ML18-12 – 12 Volt 18 AH, Nut and Bolt (NB) Terminal, Rechargeable SLA AGM Battery

(581 customer reviews)

From: $39.99

ML18-12 – 12 Volt 18 AH, Nut and Bolt (NB) Terminal, Rechargeable SLA AGM Battery


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1 Pack $ 39.99
2 Pack $ 79.99
4 Pack $ 159.99
Delivering power when you need it, the Mighty Max ML18-12 12 Volt 18 AH uses a state of the art, heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid that provides exceptional performance and service life in both float and cyclic applications.
The ML18-12 is an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology with a valve regulated design, that can be used in enclosed and indoor environments without leaking or maintenance, providing a superior performance for thousands of models.
Mighty Max SLA batteries are utilized in a wide variety of applications including; Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Engine Starters, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Motorcycles, Power sports, Portable Tools, Solar, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security and  more.  
Voltage: 12 Volt
Amperage: 18 AH
Chemistry: SLA, AGM
Terminal: Nut and Bolt (NB)
Battery Dimensions:
7.17 in x 3.03 in x 6.57 in
Weight: 11.90 Lbs
1 Year
Multi Packs Bundled Savings

1 Pack, 2 Pack, 4 Pack



Amp Hour





Nut and Bolt










11.90 Lbs


1 Year

581 reviews for ML18-12 – 12 Volt 18 AH, Nut and Bolt (NB) Terminal, Rechargeable SLA AGM Battery

  1. Ruth (verified owner)

    Quick free delivery, item was exactly what I needed, worked well, easy to install.

  2. PAT B. (verified owner)

    MightyMax was very responsive in answering my questions. Order handling was very prompt.

  3. Douglas Z. (verified owner)

    came charged, worked well

  4. c (verified owner)

    Great price, great shipping time, great service. Would give 5 stars but had to replace customer’s battery just over 1 year after purchase.

  5. Robert Dyer

    installed on my gererator, fired rite up

  6. al R

    Received with quarter charge and perfect fit for a Husky car jumper.

  7. Michael M

    Working great in my solar setup to power lights and small tools in my shed. Chained two together…likely to buy more.

  8. R.W.B.

    Battery appears to be as OEM as they come; fit right in and hooked up easily. Charged up to 100% reasonably quickly. Since this is a replacement for my Die Hard 950 Gold portable power and batter starter and I haven’t had the need to use it (yet), I cannot fully evaluate the product at this time. But it seems like a solid buy.

  9. P. Phillips

    Got this for a Black & Decker power station. The old battery wouldn’t hold a charge. The description was right this ml18-12 was a correct match. It came in handy, I had to jump my Mom’s car soon after I replace the battery. It was way cheaper than the local battery place.

  10. Elaina L.

    On the discription it would be nice to add what size mower it will crank. Otherwise, great little battery.

  11. John Centanni

    Fast, shipping, best price, would have ordered 20 or 24 ah if in stock !

  12. Woodman

    Fits my GoGo Traveler Elite like the original and I know this company from past use and ways satisfied.

  13. Rodney Mulhollem

    Happy with this product. Purchased to replace my large generator’s battery. Continue to keep it on trickle charge as suggested by others. So far, I’ve not had a problem. Full power load for running starter on unit.

  14. Hang Phan

    It not last more than six months. I purchased it February 18 2020 and it die July 2022

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and email, packaged well, works great. Thank you

