ML9-12 – 12 Volt 9 AH, F2 Terminal, Rechargeable SLA AGM Battery

(675 customer reviews)

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ML9-12 – 12 Volt 9 AH, F2 Terminal, Rechargeable SLA AGM Battery


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Delivering power when you need it, the Mighty Max ML9-12 12 Volt 9 AH uses a state of the art, heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid that provides exceptional performance and service life in both float and cyclic applications.
The ML9-12 is an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology with a valve regulated design, that can be used in enclosed and indoor environments without leaking or maintenance, providing a superior performance for thousands of models.
Mighty Max SLA batteries are utilized in a wide variety of applications including; Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Engine Starters, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Motorcycles, Power sports, Portable Tools, Solar, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security and more.
Voltage: 12 Volt
Amperage: 9 AH
Chemistry: SLA, AGM
Terminal: F2
Battery Dimensions: 
5.94 in x 2.56 in x 4.02 in
Weight: 5.10 Lbs
1 Year
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675 reviews for ML9-12 – 12 Volt 9 AH, F2 Terminal, Rechargeable SLA AGM Battery

  1. Grace (verified owner)

    Adapters should be included with all batteries.

  2. robert lackey (verified owner)

    These are my 2nd set for my battery backup. They last years and years

  3. Ed Mcarthur (verified owner)

    everything fine as expected!!!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    MightyMaxBattery will be the first place I shop next time I need UPS batteries.

  5. Jake Dameron (verified owner)

    Arrived on time and in good packaging, although it was dropped in transit at some point but luckily there’s no leaks at the corner it landed on. Will purchase again in future, Mahalos

  6. Web Customer

    Easy time install fast shipping

  7. jesse

    good battery at a good price

  8. john

    I bought this after taking a APC backup unit apart an replaced it rather than buying a new backup unit. Works great.

  9. Michael

    Great product works great!

  10. Mario Valdez

    Excelente producto, fue para un reemplazo de un UPS, buena elección.

  11. Chris SewardjawjatekRobert MullenhourWin HuangWeb CustomerBrendaRichard RossCarolanthony crikisJonClient d’AmazonAlan M.

    Trais satisfais et répond a me attente

  12. Feral

    It’s a battery. It replaced the stock UPS battery I had. It fit, it plugged in correctly and seems to hold a charge. What else can you ask forOut of a battery that costs half of the name brand. Will it have the same lifespan, I don’t know

  13. Bob B

    Great price- and they worked. Installed in an old UPS which supports my router, NAS, modems, and switches. So far so good after a few months and some brief power outages

  14. Jarrett B.

    Fit’s in the bay and is of equal weight to the factory battery that came with the unit. Much cheaper than buying a whole new UPS!

  15. R. KnowltonTop Contributor: Camping

    Two of these fit quite nicely in my CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD. The CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD has a stacking plate that goes between the two batteries (one battery is upside down on the other). Since the terminals on the new batteries were standard, everything fit together just fine. In fact, these new batteries didn’t fit as tightly into the UPS as the original batteries did, so they were easier to slide in. Battery life? They seem to provide the same run time as the original batts. Time will tell, I suppose.

  16. Paul (verified owner)

    Great product, delivered quickly

  17. Ron Anderson

    Have one already and it works great. Use it on a cellular trail camera to keep an eye on my cabin, purchased another one to swap when charge gets low.

  18. Jeff

    Work great so far,I’ll update this later if need be.replacement for scooter

  19. PATTY B.

    They replaced the 2 batteries we bought due to battery was weak. Great Company

  20. Marko

    Worked in my Ups

  21. Lance Leonard

    Easy to install, keeps a long charge, exactly what I needed to replace my old batteries

  22. Patrick

    It worked fine for 2 years 7 months ! Tonight it gave up . Running it in a LS 500 /BP 500 . It has helped save my Tv etc many many times ! I run 10 battery backups in my home.

  23. Charles M

    I bought this to replace the batteries in my non-functioning Liftmaster gate. I ordered only one battery at first but it needs two to function. Gate works great now. Shop with confidence, these batteries are great!

  24. RP47

    Replaced old batteries in CyberPower 1100VA AVR which would completely shut off when main power glitched. UPS now stays on during main power glitches. Also replaced battery in a CyberPower 1000PFCLCD UPS with similar success. The old batteries were probably 6 -7 years old, hopefully these last as long.

  25. manuel castorena

    Good product

  26. Joseph

    Bought this to replace the battery in my CyberPower Model #SX550G. I can’t yet say anything on the Longevity of the battery. The terminals where laid out properly and the battery did fit in height and length However, it is half an inch wider than the stock battery because it does have a higher capacity than original. So, I just put the screws back into there respective holes fit the cover back on, wrapped duct tape around the unit just to hold the cover on, taped over any gaps so dirt and dust wouldn’t get in. Trimmed around any outlets that got covered and Voila, Back in business. Hope this helps. God Bless.

  27. Tony

    Perfect fit for my need. Cost love it.

  28. Regal World

    Appear to be good batteries. Lifespan is unknown at this time.

  29. Allie

    I used this for my child’s Razor dirt bike 350 (needed 2) and they work very well. The previous battery would die after 10 minutes and these batteries last a while. He usually rides a few times a day for 10 or 15 mins each time and it lasts a few days. I did price out a local battery store and it was much more expensive so this is a good price with speedy delivery.

  30. Web Customer

    The crappy battery that came with my Yamaha Dolphin was a joke. After a 3rd use it wouldnt even take a charge. Replacement battery was nearly $200. The original battery would only last about 15 minutes of off and on use. This battery lasted 30 minutes or so and it still wasn’t drained. Just got tired of trying to kill it.

  31. Alex


  32. jdec112016w

    Has higher Ampere Hours than our original 1, which is absolutely great for our use. Had a few power outs since I put in new battery. Powers our alarm system, without any AC power for hours if needed, and enough power to activate 4 very loud custom built by me sounding sirens/horns, that can be heard from several blocks away, and still keeps our home protected!!

  33. Chief

    Although I was hesitant these batteries are working out great in my UPS! Just as good as the OEM batteries.


    Direct fit for my portable speaker ( monster rockin roller 4 ) easy installation, I will buy again.

  35. Willie

    Purchased this battery over an year ago and it’s still going strong

  36. Tiffany Elias

    As described

  37. B. W. Min

    It works

  38. tristan yearton

    If you let it die it’ll never recharge again. Very upset.

  39. Dustin

    Shipped quickly and came fully charged. Worked as expected.

  40. Bob

    I bought this for an APC back up unit that came with a bag battery new. The battery works excellent. Thank you. Super easy to install, except for stupid scurity torx srews in APC unit. Not sellers fault. Would buy again

  41. Shopgirl

    This battery replacement saved my monster speaker from being replaced! It was easy to install and fully charged. I installed it and was listening to my music immediately! It’s held it’s charge for days and I just recently charged it after 2 days of full use! Definitely recommend!

  42. Web Customer

    It was easy to replace the original battery. Dimensions are the correct one. It died on me before a year of use. They have a 1 year warrantee, but you have to pay for the shipping. It is better to buy a new one for the price of the shipping.

  43. Timothy B. Elliott

    I have a cyber power UPS whose battery has passed its prime. It was beeping and would not work. I bought this battery due to reviews. I swapped the battery, charged it and the UPS works like new. I was close to tossing the whole thing and this was a perfect replacement battery. I’m very happy with the purchase and saved me $100 from buying a new UPS.

  44. Web Customer


  45. rsando

    These were installed in the UPS for my workstation. I cannot comment on the battery life until a few years have passed so I only gave it a 4.

  46. Steve Smith

    Extremely satisfied with the battery. Shipping was quick too.

  47. Bruce Vandenberg

    Good price, perfect match for my battery back up.

  48. Nate

    Ordered 2. Received one that was made in Thailand as described in the product details for country of origin. Received a second one that was made in Malaysia. They are identical in model but the outer casing is slightly different indicating two different manufacturing plants. Just be careful ordering two you may get ones from different plants.

  49. IBuy2MuchIt

    Used these in a homemade power box, worked out very well.

  50. J

    Bought for led flounder lights. I used one of them and it works great. Open the other battery after it sat in my home (68/72 degrees) still in the box for about 6 months and negative terminal was completely corroded to the point of having to use pliers to pull plastic cover from terminal.

  51. JMF

    Perfect replacement for Rock Blocker Max from Costco

  52. Clas2s Clas22344ff73ddxt

    This for the starter on my emergency generator. So only used very little.

