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Mighty Max Multimeter Battery Tester is small, compact, lightweight  and designed to measure AC and DC voltages in the most convenient way. With MightyMax digital multimeter voltage tester features
full range of functions and is small and lightweight enough to be used on the
go. Voltmeter is designed to measure wide range of tests for voltage, current,
resistance, transistor hFE, continuity, diodes, DC voltage, DC current, AC
voltage and temperature while the circuit is fused and protected. With a low
battery indicator, you will know that its time to replace the 9 volt battery.
The test leads are 18 inch long with just enough length to set the digital
multimeter in a safe location. Our digital multimeter comes with multiple usage
options such as checking small appliances, wall receptacles, fuses, control
panels, battery voltage and much more.


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