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The YTZ12SGEL is a 12V 11AH GEL (Maintenance Free) battery. Requires no addition of water during the life of the battery. The Mighty Max YTZ12SGEL is a TRUE DEEP CYCLE battery that can be mounted in any position, requires no maintenance. When a Gel Cell battery is charged, no hazardous fumes escape the battery case, gases are processed within the battery itself.
Common uses for the YTZ12SGEL:  ATVs, Motorcycles, Personal Watercraft, Jet Ski’s, Snowmobiles and more.
The Performance and Characteristic of the YTZ12SGEL Battery
Maintenance Free / GEL configuration 
No leaks, spills or contact with acid 
No acid mist and pollution to the environment when charging and discharging. 
High capacity: 10-20% higher comparing to that of VRLA.
Low self-discharging and durable for storage.
Nice ability for resilience after over-discharge and the capacity of high discharge current increases by 30% over VRLA.
Amazing performances in all temperature conditions
Battery Dimensions in Inches : L (6.00) x W (3.44) x H (4.38) 
Amp Hour











+ I –




7.94 Lbs


1 Year



82 reviews for YTZ12S 12V 11AH 210CCA GEL MOTORCYCLE BATTERY

  1. Fizzle

    As described. Good value.

  2. edward glenn

    has to charge about 30 minutes and i works great. i did loose one of the screws. great buy

  3. Jesus

    Just as described.Works well.

  4. Customer

    Battery for my motorcycle. Can’t argue with the price.

  5. Customer

    I purchased this battery Nov 2019 and it sat uninstalled in my garage for 10 months. I put a trickle charge on it last week and it was fully charged and then did a volt test and a load and it has a full charge. Installed it on my Yamaha Super Tenere today, Sept 10, 2020 and so far working excellent. Very happy so far.

  6. Darby Guzman

    It’s a strong battery (11ah). My SuperTenere 1200 start the engine like 125cc. (Easy)I like this battery

  7. Mike in KC

    No returns because of hazmat rules, which is dumb because they ship it to you in the first place. Also, this is a gel battery so Im not sure how there are acids or other hazmat chems involved? Thought that was the point of gel batteries. Im sure if there was something actually wrong with it, their custserv would work with you. hides behind the hazmat policy for returns.Also, be sure to check your old battery measurements as this is advertised as a 12-BS battery, but it is about an inch shorter in height. That may not sound like a problem, but unless it fits tight in its space, it may move around and eventually have a case rupture or other leak.

  8. Customer

    So far it’s working great,The battery fit perfectly.

  9. NTG

    use on 97 Honda fourtrax 300 4×4… smaller then original..but it works

  10. Evel

    Replaced Honda 2004 Shadow Aero. Perfect fit.

  11. wes

    quick delivery had to charge overnite didn’t seem fully charged but is holding well! happy with it

  12. Daniel

    Works just fine in a 01 Honda Shadow Ace 750 with a standard CCA of 210

  13. mikemotia

    Very good product an excellent customer service I definitely shop again

  14. Customer

    Came with 12 volts. 750ma tender charged to 13 volts. Bike stater charged to 13.13 volts. Starts like a champ, will update when I know how many years it lives through phoenix heat.

  15. R

    The battery was as expected and fit my Honda Shadow Aero with no problem. It was easy to install and worked right out of the box. So far have had no issues with it. Would recommend.

  16. Trevor Ward

    Battery fit perfect in my bike. We’ll see how the longevity lasts.

  17. M. Alb

    The battery arrived a little discharged but a simple charge fixed the issue. I have a 04 Honda shadow aero and it’s been able to just start and go even in the cold without using it for a while. I would buy again

  18. timothy m. ash


  19. JOE

    great little battery–couldn`t ask for more—holds charge very long

  20. David H.

    Great customer service! Battery lasted 11 months but they are shipping me a new one free under wanted. They did not require the dead battery to be returned. I’ve purchased name brand in the past at over $100 and only got 2 years. This is a good value for the price and they back it up.

  21. MrBios

    Update: 11/3/2020 and it is a little over 1 year old and working fine.Installed this in my 2012 Honda NC700X – note this is a Gel Cell not an AGM battery. AGM is supposed to be better I will update the review if I remember in a few years. The last MC battery I purchased was an AGM by Interstate brand for $70 for my scooter in 2014 and 18K miles later it is still working great. That battery required adding the acid which is nice because it is not affected by sitting on a store shelf. This one has the acid in it already but because probably sells so many they don’t sit on the shelf long.I hope this battery lasts as long as the Interstate battery in my scooter.I have never seen a battery with a clear top like this one has.