  53. Chris L.

    Used two to replace the batteries in my APC UPS-Backup Pro 1300. I had to reuse the battery joiner, but quick process. I couldn’t find a manufactured date on either battery sadly, but runtime seems accurate. Time will tell on longevity…

  54. TSC

    I installed in my Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS). Works great.

  55. Chad Blankenship

    20 dollar new battery saved a over 100 dollars purchase of a new speaker

  56. Zachary Johnson

    I use this for my fish Finder on my kayak and love it works as should and I’ve had over a year now with zero issues!

  57. Joe Normal

    I was able to use this ML9-12 to replace an HR9-12 in an older model UPS. It is up and performing as expected.

  58. tom salamone

    Use it for my fish finder

  59. Lisa D.

    I got this for my kids’ ride-on vehicle. The battery it came with only lasted about a year before it wouldn’t charge anymore (lasted 5 minutes after being fully charged). This works perfect for it! Hopefully it lasts longer than the old battery but so far it’s great.

  60. Handyman

    I bought these batteries to replace the OEM that were old (5 years) for my Network UPS system. So far -since I installed last year- they are performing equal or better than the originals. They came with an even improved capacity of 9Ah over the ones replaced (7Ah) with the same size, so better performance and a lower price than the OEM. Great purchase. Recommended.

  61. Lucas

    These seem like decent batteries. They hold voltage well. I will update this review if they give out after not too long. If this review is over a couple of years old, it heald up that long at least. Only concern I had is that I ordered 2, and one was from 2021 and one from 2022. Completely different packaging design and date printed on the unit. Since Im using them for the same single device, I dont love the idea of mixing them.

  62. DocT65

    Good replacement for my alarm system backup.

  63. Fernando Mendoza

    Battery was the same as the original, installed easily and is working great on my Monster Speaker..

  64. Doug

    If using for a dr mower, get the battery box and use padding.

  65. KEN LEET

    Used it for an home made .. automatic dog feeder

  66. Kevin Henderson

    Worked a lot better than AA batteries! Saves a ton of money and no problems with corrosion from alkaline batteries.

  67. Web Customer

    Came charged and have not had to manually recharge it. My chipper keeps it charged

  68. Gary

    Works in my UPS

  69. Shawn

    I upgrade my kids scooter with this battery from 4.5. To 9 Ah, longer range.

  70. kperkins

    I have some old APC UPS’ that I can’t afford to replace and the batteries only last 3 to 4 years, so I’m happy to be able to get replacement batteries at a decent price. I’ve gotten replacements multiple times from Mighty Max and they have always worked and had a decent lifespan.

  71. Mike

    This battery charged up when I received it to a proper voltage.

  72. Phreek

    recently installed end or May 2022 so far so good no issues. battery came with a charge so I am currently waiting on battery to drain so that I can recharge and see the results.

  73. Frank Alvarado

    Great buy, exact match. Works well with my monster audio rockin roller 3.

  74. Jonathan S. (verified owner)

    Stopped the wifi unit from beeping. All is well!

  75. Carol L.

    It was exactly what was needed.

  76. Jimwillybobboy

    The product arrived as promised and advertised. The battery fit right in and there were no surprises. I do not know how long it will last or if it is true to its energy and power ratings.

  77. Travis

    Bought this battery for my DR Power pro26 brush hog. Height was a little shorter than original battery, put a few wood shims under the brace and works great. Width and thickness the same as original. For the price, can’t go wrong.

  78. Boss Paco

    Just in time. Had an electrical storm with power flashes and never missed a beat. Highly recommend!

  79. ithree

    This Mighty Max M9-12 battery fit perfectly my CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD UPS. The battery came with a 100% charge. Easy installation: just remove 4 screws on the bottom access plate, pull out gently the old battery, using the protruding clear plastic tab. Disconnect the positive and negative wires, then pull out completely the old battery. Remove the clear plastic tab from the old battery and stick it onto the new battery. There is also a small piece of foam on the side. This is optional, but you may want to transfer it to the new battery, as well: the foam provides padding on the side so that the battery fits snuggly inside the UPS. Push gently the new battery back into the UPS unit. Reconnect the wires. Make sure the clear plastic tab is still accessible. Replace the access door and the 4 screws. That’s it! I can’t comment on longevity. The original battery lasted about seven years. I don’t know if I should expect the same longevity with this battery, but I hope it will extend my UPS’s life by quite a few years. Overall, good choice and installation was a breeze.

  80. Web Customer

    Good products, and they stand behind them!

  81. T. Williams

    Fits perfect for Monster Rockin Roller 3….the speaker wouldnt even power up. Worked like a charm. Good as new!

  82. Zachary

    Came fully charged and fit in BMW motorcycle power wheels. Last several hours of on and off driving.

  83. Web Customer

    Not sure on longevity yet, but works good, easy install, had to add a little foam tape to keep it from moving around

  84. Themailstore


  85. darry johnson

    Good price. Battery works great.

  86. Sandy

    Exactly as described. Haven’t used it long enough to know longevity.

  87. Johnpincf

    Used in a car battery jump starter. Have not used it for that but the jump starter has a 12v outlet which has been used a number of times. The battery seems to hold a charge as expected with adequate power. The previous battery lasted 6 years which is acceptable for lead acid chemistry.

  88. Ryan

    Overall this battery is what it says and it seems to hold a charge well. I’m happy with my purchase.

  89. The Edster

    This Battery FITS for MANY UPS’S

  90. Victor H.

    Working replacement for several of my Cyberpower brand UPS’s. Fit all of my 850AVR, 1000 PFCLCD and 1500PFCLCD models. I have replaced six total batteries across four UPS and they all see to work fine and at least initially have expected performance. I’ve tested power loss under load and they all work. These do not include new stickers for ease of sliding in and out during install and later replacement. Not a huge deal but would be nice if they were offered. The trick on install is trying not to stress the heavy gauge wires and aligning them. The stickers would help. Terminals fit very tightly as they should, and you may wish to use a small flat head to push the retention detent and not stress the wires or terminals. Overall construction seems as good as the variety of OEM batteries I found in my units as I replaced them.

  91. John Tome

    UPDATE to 4-stars after AZ shipped a replacement that worked fine. Original: I’ve string trimmed our current property for the last 5 yrs and never had a problem with 7Ah batteries completing the task. My last battery was an 8Ah which also worked fine. This 9Ah battery goes dead with 20% left to trim.

  92. Jim H

    Game feeder

  93. ZO

    Got this to replace the battery in my Monster Rockin Roller 2. It fits perfectly and works great. Great replacement at a cheap price. Now I don’t have to throw it out and can use it for backyard bbqs.

  94. Bob

    Used as replacement for sealed AGM Lead acid battery for an UPS. (Replacing the OEM 12 year-old battery that was down to 50% capacity.) Fit into UPS, and positive/negative contact bars fit leads for UPS. Batteries can have different sized contact bars that can be individual product specific. This fit perfectly. Also, it was fully charged (100% capacity). Batteries can loose charge if stored by manufacturer or in a reseller’s warehouse too long. This was still fully charged, an indication that it had not been stored too long.

  95. robert close

    Ups back working with no surprises

  96. Web Customer

    Batteries came fast and well-packed, easy to install, UPS now actually works as intended.

  97. D.B. Kracker

    Peeled off the label on the old OEM APC branded battery to find specs and part number to cross reference battery for replacement. Perfect fit and easy peasy quick replacement access door in bottom slides right open with push on connectors and the OEM battery has a plastic safety shield that is just stuck on with adhesive and transferred to new battery. Hopefully this battery will last 7 years like the original ????

  98. AlexandraPV

    Batteries arrived sooner than expected. Excellent quality, easy to install.

  99. Melissa

    I’ve had my monster rockin roller 3 for a while but haven’t used it so I guess the battery gave out so I bought this to replace it and it fits and works perfectly!! I don’t know how it’ll be in the long run but for now it saved me from throwing away a couple hundred dollar speaker!

  100. SeaJay

    I live in a city where we tend to get bad thunderstorms off and on, meaning we have moments when our power shuts off. Last year lightning struck near my house and we had a power surge that destroyed our $400+ TV and our $200+ camera system. I found a battery backup that someone was throwing away, bought these batteries and our electronics have been safe ever since. These batteries last a really long period, and it’s because of these batteries along with our backup that we have not had to replace anything expensive. I would highly recommend.

