to fill it with acid or charge it before installation. It was good to go!!!!

  23. J

    Battery terminal screws are a little short… makes hooking up the Battery cable terminals tough.

  24. D. W. Lunt

    Does exactly what I needed for a 2014 Suzuki Burgman. Fits the battery compartment perfectly. Plenty of amperage so far to get the engine to start quickly. Great price, quickly shipped, and securely packaged.

  25. Firefighter Mike

    Absolutely best battery i have ever had for my moped.It is very strong and superbly holds its charge.

  26. New Mexican Senorita

    It’s operating wonderfully, and was priced very right. Thanks for carrying these.

  27. Caveat Emptor

    It fit my Predator 7500/8750 generator, and started it instantly. It had the highest CCA rating with the best price that I saw, and was delivered in three days by the vendor..

  28. mbc

    so far so good

  29. R Sharp

    Perfect replacement at less than half the cost!

  30. Nicole Vivian

    Works as it should. Quality battery.

  31. Donald Ruska

    Battery works well am very happy with performance.

  32. vkf62114

    Great replacement.

  33. arb91766

    It was shipped quickly and it is a good product.

  34. Jason Mccullum

    Fantastic!! I installed the battery. And started my ninja 636 with no stutter. And it was still 40°f outside.

  35. tank

    So far the battery is working great!

  36. paul

    great value

  37. TheGinger

    Purchased this battery to replace a dead one in the motorcycle I was trying to sell. Worked fine for the short time I used it before I sold the bike. Much better deal then spending $80+ at a auto store.

  38. trmoto

    great deal works good

  39. Customer

    Works great

  40. paul davis

    Arrived damp with acid!

  41. mjkrigg

    Battery is great cane ready to use not like the one you have to add acid.Very fast shipping and packaging is spot on

  42. lauren

    Great battery so far have had it for a few months now and no problems. Great price. We looked at all our local stores for one and nothing could compare to the price. Arrived early as well.

  43. Ben A

    Good battery

  44. Sarah T.

    arrived very quickly and works like a battery!! on the road again in my Interceptor 150 cc scooter!

  45. Customer

    Good value. A bit difficult to mount.

  46. Cooney3185

    It fit perfect and is working fine at a great price. Enough said!

  47. Sara Stearns

    Shipped and received quickly. The battery was charged and ready to go when I received it. I put it in the bike and it fired right up, and has been happy ever since. Great product, recommended!

  48. G

    Excellent price, arrived in 2 days, works as expected. Thanks!

  49. jafo

    Great Price, perfect fit for my 2005 Suzuki DR650. So far (2-3 weeks) starting great and holding charge.

  50. Mac

    Worked great out of the box, exactly as advertised. Fits DR perfect has plenty of power for everything, zero issues. Awesome price.

  51. Cassandra L Scott

    Plugged it in, and the quad started right up.

  52. Buckeye Dan

    Honda 400EX fit great and fired right-up.

  53. Dustin W

    Came as described, installed and ran with no issues.

  54. Customer

    fit and worked like it should ..

  55. Jose V

    A great replacement for OEM battery. Perfect fit and lots of cranking power.

  56. Matthew G.

    Great price! Very fast shipping!

  57. Holiday

    Arrived fully charged. Starts and fits 2007 Suzuki GSX R600.

  58. Review_Guy


  59. Doug Henderson

    Great price along with fast shipping!!

  60. greekfreek

    it works and the size was right call back in 4 fours

  61. mike bain

    So far, so good.

  62. Customer

    Battery came charged although I topped if off with a trickle charger before installing. It came with new nuts and bolts, fit into place on my bike, and fired it right up. Unfortunately the bike will be sitting over winter so I don’t have much usage on the battery yet. So far it seems like a decent product and the price was great. Also it shipped quickly.

  63. pester

    No complaints

  64. Chuck M.

    Works Great!