  16. Tom West

    Very good battery should last

  17. Web Customer

    Good at the beginning only last 2 months

  18. Brian

    So a few years ago, I bought a Schumacher jumper pack with one of these batteries in it. My main reason for buying it was for the inverter in it. I have a couple of low wattage things around the house that I’d need to keep going in an outage. The battery in the jumper pack was still good (since I’d been babying it and charging it regularly). But I like this jumper pack and want to keep it around so a new battery was in order. I found this one and everything looked right so I ordered it. It’s a bit pricey (TBH). SLA batteries are not the greatest and they sometimes just die without warning and can’t be revived. They’re very sensitive to just about everything. I considered getting a lithium battery but the cost was prohibitive and the little inverter in this thing is modified sine wave so I’m not putting that kind of money into it. So I’m charging the battery now with a Noco Genius and everything seems to be going fine. There was a pretty unpleasant spark when I connected the battery but that’s pretty routine. But I hate sparks. All in all, if this works as it should, I will probably get about 5 more years out of this pack. I kind of thing SLA batteries might be on the way out due to the rapid advancement of lithium. But for now, it works.

  19. Cindy V

    These batteries hold a long charge in my cordless Homelite push mower and the price is way below the price of the set I bought a few years ago.

  20. Alex


  21. Bry

    I used these to upgrade the way too small batteries in an APC BX1500. These slow for hours of run time instead of a few minutes. It makes for a good hack.

  22. Web Customer

    Did not like that post holes were smaller than other lawn mower batteries.

  23. Kenneth Turbert

    Love the value and was easy to install !

  24. Matt Scott

    Purchased to replace rechargeable battery in a Black and Decker compressor-charging station. Works better than the old battery but so far doesn’t seem to want to fully charge. I’m happy that I’m able to use my compressor again. Haven’t had need to jump anything yet. Time will tell. So far I’m happier than I was.

  25. Web Customer

    Ordered and received the batteries very quickly. Batteries were fully charged right out of the box. The packing was great and they were protected very well. Will use this seller again.

  26. John Saxon

    I’ve always had good luck with mighty max batteries.

  27. Antonio E

    The battery is close but off on the amps. it will still work. Just make sure you attach the negative first. If you do it backward, it will say OL on the led screen and scare your pet when it makes a loud noise but it ok no damage.

  28. Web Customer

    Was shipped promptly. Arrived intact. Was exactly what I ordered. Charged well. Does the job.

  29. Frances M. Jones

    One cord with several size adapters. Great when out of batteries

  30. Larry V. Ruegger

    Working just fine, usually last a few years.

  31. Coffee Lover

    Bought it to power a 15 gallon sprayer. It works great. I love the compact size of the battery also.

  32. The Mom

    These batteries were for my riding cart. The previous batteries had been in there for years. When we opened the battery box, we took pictures of the dead batteries and couldn’t believe in just a few short clicks the exact same batteries were on their way to our house. For a great price too. Installing them was different. We had to watch several YouTube videos and then we were up and running in no time.

  33. Charlie

    Replaced the battery in my Wagan Power 400. 7 months and still holding up fine.

  34. Thomas Whiting

    Good price

  35. Deborah Zorn

    Works well

  36. Cindy

    Fit in my generator just great!

  37. Matthew R.

    Item was as described. Bought to in a Die Hard 1150 unit. Works great.

  38. Adam S

    Wired in series and they work great.

  39. Mike from St. Petersburg Fl.

    Great price and it holds charge well , I use this battery on my Riding lawn mower which can take a 12v 35 Amp battery but saved quite a bit of money using this smaller battery and works perfect on my 46 V2 Husqvarna Riding lawn mower .

  40. jenksdrummer

    Battery for my electric start generator is pretty well dead. 12v14AH rated battery. I figured this 12v18AH would be close enough, but it’s taller; where the bracket/strap wont work, as well as a bit wider. All good, I’ll come up with a solution rather than ship it back and continue searching for a more-suitable replacement, bonus, this battery should be able to start up my generator more easily anyway, and once I have something rigged up, I can get this size which seems more common. Came pre-charged enough to where it would start my generator, though not fully charged, based on my battery tender light saying it wasn’t quite to 80%, but was after a couple minutes.

  41. Roger Leclercq

    Easy to install

  42. will p.

    Bought new battery and it work okay but didn’t make it 2 years before we had to replace it again. Just a bit disappointed. Guess time will tell how #2 last.