  101. Lamont Parker

    Good for what I’m using for

  102. Molon Labe

    1st pair of batteries never arrived. Contacted the seller, they were lost somewhere in transit. Seller immediately shipped a new pair. Installed them in the UPS, perfect fit and work as well or better than the junk CyberPower provides with the UPS. Couldn’t be happier with the service and batteries

  103. K. Kleinschmidt

    Buying batteries for large UPSs is always an adventure. Back in the day you could count on getting high-end batteries from the UPS manufacturer (at commensurately high prices) — but that’s no longer the case. So, finding decent, affordable batteries is the new challenge. I bought four of these, and each arrived fully charged, next day, at the proper voltage, and with no obviously bad cells. In my Cyberpower PR2200 rack-mount UPS, the batteries provide 55 V DC at infinite amps. When testing the UPS with a 600-W test load, everything works fine. These have become my new affordable standard for 12-V, 8- or 9-Ah batteries. No data about longevity, but so far, so good.

  104. Eric

    Original battery on my ION Pathfinder 2 portable Bluetooth speaker no longer held a charge. Bought this battery as a replacement. Fits perfect and is compatible. Easy to remove old battery and install this replacement. It’s working great! Note: to access battery, need to remove the 14 screws holding on the large back cover. Once that cover is removed, it helps to hold the unit with battery facing down and lightly drop/tap the entire unit against a padded surface to get the battery out. Once out, disconnect the wires and connect to the new battery. My factory original battery was wrapped in thin foam tape to help cushion the battery. I had some thin adhesive foam tape so I taped the new battery the same and it fit in snug. Screw in all screws and good to go! Hope this helps. Added a few pictures for visual of unit.

  105. allen

    Horrible product. Only used off cord once. The battery didnt last 6 months. Original battery lasted years.

  106. Juan Gonzalez

    The mighty max battery interchanged with original battery on tailgater speaker. Easy to install.

  107. Dan777

    It works as intended, great price to. That’s pretty much all you need to know for a battery.

  108. Esplanadeviola

    Bought this for a UPS. Make sure you check the width of the connection prongs on your unit before you order any replacement battery! The two types differ by 1/32, so you want to get the correct width. Anyway, I did, and this battery installed easily and works fine.

  109. Technologic80

    I have this older (2015?) power supply that I use at my cabin for the internet router & security cameras. I replaced the batteries 5 years ago with a different brand, and they just went out. I ordered these to replace them. The last batteries I bought were glued together (because 2 of them are connected in parallel, and then slid into a compartment on the UPS). These were literally the 2 separate batteries, I used Duck tape to tape them together for ease of keeping the wires connected and sliding them into the battery compartment. The connectors seem well built; I had to bend them down a little to fit in the battery compartment and they were quite stiff. I powered on the UPS, and it had about a 75% charge from the box, so thats good. I let the UPS charge them for a while, and now it says I have 89 minutes of backup power with all my loads connected, so all in all, Im happy. If these fail or degrade unncessarily (remember – my last set of batteries lasted FIVE years so these aren’t being abused by any means), I will come back and edit my review. I promise!

  110. Billy

    Installation is easy, took less than 10 mins to remove the old one and install the new one. It is pre-charged, ready to use. I didn’t give rating for the longevity, I have it for about 2weeks, working so far so good.

  111. George Smith

    Battery charged with no issue and works fine

  112. Debbie Kayser

    Was perfect

  113. Soledad Berndt

    Fit perfectly and came fully charged. Bonus Points – the box fit perfectly into the compartment with the battery once I cut it down about an inch, so I was able to use that as a vibration dampener as the compartment is sealed with a foam gasket. This will double as an absorption pad if the battery ever leaks or corrodes.

  114. MKilbourne

    Came fast, easy to install and great quality

  115. Christopher Newhart

    Great battery holds up very well easy to charge works good on features and on power wheels

  116. Connie P

    Fast shipping good price

  117. Matt

    starts my mower in subzero weather

  118. marvin j salzman

    Value for quality product

  119. Isaac

    Overall the battery was just what we needed. Was putting it in a Rockville Speaker and it does work. The only thing that was a little disappointing was the tabs in the speaker were smaller than the ones on the battery. Not sure if I didn’t read closely enough but it was supposed to be a direct fit I think. Battery works good though after I modified the wiring in the speaker with new connectors.

  120. William K.

    My Ion block rocker original battery finally conked out. Got this one, and it’s back up and working again. It was fully charged when I installed it. Very happy

  121. Winston W Marsh III

    Navigate to my compound opening close now the batteries are working

  122. Nora

    It was easy to install and our alarm system is back up and running perfectly!

  123. Zach

    Fit into my UPS with no issues. Passed its self-test feature as-well. Well packaged. No complaints.

  124. Web Customer

    Used a pair of batteries in a UPS APC 1500XS works great time will tell how long the battery will last as we do have occasional outages the previous set from same manufacturer lasted about 5 years so it was due for replacement.

  125. R Thweatt

    Works perfectly for battery back up surge protector.

  126. Colleen Clarke

    Extended the mileage ability

  127. smileyburg

    Inexpensive. I see the lead acid batteries have come way down in price since the intro of lithium for the same purpose. This one works well.

  128. Nick’s Computer Guys

    Perfect replacement for my CyberPower 1500AV UPS. If you’ve never replaced UPS batteries before, read the directions carefully or watch a YouTube video. Also, when your first disconnect and pull the battery package out of the UPS, take photos showing the connections, especially the wiring between the two batteries. Remember, these are wired IN SERIES, which means the wires between batteries go to the opposite polarities, e.g. PLUS (+) to MINUS (-). If you’re careful you can reuse the heavy clear tape that holds the two batteries together, but you will probably have to replace the double-sided tape on the plastic piece that fits between the two batteries. Haven’t had any significant power failures to fully test, but UPS started up fine and after giving it time to charge shows full capacity.

  129. Dijonchef

    This is a battery you can depend on. It comes charged.

  130. Cyp

    Fits Cyberpower AVG825-G. Cyberpower part number RB1290 or RB1280A.

  131. Jon

    Used this to re-power my uninterruptible power supply for my computer. The battery was easy to install and a perfect replacement. Excellent value compared to what local retailers had as well.

  132. John Dinger

    Got this for my Cyber Power UPS supply for the desktop. The original battery lasted for 5 years. This new one is an exact replacement in physical and electrical size.

  133. Gus Cooper

    These MightyMax ML9-12 batteries are a perfect fit if you’re looking to replace the two RB1290X2 batteries used in the CyberPower 1500VA AVR model LX1500GU UPS. Installation is a breeze.

  134. Julie Gerwig

    I liked this because it fit and worked like it should.

  135. VPINC

    did not fit mighty mule unit connectors. had to improvise to make it fit. works ok so far.

  136. Sarah M.

    Seems like a good quality battery, time will tell

  137. G. H.

    I do not know how long the battery will last. It has been working just fine hooked up to a solar panel for recharging. Using it in a game feeder. Thus far – a short period of time – it works.

  138. Brent H

    Used this to replace a bad battery in a APC backup. Fit and works well. No more beeping

  139. Web Customer

    Appears to be well made and fit my Monster Speaker Model: MNRRC perfectly. Have to wait and see how it holds up over time.

  140. Idelquis

    Is working fine

  141. Boregonian 21

    Our Ion Block Rocker Max battery died. It still worked fine when plugged into a house receptacle…but it ain’t really a block rocker unless you can roll it outside to the street, a park, the beach, or other suitable venue. This new battery was a perfect fit replacement for the dead battery. Moreover, since fully charging the new battery in the unit, we have been using our Block Rocker for many hours on battery power alone (with the built-in party lights flashing to the beat the entire time); yet the battery status meter still shows the battery at almost a full charge! Excellent. The Block Rocks Again!

  142. TheRevenant

    The item was just as described and arrived pretty quickly. The only thing I would change is that the size of the terminals is posted but I didn’t know there were different sizes so it probably wouldn’t have mattered for me but maybe will for someone else. I may have even overlooked that spec. I was unable to use this battery and my return window passed so I figure I can make it work in the future in a pinch by doing some creative wiring.

  143. Mike B.

    They were packed very well. I was a little concerned about shipping damage, but they arrived without any issues. The condition looks good and the price was much better than local stores. They were easy to install in an APC UPS

  144. Web Customer

    Good replacement Good value

  145. Thomas P.

    Battery is exact size and came fast

  146. Michele

    Great longevity, easy to install and good value for money!

  147. Matthew Miller

    Good product and works as it should

  148. RDCFlorida

    My CyberPower LX1100g UPS would not stay on with loss of AC; but original batteries showed fully charged. I was concerned that the unit was no good and hesitated buying new batteries. But considering the original batteries Leoch djw12-7 were over 6 years old; they must be bad. The ML9-12 – 12 V 9 Ah is the same physical size as original with 9AH two amp hour more than original.