  65. william loftis

    fit like a glove at half the price at the local store

  66. Steven

    Exactly what I expected

  67. magnolia1717


  68. bryan

    good product

  69. Jason


  70. JohnnyD

    Seems to have plenty of charge. Real test will to see how it is in a year or two. Good value and quick shipping

  71. Jon Jones

    Quick delivery with no special handling requirements. Charged quickly and maintains charge well.

  72. Rosch32

    The battery was the correct size and came in great condition. However, the top posts (cages) where not straight. They weren’t bent just attached at a an angle from the factory. In most cases this wouldn’t be an issue, but I was putting this in a Honda 600 VLX motorcycle. The battery on these things is in the worst possible place in side the frame and access to the posts is very limited. I had a very difficult time trying to get the screws to screw into the lugs in the cage at the angle the they were at. So not very impressed with that. And the battery was supposed to come with at least a partial charge, but mine was completely dead. Not a problem, just not what was advertised.

  73. Julius

    Put it in a few months back, haven’t had any problems so far. Will def buy again if I need to.

  74. Patrick Pierson

    This is a great little battery. I needed a battery for my DuroMax 4400 genertater. I did not want to spend $80. So I gave this one a try. it is bigger than the original but that is ok, I just took some wire and secured it to the area the battery sits in. was fully charged, and there was not leaking in the shipping box. It was about 1/2 wider and 1/4 to 1/2 taller than the original battery… All is good again.

  75. Babblefish

    Great value for the money. Much cheaper than an equivalent battery from Sears, though I haven’t had it long enough to know how long it will ultimately last. Works great in my scooter and it is totally sealed against any acid leakage. My previous battery was a Sears Diehard which came with the acid in a separate bottle that the buyer then needs to pour into the battery. The MightyMax battery does not need this as it’s more of a gel cell type battery and never needs to be filled or refilled. It also came partially charged. Fit wise, it is a perfect replacement for the equivalent Yuasa or Sears Diehard.Update 3/2/2017: Battery hasn’t missed a beat. Still working like the day I installed it. Outstanding value.

  76. dean eisenberg

    fast arrival great buy

  77. Keith Seiler

    The battery is a great value. It shipped prormpy and worked right out of the box. It was much cheaper than local sources

  78. Don

    I purchased this battery to replace a significantly larger battery in my 400 cc ATV. I was skeptical that it would work because of the size but for less than 33% the cost of my previous battery, it was worth a try. It works great, so far. Longevity and cold weather performance is yet to be determined. I’ll provide updates with time.

  79. Cheryl

    so far its been very reliable

  80. Cheryl

    Fit as it should. Reasonably priced.

  81. Glenn

    Have it in my Kawasaki Zx 9R supersport for about 3 weeks now. So far so good.

  82. gilbert stock

    Fit perfectly, functions like it should.

  83. Tim Billesbach

    Good battery and a good price. Very fast shipping

  84. Chris

    The battery worked perfectly right out of the box.

  85. JC

    Received battery and gave it a full slow charge. Used it in Honda 3000 inverter. Still giving me great service. Have no problem ordering again.

  86. lisa belcher

    it was perfect and arrived on time!!!

  87. Mark Deprez


  88. Scott Jackson

    Great price and fast shipping!

  89. gene heckman

    got what I wanted.

  90. Michael Haney

    Works great perfect fit.

  91. Kimbra Marie

    Good battery

  92. csolo

    Arrived quickly and charged. Gocart fired right up. Thank you!

  93. JK

    Excellent product at this price point! Great Value.Fit/Fitment was good for bike.

  94. P. Nicholas

    Best battery for the money, hands down!!2003 Honda Shadow VLX 600

  95. Bill Heppe

    Great Help!

  96. John W. Dailey

    Seems to be working fine 2 weeks after installation. Good battery, great price. I guess AGM is AGM, whatever the manufacturer charges for it.

  97. chris

    ill buy this brand agine

  98. caleb churchill

    I was a little worried because I usually but Yuasa, but I installed this battery, topped off the charge and have had perfect operation so far.

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