  43. Pedro

    Fit my daughter’s Frozen Powerwheels jeep

  44. jack edington

    right parts,for a portable welder

  45. CV David

    Product delivered on time and as described

  46. Sharon

    It installed easily and was exactly what we needed.

  47. Mark Buck

    I purchased two of these and I run them parallel to power a 30-pound thrust electric trolling motor on a small pond-boat I use. I found that I could only get several hours use out of only one battery, but connecting them parallel gave me enough power to stay on the water all day. In addition to that, I was previously using a size 24 deep-cycle battery that weighed nearly 50 pounds. These two batteries together weigh about 22. Happy with these.

  48. Web Customer

    Good buy

  49. I bought this

    This was a perfect fit for my 4 year old generator. Batter started to go bad and bought this as a replacement. It fits perfectly and works well. The only thing is that the factory battery nut and bolt are too thick for these terminals, but not a big issue as this battery comes with replacement nuts and bolts that fit.

  50. Andrew Shissler (verified owner)

  51. Swish

    Exact replacement for my jump pack.

  52. Ben

    Will burn your fingers pretty good if you aren’t careful. Ask me how I know. Great to start up 655 cc opposed twin Briggs and Stratton lawnmower.

  53. Rosalie DeMarco

    Thank you

  54. John M.Curtis

    Replace battery in jumper pack

  55. M shaver

    this work really great and save me money. great buy

  56. Vince

    Great value for the price. Would recommend and would purchase again.

  57. Corey Tyler

    The terminal holes are a touch small but it was an easy to rectify problem. Battery fits the tray for my 2004 BMW 1150R Rockster perfectly.

  58. Web Customer

    It works great

  59. Pamela Richard

    fast delivery perfect fit

  60. LiteningKid

    I needed this for some photography strobes works well. Much heavier that lifepo4 but does the trick and cheaper.

  61. Kent H.

    Perfect match for old battery Fit great

  62. Mark & Lisa Tunis

    Nice battery but I got this little bigger size thinking it would run a fan for a few hours at outside Art Shows. Got the impression that this battery would run a low Amp piece of equipment for 10 hrs according to the description but fully charged up 50 minutes and that’s if you are willing to put up with the inverter beeping for the last 10 minutes. If you are looking for something to charge phone and laptop or router probably OK.

  63. George C Schmitz

    Will use it to jump start a car and a charging station for a cell phone if needed

  64. Web Customer

    Have no idea about longevity.

  65. iamTimothyDiggs

    So far, so good… I’m happy with this battery.

  66. Rick

    Sent the next day like advertised. Used on a mobility scooter.

  67. zhenyuwang

    Direct use without charging.

  68. Web Customer

    it provides power

  69. Tony

    Muy fácil de instalar le que do perfecta a mi moto eléctrica la recomiendo

  70. SB

    Our jump pack had stopped charging and this was a perfect replacement.

  71. Amazon Shopper W

    Disliked nothing. Good battery first one had almost 2 years now. Just got a second one for a spare.

  72. Douglas Petrich

    already used my generator several times since i installed this battery its working great

  73. NGunn

    I purchased this battery to replace Jump starter unit. I was bit hesitant before buying but wanted to give a try, to my surprise it was absolutely perfect replacement and fit. It’s been around 6 months and battery has been perfectly @ 90-100% charge since first n’ last charge right around January 10th. I’m fully satisfied and wish to purchase again in future.

  74. Cobrajockey

    Exactly the right size battery, a drop in! Great Replacement for the Harbor Freight Battery Car Jump Starter internal battery. Buying a whole replacement Battery Jump Starter at Harbor Freight would be 3 TIMES the $$ price of just buying this battery and replacing the dead original battery.

  75. joanna clavery

    Was good Ordered for my husband

  76. W. Grant

    With most batteries, you don’t know what you have until they fail. These charged up fine and appear to be good quality, but time will tell.