  149. Ed Nelson

    Looks to be working

  150. R. E. Weaver

    Internet modem.

  151. JPWOODS

    EDIT: Received warranty replacement 2-weeks after submitting request. I never received confirmation of the warranty request being received nor granted so I had to purchase another battery. Lo and behold, the warranty replacement came. Poor communication on their part but they honored the warranty so I’m pretty pleased. A bit of a hassle returning the new purchase which could’ve been avoided with communication. Purchased July 19, 2021. As of Feb 24, the battery is virtually dead despite very light use (discharged 5-6 times and kept on smart charger in climate controlled environment). Less than 6-months when previous brand last 30-months under same condition. Maybe I got a dud since it claims it has a 1-year warranty. Unfortunately, my call to their customer service yielded a email all details and proof of purchase to this address. I did all that and followed up several times and never received a reply. Be smarter than me and pass.

  152. amanda mccarthy

    Cheap should last well if taken care of for this price wouldn’t mind having to replace every season or two

  153. jamal oguinn

    Fast service and great product ????????

  154. Randy Blankenship

    I got back into ice fishing this year and needed a battery for my Vexilar. This is the one you want! This is a work horse that takes a charge and never gives up. The price is great but the reliable power is amazing!

  155. Alice G.

    Can’t answer longgivity of this battery but the last ones I got from battery mart that I replaced with these were in use since 2014.

  156. JeffO

    MightMax makes a decent battery and this one serves me well. I wish, however, that I was up to speed on small batteries like this and knew about LiFePO4 batteries. I would have spent the extra $ and bought the MightyMax LiFePO4 version of this battery. Either way, MightyMax is a good manufacturer to buy from.

  157. techbuyer

    My TrippLite Smart1000LCD stopped working after few years. After researching for what the issue is, I decided to replace the original battery with this one. The new battery fits perfectly. I power up and got it working again. However, my LCD screen on Tripplite is very dimmed even knob to control the brightness is at highest. It’s harder to see the voltage condition & batter status. Not sure if this is caused by the new battery or something else. Test successfully passed. I am happy. Will give this battery replacement the benefit of doubt. Time will tell how long it will last. 5 stars for now.

  158. Jeremiah

    One of the batteries was faulty when received but without hesitation they sent a replacement! All working great now!

  159. Jeff B.

    Just as described and perfect fit in my UPS. Thanks.

  160. Will

    Had a runtime issue with the first batteries I received. Contacted customer service and they promptly shipped replacements at no cost. Replacement batteries provide the full advertised capacity. Company stands behind their products! Will use them again

  161. Jason S

    I put this in a Cyber Power as a replacement. I will dig up this review in a few years when it starts to get weak or fails and let you know about the longevity. I have two 1000 Cyber powers for PC, wifi and a monitor on the backups. We lose power about 5 to 10 times a year because there a lot of trees in the neighborhood. My UPS does get regular work so I will keep up with the review.

  162. Lucky13

    The terminal was wrong ( I need a screw on and these are spade. I had to jury rig it. That was my only complaint. Was $10 cheaper than the exact replacement.

  163. Richard A.

    Used it on my vexilar. Works great!

  164. J J Long

    I just installed this, so I don’t have much to go on yet. But it fit very nicely into my APC UPS and I’m hopeful it will give me some good future service so I can’t rate it on longevity.

  165. Blair Brainard

    The battery only got 4 for easy to install because I had to get on my hands an knees and crawl under my desk to get the battery case to install it in the APC power backup for my computer. I should say the battery weighs about 10+ pounds. Now for longevity, the only thing I can say is that the previous battery lasted about 12-14 years. Hope this one does the same it has only been about 3 months so far.

  166. W. Lamb

    I got this just to use as a bench power supply for 12V projects. It came with a good charge and is working well for this purpose.

  167. Robert Snyder

    came fully charged just had to install it in my monster speaker it should fit all Bluetooth speakers or anything that uses 12 volt battery

  168. Chris SewardjawjatekRoger O. ThornhilldarrylAaronJean-Paul CoteN.DavidLeigh McBainC. LeblancReg StranksMe

    It was half the price of local stores and works great bought for fish camera very happy with it charge lasted longer than friend with brand new camera and mine is 5 years old

  169. AmazonShopper

    These worked in a 2 YO CyberPower 1350 VA UPS. OEM is 7 ah, these are 9 ah…I guess in theory…bigger is better…in any case, they work and my UPS is back on-line.

  170. Renee

    Easy replacement for cyberpower unit

  171. Mark Bean

    I bought this for an APC Back-Ups BN600G which was way past due for a battery replacement. After doing some research I leaned I could use this 9AH over the original 7AH and get even more backup time. My only regret is not getting these batteries sooner.

  172. Web Customer

    The battery matched the description and worked great on my Monster 3 speaker. It holds a charge and works properly

  173. LoganB

    These batteries worked for led strips for camping, will power led strips for days of camping. Also used in a speaker box for a replacement battery and it powers the speaker box better then before. recommended battery for any purpose

  174. S. Thornburg

    It was almost fully charge upon arrival (above 90%). It fit perfectly into the UPS, and was easy to install. I like that it is 9Ah, a step up from the original 7Ah that was in the UPS… that’s approximately 28.5% more energy capacity, thus will provide longer run time during a power outage for what I plug into it.

  175. tim amos

    Well it charges and works, not much else to report.

  176. Robert Rose

    works great

  177. Robert D. Hensley

    Replaced (2) batteries on Cyberpower 1350 AVR. Watched YouTube video from Before you put the batteries in the case, turn on the power to make sure panel comes on and is not blinking. Turn off and install batteries into case

  178. Honest Reviewer

    I use the batteries in my ups. They seem to hold a decent charge when new. When I unplug my ups from power, the ups will keep my monitor and computer running for 30 minutes. That’s is what the LCD panel says anyway. I never have tested it to see if I would get the full 30 minutes. Draining SLA batteries all the way is very bad for them. The bad thing is that after about a year or so they no longer hold a decent charge. I lost power the other day and they would only power the computer for about 1 minute. This happened last time I bought the batteries. However the batteries were not as pricey as some of the other places online.

  179. Chris

    This 9AH battery has the same physical size ther 7AH. This works well in UPSs and other platforms

  180. Don Carpenter

    Grandsons electric jeep never would last and had little power until I replaced it with this battery

  181. Chris SewardjawjatekRoger O. ThornhilldarrylAaronJean-Paul CoteN.DavidLeigh McBainC. LeblancReg StranksMe

    not too sure if this was meant to be outside in the cold but works so far for a full 12 hour day of fishing haven’t killed it yet

  182. Kevin

    This was purchased for as a replacement battery for my APC Pro 700 battery back-up. Fit perfectly just as the old one did.

  183. Liz


  184. RATE IT 4 U

    This is a good battery for the price. Works as expected in my UPS. Remember, you get what you pay for. If you go too cheap on a battery replacement, you will just pay for it later. This battery is a good one.

  185. Woodness

    Charged it on arrival, and it has worked since. Time will tell on reliability, durability, and long life. My old Rayovac lasted years.

  186. Carey J. Boyer

    Great Replacement Battery !!!! Fit perfectly, working great !!!!! would recommend !!!!

  187. F. Hawkins

    Works like a charm. Easy to install.

  188. Joe

    Small compact cell

  189. K Tian

    Battery life is pretty good

  190. Noreen

    I needed to replace the battery in the UPS for my computer. This was a good physical fit with greater Amp-Hrs. so it was perfect and works perfectly.

  191. TX Homeschooler

    Batteries are the right size for my UPS and have sturdy connections. The four-pack was a good value for my four dead UPS.

  192. Curtis

    Works well..

  193. William Fulcher

    Replaced the battery in my cub cadet zero turn mower with this one. Had plenty of cranking amps to fire my mower right up. I can’t speak to longevity because I only used it for the end of one season. But I imagine it’ll last about like any 12 V battery replacement.

  194. Web Customer

    The batteries fit my old UPS perfectly and work great

  195. dale rogers

    worked great

  196. Jack

    Arrived well packaged and with the correct F2 terminals. The battery is 9 Ah instead of the usual 7 Ah, which equates to extra battery capacity. I can’t comment on battery life since I have not used this brand before, but hopefully it will last several years.

  197. John

    They work very well

  198. Trevor Brown

    I’m giving this product a 3 star because time will tell. I installed them in my daughter’s razor pocket mod and it works flawless again so this is a plus. Time will tell how they hold up.

  199. Chris SewardjawjatekRoger O. ThornhilldarrylAaronJean-Paul CoteN.DavidLeigh McBainC. LeblancReg StranksMe

    Replaced the battery in an APC UPS as this is the same capacity and physical size as the original.