  22. Nicolas A Aquino

    Muy buena me gusta

  23. FireFly

    2007 Honda Shadow spirit C2, Fit fine no problems

  24. Victor M.

    Great battery haven’t had any issues with it, I have it hook up to a floater and still holds charge just fine

  25. Alvaro

    Fit on 07 ZX6R

  26. Customer

    Good battery so far

  27. Talexeagan

    I contacted Mighty Max today and without question, they issued a refund. Great customer service! I think I may have just received a defective one. I ordered the same battery again. Fingers crossed.

  28. Customer

    I received the battery about 35 days ago, and has been sitting in my house, waiting on me to put other projects to bed. When I took the battery out to put it on the charger, the initial voltage in the battery was 8.1 volts. I put it on the battery charger and the charger peaked out at 11.8 volts, with no further increase in voltage for the next 4 hours. I don’t know if the battery has a dead plate in it, as most batterys will charge to at least 13.5-14 volts and hold for a period of time.I contacted the seller to see what they will do. At this time, I will only give this battery 2 stars, as I may still be able to use it for a short duration, but I don’t think it will last long. Next time, I think I will look for a battery with an acid pack that is used to fill the cells. I think I had one of these batterys on my ATV that lasted 3-4 seasons, so I am willing to give the seller the benefit of the doubt.UPDATE 8/3/19- The seller replied within 24 hours to my complaint about the battery. Now total of 1 weeks time from my complaint, I have a new battery in front of me. Base voltage 12.5, put it on the charger and it takes about 14.4 volts to charge the cells until max capacity. Resting voltage after charging is 13.5 volts. 1.5 volts higher than the first battery (most likely indicating a dead cell in the first one). Bumped the star rating from 2 to 4 stars for the customer service/speed of processing/new battery performance. Will edit this based on battery LIFE.

  29. Edward Tillman

    So far it has been a great battery but we’ll see how it is through the cold Wisconsin winters

  30. phoenix lee

    OK 99%

  31. CaptSAI

    Good battery for my scooter

  32. jerry thiel

    second time I have replaced an oem battery with mighty max gel. great price great battery

  33. Theodore Arensmeier

    Great price, lightweight, excellent design

  34. thay

    Installed this in my Honda NC700X to replace the OEM battery that was dying.This was a perfect fit, and was almost 1/4th the cost of the OEM battery.

  35. Papa T

    Price is right and the fit was perfect. Started the bike right up. For longevity I will have to get back to this post.

  36. HAZ

    Hard to believe I could get a quality replacement battery for my Honda NC700X at half the price of the OEM battery! I’m very happy with the purchase.

  37. Vu

    It is all right. Just don’t let it drain to 11.9x volts else it will permanently die.

  38. P. Miller

    This battery is a direct replacement for the original. I fits right in. It looks like a nice quality battery and starts the scooter very well. I think it is a excellent product for the price.

  39. Antonio Paulista

    The best part ever


    Fast shipping. Great item and service

  41. joe

    Great battery

  42. Joe Abrahamson

    Works good for its size!

  43. Customer

    Great product and price. Recommend for NC700X.

  44. Joshua lopez

    Great battery

  45. tony

    Oh yes, it’s perfect for my use..Has a lot of juice recharges well I like that it is gel and I can mounted anywhere I want without worrying about acid being spilled are use it in my trunk of my car to run all the stereo accessories plus a flat screen TV and a Nintendo I’ve used it in a couple car shows and still have not had to charge the battery with all the LED lights it runs everything great I don’t have to worry about battery acid being spilled and can mount the battery anywhere I want


    Good battery

  47. Kgbeez

    Fast shipping, A+

  48. R. BROWN

    Very easy to install. I have been told the gel batteries are the best. So far, so good.

  49. Dug,

    Arrived on time, was exactly as described. Love it.

  50. Staphaine A. Staley

    Got this for my Honda shadow 750 aero. Weight and size is good. Fit and bolted right up. Starts and cranks well.

  51. T J Wizard

    Not an exact replacement, but it fits and was half the price wanted by local mc dealer!