  77. M. Corsetti

    Replacement for Dr brush mower was strong out of the box only time will tell

  78. Lane

    Used this to replace a non-working battery in a Car Jump Pack that was given to me by a friend who had replaced it the Jump Pack with a new one already. It brought the non-working jump pack back to life and working again for a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole unit! The replacement was a perfect fit and was easy to install. Buy with confidence.

  79. RN

    Bought this to replace the starter battery in my generator. Exact fit replacement. Came fully charged and also included the bolts to attach the cables. Very nice

  80. Steve Chan

    these batteries are strong, came charged just need top off. Volt is very good, have good capacity. Will see how long they last.

  81. AJ

    Perfect size I needed. it easy to put on. Also worked great.

  82. Terry Palmateer Jr

    Does what I want it to do

  83. Noble1

    I purchased to replace the OEM battery in my PowerStation PSX2 that I purchased from Costco. (OEM Battery Specs: Deliberate model 6FM-18 12V 18ah/20hr Cycle Use 14.5-14.9V, standby use 13.5-13.9V) As stated in other reviews the battery terminals on the new Mighty Max battery do sit in a little bit compared to the OEM where they are flush with each end of the battery. I was still able to attach wire connections easily without having to add any washers etc. Pretty simple install and the new battery fits perfectly in the PSX2 PowerStation. Now my PowerStation is like new!!

  84. Tool Maker

    This was the right size battery and it keeps a good charge. This battery is for my generator.

  85. Vjekoslav Pavlinic

    My power pack works again. I’m thrilled,!

  86. cheryl

    I am a 66 year old women and am able to use with no problem – touch a button to jump tractor battery and inflated tires with ease . Useful in case of emergency with USB port – Highly recommend.

  87. William Clift

    Well made, good warranty

  88. ms rusk

    2/3 or maybe even 1/2 the size of the battery it replaced. No complaints, mower has started without hesitation every time.

  89. William L.

    I had to build a little pan for this one to sit in, on my son’s go-cart as the original was a smaller footprint, but it has more cranking amps and at 1/2 price of what they wanted– it just made sense. Longevity is yet to be seen as this is a new purchase, but so far so good ????

  90. gary

    Ordered To Replace The Battery In My Schumacher Jump Box,,Perfect Fit! Fully Charged Ready To Go!!????Shipped Right On Time!

  91. Annie

    Works and fits perfectly. Got me up and running.

  92. JoeteckTips

    These are used in the APC Smart-UPS 1250VA, 1400VA, 1500VA and 2200VA free standing battery backups.

  93. BakaNekoGato

    Working fine in an APC SUA750XL. The fuse is a tight fit because these batteries have a slightly different shape around the terminals, as others have mentioned, but I didn’t have any trouble making it work.

  94. Darius schultz

    Install took 5 mins, came with hardware and ski started first crank!

  95. Luther

    Great Amps on this battery, love it

  96. Jerry Greenlee

    Put in a jump stater with air compressive . Seems to work like the original battery .

  97. B. Thompson

    I reordered 4 of these batteries to refit a 2 KVA backup supply for emergency communications. Without mentioning any names, the comparable OEM replacement was 3x expensive, and are comprised of the same specifications. These batteries assembled and fit perfectly. This is not the first time I have used this particular battery- I have one for quite a while powering radio equipment. For a SLA 12V supply, these are great in my opinion.

  98. Kevin

    Worked perfectly to replace the battery in an older jumper box.

  99. Dawn W


  100. W. Wolfe 52

    Better and cost effective to replace the batteries in emergency power equipment, than to replace the whole unit.

  101. Web Customer

    Great price, quality and fast shipping! Replace a couple of boosters which is much cheaper than buying a new one! Great battery!