    Works for what I needed it for! Will buy again.

  201. aponumberone

    I’m happy with this battery I replaced the battery in my Monster Rocking Roller 3 speaker when it would no longer hold a charge after 3 years for the value I will be happy if I can get another 3 years out of this battery. It came quickly in the mail with no Damage. I’d recommend if you need this size

  202. Charles B

    Worked just fine for less money than the “named Brand” battery!!

  203. Sterling S.

    So far so good they replaced my scooter batteries the fit was fine easy to install.

  204. G J M

    Works perfect for a camping battery box that I built for recharging phones and cameras.

  205. Troy

    Fit in my UPS and seems to work. Haven’t had an outage so can’t comment on power or longevity.

  206. Todd S

    I put all 12 in two APC Backups Pro 1500 UPS, both with the add on battery pack. Despite there being no SKU to replace the batteries in the add on battery, it is trivial to swap them.

  207. Mathias Speed

    Very good so far. Don’t know how long it will last under normal use

  208. Victor Martinez

    The price was reasonable great product

  209. JKocher

    This battery is a drop in replacement for the battery that eventually died of old age in my APC Back-UPS 600.

  210. Anthony M.

    Using the battree’s in a nifty battree mount that I made for my mini bike. They seem to hold up great to the abuse.

  211. Cata Arecibo

    I was about to throw away my Triplite UPS which cost me $129 back in the day. I then thought there might be a way to replace the battery and I found it. This product was easy to install, matched perfectly to my UPS and does its job well. I’m a happy customer.

  212. manwithplan05

    I’m using this battery to power a game camera, along with a solar panel, and a charge controller. I put the battery and the charge controller inside a waterproof, plastic electrical box. It’s working perfectly!

  213. Rodger

    Worked on my cyberpower ups.

  214. The Reeds

    Use this in my pickleball machine. They don’t last long. But luckily they aren’t too much. Never had to replace the battery in my tennis ball machine. I don’t know why these don’t last longer.

  215. M-J

    I can’t rate the longevity yet but they were a perfect fit, worked as expected and the seller was great with communicating with me. I have every reason the believe these will last as expected.

  216. Joe Houston

    The battery seem ok from brand new but I just don’t know how long it last initial the v is about 12.86 when first start or test time will tell that why four stars now but the price is definitely more friendly than the other brand

  217. Lew

    I bought this for my 170 cc go kart. I keep it charged with a trickle charger and it has performed great the last few months.

  218. Barkinmarmot

    This fit perfectly in my old UPS backup from Circuit City and has been working with problems since install. Very satisfied with this battery.

  219. Rafael Z.

    Reliable product.

  220. jimmy

    1 month In and no issues the batteries hold a charge and we haven’t had any problems. Delivery took awhile but they work nonetheless.

  221. Dwayne Adams

    Replacement batt for my RocknRoller4 portable speaker, it worked perfectly. i would recommend this product

  222. Autobahn97

    Purchased to replace a spent battery in APC brand Back UPS 600 and it fit OK and seems to work well so far. I have purchased a few batteries from Mighty Max for small APC UPSs and they seem to work OK and cost less than the APC brand.

  223. Carol Wright

    It did the job.

  224. Web Customer

    Good battery

  225. Allows real reviews

    Used for our kids razor quad

  226. Greg Dana

    Used battery for a homemade scooter worked great

  227. Number1

    Good Battery Replacement for my UPS. It’s held up during short power outages.

  228. VRGuidry

    All of the sudden. Kids electric jeep (12v), 4wheeler (24v), and Portable radio (12v) all went dead in a matter of a week. I replaced the batteries in all with this brand. Seemed to be a good price and has not let me down yet.

  229. Mark A Niemann

    replaced old battery

  230. Marshall

    Came in good packaging, perfect fit for my Cyberpower 1500va ups. It took me about 5 minutes to swap them out. So, far I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  231. Lac

    These are hit or miss for me. Purchased several over a few months and some are still going, some died and some are barely limping. Looking for a different brand.

  232. Cody Gatlin

    Horrible life span. Had great performance for the first 3 months. Soon after that the batteries died in half time and now down to no time.

  233. J Lopez

    Easy to install right fit no issues

  234. Jason

    I cannot speak for the longevity of these batteries since I just got them but they are good replacement UPS batteries. I have used other MightyMax batteries in the past for other backup applications and have had good luck with them. They seem to provide good run times. They were packaged well and shipped quickly.

  235. Joe

    Second time I ordered this battery and second time it failed in less than a year without any support from manufacturer. No more.

  236. Arnold

    Needed to replace the battery in the generator so I could sell it completely up and running. We had never used the generator and was glad to sell it off to someone who needed it. Battery is working great and the old one ended up still working just fine. I am happy with the experience with this battery.

  237. Dave Pearce

    Not exactly what I was looking for which I appreciate. These batteries usually last about a year so we’ll see.

  238. Web Customer

    Just received it. Install easily. Worked when I installed it.

  239. Gerald L.

    Used this battery to replace a rechargeable battery in a Samson XP 106. This was a little larger since the capacity was larger. This would be as big as you could get as a replacement. Any bigger and it would no be usable. But works fine. I did have to get some step-down adapters (F2 to F1) for the terminals too…just FYI

  240. Dean

    I purchase this two pack for a tripplite UPS and they usually last me about 4 years before I need to change them back out.

  241. Chris SewardjawjatekRoger O. ThornhilldarrylAaronJean-Paul CoteN.DavidLeigh McBainC. LeblancReg StranksMe

    Battery seems to work well and was a proper fit, so good product.

  242. Annabel Cantrell

    Easy to install and I am not good with electronics. Ran for hours, we took it on a walk on the bike path (we walked, my son cruised LOL) and we had no issues using it there for over a mile (45 mins) and then that evening for a couple hours at a friends. Definitely recommend.

  243. Jay D.

    I replaced a 7Ah battery with this 9Ah battery. They were the same size. I am very satisfied with both the battery and the price 🙂

  244. MTS Support

    I have never been disappointed with these batteries.

  245. I’d Rather Be Fishing

    Quick ship, perfect fit, fully charged. Time will tell…..

  246. ATRAIN

    Fit my Monster Rockin Roller 4 Bluetooth Speaker perfectly and was very easy to install. i added a little self-adhesive foam to the outside of the battery to get reduce vibrations with a very secure fit. The battery was half the price of those at my local battery store. I can’t speak to the longevity yet, but if it lasts 2 years, I’ll be very happy.

  247. Carol and David Melvin

    Replaced the battery in my ups, but the ups itself was faulty

  248. Steve

    Fits in the ecox gear Bluetooth speaker from Costco. Lasts forever on a charge now

  249. Paul

    I replaced a battery from one of my Cyberpower UPS, works great and the software can now see the battery is 100%

  250. J. Myers

    This battery ‘s body (not clips) is 2mm taller and about 1mm wider than the Leoch brand version used in factory CyberPower 1500 UPS Power Supplies. The inside plastic of the 1500 has an extremely tight tolerance. So the MightyMax fits in the upper compartment, but wedges when crammed into the lower compartment, due to its excessive size. It’s a total bear to get out, you have to take the upper battery out first, then manually stretch the plastic body while holding it upside down, and having someone else winkle the battery out. Also you maybe can’t use the clear white plastic protector on the positive + red terminal, as that scrapes the ceiling and wedges it further. And you have to shave down the inside plastic on the 1500 if you ever want to get the battery out again in 3-5 years. I wish Mighty Max would build a 9AH battery that was 2mm shorter. The easiest way to do this is to take out the three tabs on the upper left of the lower compartment, which are serving to hold the black power wire in place. Move the black wire to the right, and tape it. A jigsaw with a 6 blade would probably work best, but a carpenter’s reciprocating saw works wonders on the first two tabs. The third inside one can be snapped off with a 12-nominal 16 flat-blade screwdriver, then reworked with an X-acto knive. Remember that the battery normally sticks out about a half inch even when it’s hitting the back, as the cover has loft in the front. With two hours of labor, you too can save maybe $5!

  251. Harry J.

    Good value

  252. Chris SewardjawjatekRoger O. ThornhilldarrylAaronJean-Paul CoteN.DavidLeigh McBainC. LeblancReg StranksMe

    I had a UPS with a screen that started flashing. Did some research and most people agreed it was a battery issue. The official replacement was 1/2 the cost of just replaceing the old unit. Which is crazy. Lucky enough. This fit and it’s been working solid. I’ll purchase more as my other UPS needs to be replaced.