  52. Pepe Abarca

    Bought this last July (2017) for my Honda Shadow and forgot to put a trickle charge on battery over the winter. I hadn’t started the bike for at least a month, so before disconnecting battery to put on a charger, I tried starting bike and to my amazement, it started within 20 seconds! I was in awe that after just sitting there for more than a month, it started right up! Excellent product at a great price!

  53. R.B.

    Very strong battery and best price ever

  54. Arthur Morgan

    Great battery at a fraction of OEM cost.

  55. Romil

    Perfect item for my bike!

  56. Hammock Haven

    Hooked up, started first turn!

  57. Scott Fleck

    Great battery for a great price, it spins my 80 cu. In. Harley engine right over, everytime.

  58. bigbillh

    Just what I needed to power a 15 ac/dc tv and still be able to carry it around to various sites.


    Ordered this battery and made a decision of not putting an exact match to the OEM battery that came with my bike. With the OEM battery if the bike did not start on the first 3 tries the battery was weak and needed to be charged. This battery is more than twice the CCA as the OEM battery installed by the manufacture of the bike. The YTZ125 GEL battery starts the bike with authority and does not wimp out like the OEM battery. When you experience these issues step out of the box and make improvements and make an informed decision and not a repeat of the OEM product and problems. I have ordered many batteries from Mighty Max Battery I will tell you patience is needed with lag time and delivery speed. I can tell you without reservation that it is difficult to find a gel battery with 210 CCA for $39.00 delivered to your door. Would recommend and will buy again if necessary.

  60. Customer

    The mighty max batteries work great for me.The price is a great savings for a bell battery!!!Thanks.

  61. Carol L. Jones

    Works as advertised.

  62. Wilbur

    Terminas are non typical and I had to ctrim the battery cable mounts to come close to fitting. Bought for an 02 Honda.


    arrived promptly, correct size, as advertised, works well, would buy again

  64. Brady H.

    Works great and haven’t had any problems. Starts like a charm.

  65. Customer

    Great Motorcycle Battery for the price

  66. charles fisher

    what you see is what you get

  67. Customer

    So far so good


    Work great

  69. Samuel Hong

    There are not a whole lot of parts for a battery. I was first impressed by the quality of the battery. The only gripe that I have (this is not their fault, but mine) is that when trying to attach this to my motorcycle, the terminals on the bike were quite thick and the screws at the terminals would not engage the nuts.I was skeptical at first, so while troubleshooting my bike, I ran the battery to where it would not crank anymore and then trickle charge it. I did this process 2x. Battery exceeded my expectations and it is going strong. I can recommend this battery to anyone that is looking to swap the battery for a gel type.

  70. bryce demise

    Showed up charged and ready to go. Looks nicer than the $100 gel battery I put in my Buell last year. This summer will test it’s durability in my Honda shadow spirit 750. I will update this post.

  71. DJ Dana

    Item arrived charged. Hooked it up to my 05 Honda Shadow Aero and it started right up. Had it for a month. I live in New England, so you know, the weather is manic. At one point, my bike sat without me starting it for 3 days in a row with temps ran from 10-30 degrees; after that 3 day stretch we had a 60 degree day, I went out and the bike fired right up. The battery I had replaced would fail to start the bike after sitting for over 4 hours in ANY temp, so this is a great upgrade. We’ve had some pretty bad weather the past week, and I didn’t want to push it so I unhooked the battery and brought it inside and put it on the tender. But, so far, I’m pleased.

  72. David A Barker

    It is fine so far.

  73. J_in_Houston

    A little disappointed in the delivery time from seller, but the battery works fine so far. I’m using in a 2007 Honda Shadow 750 Aero. I will update later over time to give battery life information. So far, so good.

  74. Razvan

    The battery arrived 2 days earlier than the actual date, which was awsome.It’s working great, so far.

  75. Mark Twain

    Direct replacement for my 750 Shadow. No problems with the battery. Price was 50% of local purchase options.

  76. Customer

    This battery was an exact replacement for the one on my Honda CTX700.It installed easily and works well.

  77. Anthony B.

    Nice Battery!!

  78. M. Fang

    Great product for what you paid. Why pay 2-4 times the price for brand name that function exactly the same.

  79. fortunado

    Replaced stock battery in my CTX700N and it started right up. Has held a charge very well so far. Can’t speak for extended life but been great so far.

  80. Customer


  81. Customer

    Came quickly and advertised, I know in a couple years how long it lasts.

  82. imaquick1

    Great price. Quick shipping. Perfect fit with no issues.

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