  102. baltazar

    Funciono de maravilla, solo ay que ver que tanto dura pero fue una compra excelente

  103. Web Customer


  104. Web Customer

    It seems to last longer-term others that I have tried

  105. carlos


  106. Chris

    We got this battery for our generator for the winter. Our old battery had finally quit. We had a big ice and snow storm coming and we are pretty remote. The shipping was extremely fast, we received the battery before the storm, it was already charged and started our generator with ease! Definitely happy and would buy this again!

  107. Jeremy Mc Knight

    Using battery for jumper battery starter pack

  108. W. Volz

    Fuse for APC RBC7 barely fits. The old model of this had plenty of room for the fuse but the new version does not. I would recommend an alternative if you are trying to rebuild an RBC7 pack for an older smartups 1500.

  109. L Johnson

    Good value for a generator battery that doesn’t get used much.

  110. Jerman

    La utilización en mi arrancador es muy buena porque carga más rápido que la batería que traía de fabrica.

  111. James L. Phillips

    works well in my generator. would buy again.

  112. Web Customer

    Nothing to dislike. They replaced the old set perfectly. Everything runs smoothly. Three wheel electric bike imported from China many years ago.

  113. Robert V. Brock

    Came fully charged

  114. Steven K

    It is not what’s in photo took a little extra to install

  115. Ken E

    Used this in a car jump starter. Started my car (with a weak battery in the car) at 20 F

  116. Vincent Maynard

    Great buy saved me scrapping over a $100 battery jump starter with air compressor it came charged 100% It was a little bit smaller but fit in just great and the amps were not the same as the old battery but I think more meaning longer-lasting power I would think, but it seems to be just fine and like I said it came 100% and after 3 weeks it is still 100%

  117. justin glover

    Use it for my clay shooter, not strong enough to run heavy amp loads but great for random needs camping

  118. Thomas Warrick

    Installed the battery in my bike and it started right up and starts every time now



  120. D. Peterson

    I bought this for an old, small diesel generator for which the original type battery didn’t seem to be available. It turned it right over with vigor.

  121. Lee

    The battery replaced my old battery in the Duro Max 10kw generator. Same size as old battery. After instaled the generator started quickly. Battery has good charge .

  122. Antonio & Karol Posadas

    Works great to power the lights in a small camper.

  123. Tim Spence

    Got this battery for my DR mulcher fit perfectly

  124. croll325

    I highly recommend this product.

  125. Judi

    Happy with price and product!

  126. KYSER


  127. David & Chris Bradley

    Worked well.

  128. Cheryl M. Lahaie

    Yup, its a battery, and it fit perfectly… Took the old one out, put this new one in… I guess I’m getting pretty good at this… Fast shipping, quick delivery, excellent product!

  129. Bob Hartman

    Battery is a good value.

  130. Jersey GUY

    mightymax battery is for sale and considered not secure when I tried to upload the QR code given for 3 months extended warranty.

  131. Patrick

    Bought this to replace the crappy 12V battery that came inside my Harbor Freight jumper pack. The original battery that came in the pack only lasted a couple of months. This one has lasted several months so far. Great!

  132. Todd

    Fits perfectly….

  133. Allison tucciarone

    This is a replacement for a champion 7500w generator . It size is a perfect fit for the battery tray. Battery came charged but put it on a battery conditioner for a few days . Everyone should put a brand new battery on a charger just because you don’t know how long it was sitting in storage . Tested it today , generator started right up . Should last as long as the original battery about 7 years as long as you maintain it

  134. Alex

    Two of these fit a APC SMT1500 UPS. No issues, comes with extra bolts and nuts (which I didnt need). I did have to remove the clear plastic cap on the Fuse that links the two batteries together because the plastic around the terminals is a little bulkier than the original battery. Removing the plastic cap is no issue really for the 100 amp fuse.

  135. Noah Jackson

    This replacement was the exact size for the generator I needed to replace a battery on. So far it runs very well and appears to hold the charge perfect. Expect it to last longer than the cheaper no-name replacement I had used previously. Overall this does the job at a very manageable price, and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again.