  253. Chris SewardjawjatekRoger O. ThornhilldarrylAaronJean-Paul CoteN.DavidLeigh McBainC. LeblancReg StranksMe

    Had to resize the terminals

  254. M. Swanby

    I bought this battery to replace a battery in my deer feeder. This battery fit perfectly and has been working without any problems. I would buy this battery again when I need a battery for my deer feeder.

  255. Thomas Pike

    I used this battery to replace the one in my Verizon FIOS box. No more beeping alarms and much cheaper than buying one from Verizon.

  256. Jack Spade

    I’ve installed this in my Cyberpower UPS and so far it seems to be doing well. No issues and I’ve run the self test on the unit a few times and it always passes. Model BRG850AVRLCD.

  257. Linda L.

    had to drill the holes out and straighten the poles for it to fit. It does work just fine.

  258. Chris SewardjawjatekRoger O. ThornhilldarrylAaronJean-Paul CoteN.DavidLeigh McBainC. LeblancReg StranksMe

    After two weeks, it still works fine.

  259. I.P.

    Used the batteries to replace old ones in a APC 700 UPS system. The two batteries fit well.

  260. Colin McConnell

    Replaced old batteries exactly. Work fine, took a charge, UPS tested them and found them working 100%.

  261. Janice

    Powers my Humminbird Helix 5 all day. Fits my Yak Attak cell block perfectly.

  262. fredericksen

    Best price and works better than ones that cost triple the price.

  263. Albatross

    Instead of purchasing a new UPS, I just replaced the battery. Easy to install and tested good (after charge). Will see how it performs over time (only installed for 2 months). Update to follow.

  264. El Guapo

    Replaced battery on my Ion Party Blocker. So far so good!

  265. Richard Finger

    Very much like this product! Highly recommend!!

  266. e west

    i have an older APC es 550. the battery in it went bad. this is working fine as a replacement.

  267. Larry

    I use this battery in a battery back up unit for my computer. Space in the battery compartment is very limited, but this battery fit just perfectly. It’s been working fine, no issues at all. I haven’t had it long enough to rate the Longevity yet.

  268. Dave V.

    Just installed 3 weeks ago so do not know how long it will last. Very pleased with this purchase.

  269. allen

    Great battery and long-lasting

  270. brooke wallace

    Work well. Stay charged for a while depending on the size/weight of the ride on its powering

  271. B. L.

    Straight to our door, plugged it in, and kiddo used the powerwheels Dora Jeep for about 30-40 minutes. Did not run the battery all the way down, currently charging. So far works great. If any issues, i’ll come back and change my rating but for now, the kiddo is super happy to have her jeep running again.

  272. chansen4

    Worked great

  273. Joseph M.nubkcugggnbbnj

    Works good

  274. forest2050

    I got this battery’s for my scooter and works very good so far. Drained and recharge about six times already and still working good.

  275. Ferris M

    Worked as predicted

  276. Alex Zamora

    My rock roller 2 from monster would not hold a charge anymore at all and this was the basically the direct replacement for the battery it originally came with. Just a few minutes removing screws and was easy.

  277. Brandie C Howard

    My speaker is like new now! Such an easy fix!

  278. Erik

    Popped right in and was ready to go. Back to normal operations and battery test passed

  279. TSG

    I thought this was gonna be an exact fit for my CyberPower UPS, but I didn’t measure beforehand… then found out these are a couple mm too long to fit properly. The problem was easily solved by sanding down some interior plastic. While tight, these now fit fine. They provide the expected run time for my equipment, and allowed me to get a few more years from this UPS. Mission accomplished.

  280. Thomas G.

    only had the batteries installed for a few days so far. but they seem to be providing better power reserves than the original batteries so far.

  281. raggedynan

    Exactly what was needed for my Monster Rockin’ Roller speaker. Provides over 100 hours on a full charge!

  282. Paul

    Works great just like original

  283. Guitarsjoe

    This battery fit my backup system perfectly. APC 500. Will check back in a few years to update the longevity

  284. Brad

    I had issues with one of the batteries out of the two I purchased from this company. Because of the type of battery it couldn’t be returned. I worked with their customer support and they corrected the issue by refunding my money for the one bad battery. It surprised me how responsive they were to my needs. I would buy from this company in the future because of there good customer support.

  285. john l pellet

    As described. Replaced batter in APC BE750G & just worked.

  286. DJ Sandberg

    I bought this battery to run a linear actuator in a greenhouse. It’s been running for 5 months and I still haven’t had to recharge it yet. It’s a great battery and really holds it’s charge.

  287. Bob

    I live in South Florida where out power is generally consistent. However during the summer months we get a lot of rain and thunderstorms. With those rains, come all too frequent momentary power outages that last just a second or two – just enough to reset your computer. In addition to having several UPS’s to protects my computers, I also use one to back up power to my cable modem and router. This way, if we have a momentary power glitch, my PCs as well as my modem and router stay alive, and I avoid the several minutes it would take for the cable modem to fully restart. I have used Mighty Max batteries to replace worn out batteries in my UPS’s for quite a long time. They are easy to install, work great and seem to function as well as the original batteries. Plus the price is definitely right….I highly recommend them!

  288. Bob

    Fits perfectly. Working great so far. No problems

  289. idkist

    Perfect replacement for our electric car. Plus it’s the same form factor with 2 extra Ah over the stock battery so it lasts slightly longer which only adds to the enjoyment

  290. Ernest Ramirez

    So far so good!! It fit perfectly for my Rockin Roller 4. The battery came drained, and at 1st I was bummed thinking the battery wasn’t going to work. After fully charging the battery 1.5 hours later (which isn’t bad btw), now my speaker is once again portable! So far I have used the speaker for 3 hours, and it still shows a full battery. Nice!!!

  291. Salvador Arana

    Comparable with the required voltage. GREAT deal.

  292. WKU1990

    Works perfectly in my old APC 500 UPS. I use the UPS for my TV, cable box, and Fire stick.

  293. jesse

    Great battery replacement for my monster rolling rocker 3 . Last better than the one that came with the unit. Last days without a beat . Great item thanks .

  294. Marvin

    This fits the bit smaller amp hr. battery box perfectly. However the male electrical connections are a bit wider than on the stealth cam battery and needed to be trimmed to fit.

  295. Techmeister

    This is a standard size battery that fits most UPS from CyberPower and APC. The cost savings is substantial. On some CyberPower UPS’ you need to save the tape and wires from the UPS when you swap the batteries out. Other UPS simply remove the old batteries and put the new ones in. I have used these batteries on many different UPS’s and they seem to have the longest lifespan (typically 3+ years) and they also have more power (9AH vs. 7 or 8AH) than the originals in the same space/form factor.

  296. My10sense

    Can’t even remember when I got this grass trimmer–it was a bonus when I bought a mower. Anyway, it was sometime between NiCads and Li Ion batteries for these tools. Works fine now, although Li-Ion batteries would yield better performance for the weight.

  297. Ricky Leyva

    Good product.

  298. david littrell

    Batteries were fine but not what I needed and can’t return them?

  299. MovieBluff

    Perfect replacement for the CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS I bought in 2016. Fitment, terminals, etc. was totally fine for a better price than the Cyberpower batteries. Also bought two more of these recently to replace the batteries in my Liftmaster gate opener. They were a little bigger than the original 8Ah batteries, but fit inside the housing and the gate is working as good as new. The larger battery should give more opens/closes in the event of a power outage.

  300. Capt Lou

    Recently installed, but so far is working fine

  301. Jorge guerrero

    Muy fácil de instalar y muy buen tiempo de uso con una sola carga

  302. bigjim

    Great set of batteries to replace the OEM APCRBC161 battery pack that dumped at 6 months. Simply pull off the cover and jumper from the overpriced OEM stuff and place them in the same orientation on the new ones.

  303. Franky D.

    It’s going on 2 months and the battery seems to be doing it’s job. No problems charging or holding it’s charge. So far, I’d call it a good purchase

  304. daniel silva

    good fit and strong battery

  305. Amz Customer

    I checked the specs because I wanted for a ion block rocker. It was pretty easy to change. So far is charging and working great. It was cheaper than from the ion website.

  306. Gigmaster

    Works perfectly and fits just right on my Rockville RAM speaker. Lasts about 4 hours at full 800 watts of power.

  307. Jesus

    I thought I had to get me a new portable Bluetooth speaker from Sam’s club/monster rocking roller. It was not charging and pulsating. Glad I didn’t. This battery fixed my problem. Back to jamming out. Saved me money.

  308. Marta Ware

    Received what I ordered. Seller provided a better price than expected.

  309. Fran??ois

    Worked perfectly, and have a good capacity of charge.

  310. Jay L

    I have a Cyberpower ups that stopped working. It was clear that the issue was the battery. I chose this one as a a replacement, and it works perfectly. It replaced the OEM one at a significantly reduced cost. Highly recommended!

  311. Franois

    Worked perfectly, and have a good capacity of charge.

  312. Francisco Javier Fajardo

    Le quedo bien a mi alta vos .Moster

  313. Thomas Schronce

    Great little battery. I can run my Garmin for several days before charging the battery again. I would buy it again!

  314. Nursetz

    Fit and worked extremely well in a Monster RocknRoller 4

  315. Apoll??s Mommi

  316. Truth and nothing but …

    Is the 1st one died on the right along Jeep in less than 6 months probably because it was left drained for several months. This one works better than the original and last longer is ash longer.

  317. russruss

    Ion Rocker wouldn’t hold a charge. Looked online and found out that replacing the battery is an easy fix. Purchased this battery and installed. Ion Rocker working like normal.

  318. Apolls Mommi

    Bought this for my husband because his old one wasn’t holding a charge. He uses this battery for his fish finder. He said it was worth my money because he didn’t lose any charge after four hours on the water…

  319. M Rider

    Love these batteries! Use them for lighting and electronics out ice fishing and have never failed me

  320. Gary

    I use these all the time for my razor kids rides. always work and last

  321. Web Customer

    Easy to install

  322. Acme

    I have ordered these batteries several times over the years for my UPS units and have not had any issues. I use a multimeter and resister to test them and they all test good. Packaging is great. Each one is individually boxed with terminal protection so there are no issues in shipping no matter how poorly the package is handled.

  323. David Bean

    I have barely used this battery. And had it connected to a 12 Vdc switch panel which allowed me to turn off all loads to the battery. And it was working great then the battery discharged and was leaking something from the top around the edges that appears to be acid. I charged it back up with an automatic 12 Vdc battery charger/ maintainer and battery still functions but is still leaching acid out the edges on top. I like the battery except for the fact that apparently it is not staying sealed.

  324. teresa

    Worked perfectly. Fast delivery. Very satisfied

  325. Julie M.

    Perfect replacement. Works and easy to install

  326. Clinton Allen

    Great product

  327. samuel d wargny

    It is a it claims to be .

  328. Kalashnikov

    It is working as intended to run my lowrance 5 reveal fish finder on my kayak

  329. MrFastFox666

    I bought this battery to use as a dash cam battery in my car. I tested it first by fully charging it (it was pretty well charged when I got it, at like 13v), then discharging it to about 11.5v at 0.6A. The charger reported a capacity of 7.9 Ah, so it seems like you could get the advertised 9Ah at 0.6A if you discharged to 10.5v. There’s a datasheet on their website with more info. As for longevity, who knows. Mine will be in a hot car and will be cycled constantly, so it may not last very long. In a more traditional setup, it may last for a good number of years, but I have no way of knowing this. I’ll post updates if something happens. So far I’m super happy.

  330. Bran Solo

    Bought for my security system. So far so good.

  331. Luther S.

    Yes , I like it, because it has more Amh than my old one , although it is still good so I have a backup, It works well in my Solar Fence Charger, the Terminals was wider than my connectors so I filed the prongs down so my wires would fit, I did that so I could Interchange with my old battery. Now I have two batteries that work!!!

  332. Joe Schaible

    I repaired my UPS with this battery

  333. Brian Arnold

    Kind of frustrating to have to purchase a 4 pack but a spare i guess does not hurt. The only flaw was getting one that was leaking out of the box. I reported it and a replacement was sent. Good job. It replaced a three cell 1500 cyberpower unit. Supporting and functioning as designed without error.

  334. [email protected]

    Overall great. Will try to update when applicable.. great lil battery, 9ah oh yea.. cheap af and completely charged no issues. On a 30a solar charge setup and its been doing great! Think im on week 3 in AZ(outside in 90ish air temp and enclosed obviously).

  335. Omar C.

    Es muy buena dura mucho tiempo la carga altamente recomendada

  336. Rodney

    Installed a 3 days later the power to the house went out. This battery kept my ONT fiber Internet going without interruption.

  337. Web Customer

    Bought to upgrade granddaughters Battery operated vehicle

  338. James S. Glinsky

    Did the job. Used in a large portable PA

  339. DYLAN W

    Cheap battery works but doesn’t seem to last very long. Bought new batteries and new charger. Don’t know which is the culprit. But cheaper than the in town option

  340. Boatman181

    Great Battery at Fantastic price point

  341. Nayra

    Bought this to replace the batter on my ION Block rocker Max. It was easy to swap and shows full battery life in my block rocker. It was only allowing me to play music on it while it was plugged in.

  342. Barry A. Taylor

    Batteries fit perfect in my UPS system! Will order again!

  343. Nurys Then

    Great battery and all parts are solid ????

  344. Joe G

    Well made, would buy again

  345. Noel Romero

    Works smooth and has a great capacity. Best than many out there. Highly recommended

  346. elf

    this the worst batter conection ever hjad to change the scooter conect to get it to fit

  347. Elsa Rodriguez

    La batería perfecta para mi parlante.

  348. Newcar67

    I count on my CyberPower battery backup to protect my desktop computer during storms and sudden power outages. After 5 or 6 years, the original battery recently failed, so I looked for a quality battery at a reasonable price and found the Mighty Max Battery with plenty of good reviews. I bought it, and it fit perfectly. I can’t comment on longevity because it’s only been a couple months since I installed it and I’m looking for 5+ years for a typical life for these batteries. It seems good, it fits and it supports my computer so I can manually shut it down for maximum protection in a power failure. I recommend this battery.

  349. Sherwyn Stephen

    My 3-year old has a ride-on fire truck and after a while, the original 12V 7AH battery wouldn’t even last 15 minutes, even after a full nights’ charge. I installed this battery and I could tell an IMMEDIATE difference. An hour of riding in the neighborhood, up and down hills, and the battery was still going strong. Would definitely recommend, especially since it has the same dimensions as the original battery, but has 2Ah more.

  350. Mark Ambrose

    Too new to say much

  351. Doreen

    Right size for a r/c flight box

  352. John J. Swain

    It works in the device for which I bought it. No complaints so far. Can’t comment on longevity.

  353. Cheryl Arnold

    Charging 4 wheelers tractors

  354. Orlando melo


  355. Phillip Paskvan

    Works as it should.

  356. Donald

    Perfect size for a kayak fish finder. I used a small Apache case from harbor freight and some banana clips. Worked great.

  357. ET

    Worked great for ACORN Stairlift

  358. PC

    Battery arrived fully charged and tested to be fully functional. Time will tell, but I’ve purchased others getting this vendor before with no problems.

  359. Lou

    Perfect fit to replace my monster rocking roller 4 battery.

  360. Web Customer

    Perfect replacement battery for my Monster Rock n Roller II Speaker

  361. Thang Manh Nguyen

    It’s a perfect replacement for my Razor E300 batteries. Same case size, voltage, higher amperage compared to the dead OEM batteries. Thanks to Kimberly who is a great representative. She’s very professional in dealing with the customer. I’m buying again in the future. Highly recommended.

  362. Sam

    Battery is doing well for what I need it to do.

  363. Gwen

    Great buy works great for my vexilar

  364. Kenneth Pickens

    Worked right out of the box. Was much cheaper to purchase this replacement battery for my daughter’s Jeep and just connect the old wires to it than to spend $70 on the exact same product with wires pre-attached.

  365. Mary Hanneman

    Easy to install and works well, but only for 13 months to backup Verizon Fios. Had minimum very short power outages. So, battery only was used to actually backup for a very short time.

  366. paula bricker

    Battery is fine. I thought I had ordered a 12aH and received a 9ah. Either way the battery works

  367. Pupqy

    Took 5 minutes to swap batteries in CP1350AVRLCD. I noticed after the fact that it says in listing NOT TO INSTALL UPSIDE DOWN but in the battery back up that’s how the stock batteries were installed so hopefully they wont leak!

  368. Francisco J. Ortiz

    Notice how Batteries for a UPS cost almost as much as a NEW UPS? Well these batteries seem to be a great fit for a reasonable price compared to buying in a store. By the way this particular model has the spades that are 1/4in wide.

  369. Chris

    Easy to install in my APC Back-UPS 550. I purchased it to replace the factory battery and it has worked flawlessly. The software provided by APC showed the battery arrived at 70% charge. I left the UPS plugged in without anything connected until it reached 100%. The battery has been used a few times during power outages and continues to provide the appropriate back up power months later.

  370. Tethyss

    Cheap and functional, replaced the old batteries in my Cyberpower UPS. Working great so far after a couple of months. Perfect fit.

  371. Craig S.

    Works as expected for 2/3 the price. Will see if longevity is the same, but for now I am more than satisfied.

  372. Jean Marie Kolinofsky

    This battery is used for our back-up system from Verizon. It was an excellent value and arrived very quickly.

  373. MIchael Litvinoff

    Worked great for my pulse scooter

  374. DAC

    Fit my Cyberpower EC850LCD UPS perfectly. Was 86% charge capacity as delivered but seems to be charging up nicely.

  375. Matthew S. DeVuyst

    Use this for my ice fishing flasher fish finder. Fit perfectly in my set up and provides all the power I needed to fish several days without needing a recharge.

  376. Angela

    It brought my old backup power back to life. I would definitely recommend it.

  377. Stacey Craig

    Came as described. Plenty of power. Will comment on how long the product last in a year. I will charge it on a trickle charger as needed.

  378. Mo W.

    My UPS battery was ruined during a 4-day power outage. This brought my UPS back to life for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Very satisfied.

  379. keith g heil

    Worked fine

  380. Joel Jones

    Bought this battery to breath life into decade old a long dead CyberPower 1000 AVR. Installation was simple, terminals fit just fine for this application. Have been using it for a couple months and no signs of issues, bulging, or heat buildup. Has provided ability to give plenty of runtime to shut down my PC this past winter with several power outages occurring. Would recommend this in the future.

  381. G. T.

    Used to replace battery in my portable air pump. I used it immediately after installing in pump and it worked just fine.

  382. Emilee

    Dropped my husbands Vexilar battery down the hole in the ice ???? these are great, good value for $ and a direct replacement for them!

  383. Na Mario Yancey

    Regular battery was 67 bucks and this one is 22, a guy on YouTube said it was a better battery. Easy hook up.

  384. jb

    Worked well to replace old original batteries.

  385. Elizabeth Lawson

    Bought for a Best Choice brand Jeep power wheel, Direct replacement and fits good. It was easy to install and came fully charged. No problems at all.

  386. expat in nz

    brought my old ups back to life.

  387. William Evans

    Great product, revived 2 old CyberPower 850 AVR for $20 each. Can’t vouch for longevity yet but everything else is top notch. Great seller, fast shipping!

  388. randy williams

    Great product and fast delivery

  389. Carson M. Kulp

    Purchased 3 of these to wire in series for a 36v electric quad. Highly recommend these.

  390. Chancellor

    Nice battery. A lot cheaper than APC brand and works just as good.

  391. FrankieB

    Good replacement for my vexilar fl8. Fit right in and lasts all day fishing

  392. cj

    Liked the product

  393. Jeffrey Stern

    Had an issue with the battery shortly after the return period ended. Wrote a brief email to the manufacturer/importer (Mighty Max Battery) and they provided stellar customer support. Very quick response and thoroughly addressed my issue with minimal fuss. Excellent knowing they stand behind their products.

  394. Juan G.

    Great price and seems to be good quality

  395. Web Customer


  396. Rob

    Super easy to replace, but the battery is already in need of replacement after only 18 months in my FIOS ONT. I expect 3-5 years out of a battery like this and only got half that.

  397. Robert Hamman

    Works great in a Robo Duck

  398. Brian Coffman

    i bought the battery for the size to perfectly fit into an area on my motorcycle to run additional led lighting

  399. Kindle Customer

    Battery is same sized replacement for 7ah older battery

  400. CDP’s Onceagain habit of purchasingTop Contributor: Guitars

    After several years my Uninterrupted Power Supply Surge protection needed a new 9Ah battery and this was available for 21$ so I gave it a try fit easily into UPS and almost to full charge and after a while I checked and it was showing it was fully charged and 100%. So far so good.

  401. mwajac

    Good battery life, fair price

  402. Howard J. De Pol

    Very good quality

  403. We are retired

    Product was used to replace batteries on a stairlift. don’t know about it’s longevity until it last’s about the length of the batteries that were replaced.

  404. Justin

    Bottom line up front: My testing indicated only 7AH, not 9AH. However, for the price paid, I’ll keep it. That is, one could pay a premium price for a premium battery, or get one at a bargain price, but one should not expect the same performance. My feeling this battery is offered at a bargain price. My tests: In order to evaluate this product after it seemed to not last as long in a UPS unit as I had hoped, I calculated the Watts expected from a 9AH battery (@2X12 = 24 Volts DC X 9 Amps Hours) and connected it straight to a 10 Watt DC load, expecting to see about 21 hours of run time (after more than enough time charging to be fully charged). This battery dropped voltage significantly at 75 % of that time (20 Volts, then soon after to 11 Volts). Recalculating using a factor 7AH power gave me exactly 100% of expected run time. So, my expecting to replace a 7AH battery with an exact size match replacement battery for the dead batteries that I pulled out of my UPS with new technology? 9AH powered battery now seems like a marketing gimmick to me. However, considering the price I paid, the hassle of returning it (to be fair, I spoke to the supplier about my results and they had no problem with me returning them, and they seemed very helpful in that regard, but they had no interest in my evaluation), to tell you the truth I’m going to be satisfied with at 7AH battery, because I really have no idea of where to get a premium battery without spending more money and I can’t see that it would be worth it having already taken delivery. My point in testing was to make sure the batteries were not junk, and my tests indicate they are not, but I’m not giving high marks when they do not deliver as advertised.

  405. Eric P.

    I checked many reviews of this and other products to make sure I got the right terminals. It appeared this was the most sure F2 terminal battery replacement, but I was very disappointed to have received F1. The battery still seems ok otherwise and I ended up building my own adapter cables as the connectors for my UPS slip off these smaller F1 terminals. I plan to report on longevity later.

  406. Pedro Agosto

    nice battery for the money

  407. jabari

    I have a portable Rockin stereo that required a battery replacement. Seems like the battery went out after 2ys of use. The battery I removed was very descriptive, so I knew exactly what to purchase. The costs was better than the local stores. Hopefully I can get a few years out of it!

  408. Web Customer

    Everything was great except the first one was leaking but sent the other one and was great

  409. Gary E

    Deliverd quickly, generic product, nothing to say, just hope it lasts as long as they claim.

  410. Mike Oxlong

    Bought these at a great price, they last a pretty long time and the power is perfect.

  411. RGD WA

    I liked the higher 9 ah capacity in the same OEM size. Easy upgrade in a battery replacement for my phone’s Fios battery backup power supply. We shall see how well it holds up.

  412. Tansey

    I replaced the battery on my generator. It started right up. I will update the post if I have issues later.

  413. Alex

    This battery is really good. It last a long time to die on my speaker at max. It was easy to install just clip on positive and negative.

  414. Keith Hopkins

    Don’t wait for 3 years to replace the old batteries. The old ones swelled and broke the UPS cavity. Reuse the original jumper wires

  415. Bill C.

    I have been using this battery as a replacement for my Cyberpower 550VA UPS for several years. The batteries tend to last three to five years.

  416. Maryann Kale

    Looks like and fits like original,

  417. Web Customer

    Installed as a replacement for a OEM battery in a toy car. Seldom used, about once a month. Worked fine for a year then it did not have enough power to complete the 1 mile circuit. Warranty is one year.

  418. Jeffrey Porter

    Quick and easy installation

  419. Osloro

    Works good so far.

  420. Lee

    I bought two of these batteries to replace the batteries in a Cyberpower battery backup. The price was great and the batteries are exact replacements. I’ll update this review once I have more than 7 months of use out of them, but so far they have functioned perfectly during several power outages.

  421. Valaree G

    I liked how it was easy to install as well as having a new battery but it gave out less than a year lated. Ended up buying a whole new speaker.

  422. Eugene Roberts

    It was a great replacement for my monster rr4 speaker

  423. S. T. Kenney

    Not what I expected. Must have ordered wrong battery

  424. Sayeed Mohamed

    Good battery for the great price.

  425. Amanda

    Got months ago(Feb 2020) for my fathers use. He had no problem installing. No complaints and its still in use

  426. T. Sheridan

    As stated, easy to install and work very well

  427. TeleFleck

    I was not expecting a fully charged battery. It was fresh, unlike some I bought elsewhere.

  428. Dustin Pearson

    Fit the UPS perfectly and worked as expected. Thank you for the fast shipping and so far working as expected! See you folks again in 3-4 years for another one!

  429. Mazariegos

    30 days in so far so good. Have had longeavity issues with other brands except this mighty max so I use this brand exclusively on all my cyberpower brand battery backups.