  136. stan

    Good fit replaced old one perfectly

  137. Web Customer

    Good stuff

  138. Art

    this product was used in my electric start-up generator. Works great.

  139. eric somlitz

    Very happy with this purchase

  140. Allan

    If you have an older batter jump starter box especially from HarborFreight this will probably be the fix for that. The older style jump packs will recover a very dead car battery better then the current styles. Save some money and restore your old battery charger.

  141. Jesus Lomeli

    Good product

  142. Hank Nguyen

    So far so good, I have no problem with this battery . Work as expecting.

  143. Lisa

    Use for generators and is great

  144. G T W

    Delivered quickly in secure box. It was being used in a Westinghouse 8500 watt generator and worked great. Started right up, will have to see how long it lasts.

  145. Apple Fan

    Replacement battery for car jumper cable, power outlet, air pump. Exactly like original battery and perfect fit into unit.

  146. B. Nieves

    I bought the MightyMax ML18-12 to replace the Ritar RT12180 in a Wagan PowerDome jump-starter (model 2354). The MightyMax was delivered promptly. The price was very fair as compared to other brands. The battery fitted perfectly on the Wagan jump-starter. I have not had the opportunity to jumpstart a vehicle so far, however, used the tire inflator a couple of times and it works flawlessly. I cannot rate the longevity yet. I have a video on my YouTube channel Abuelito Can Fix it about the battery replacement.

  147. ken hall

    Was as expected.

  148. scott

    Replacement battery, fit just like the original battery. Seems to hold a good charge.

  149. DRF

    Same weight as normal. Installed in A Portawattz Power PAC 300 that is 25 y/o. Same weight is a real plus as things get cheapened. Will update this review if I have any issues. Got 9 years out of my previous battery. This is number 3. Expecting at least 7 yrs out of it. Working as normal so far.

  150. Doug

    Replaced originals in our HOA’s solar powered speed signs. Good as new!

  151. Web Customer

    The leads are too far to connect, had to jerry rig to make it attached.

  152. Jim Raper

    I replaced my battery on my generator and it now starts right up. No more pulling the cord! Works greats!

  153. Agreszler

    I bought this for my 8000 watt generator with electric start. It was a direct replacement for the original battery so installed easily. The gasoline engine now starts fine. I can’t comment on longevity since it is new.

  154. Rich

    This battery was a perfect replacement in a Gentron generator. I wasn’t able to get my generator started and the old battery had died. This battery was able to get it started after a minute of cracking. I’m so pleased with the battery and similar ones for other devices I have at home.

  155. Tom W

    It is a better quality of battery at a fair price.

  156. RichKP

    Purchased this for a portable power station which has been used in emergencies. The age of the original battery was the only issue and now the unit can do what it needs to again … just in time for winter.

  157. Gary

    Purchased for my DR Power Grader. Great price but it’s slightly longer so it doesn’t fit in the battery tray. It’s on a slight angle now and the bracket still keeps it in place. Older grader, so maybe the new ones have bigger trays? Still will buy again.

  158. HO

    Except for attachment tabs on the battery, fit was perfect. Attaching cables with different hardware was a non event.

  159. Larry J.

    Fit perfect.

  160. Robert E. Barnes

    i swapped this out with the 1 year motorcycle battery with my 4wheeler. I am hoping it will outlast the 1 year battery i deal with constantly. some change in my wiring needed to get it to work. so far soo good and it starts the machine!

  161. Kathleen N.

    The space between the terminals was different that the battery it replaced so it took some modification to fit.

  162. White Crow LLC

    This angry pixie container does just what it’s supposed to do!! Amazing!!

  163. Kindle Customer

    Arrived quickly, fully charged. Best deal I could find on this battery for my mower.

  164. Seattle, WA

    arrived in one day/easy to install/half the price quote of local auto and farm supply stores that did not have item in stock/quote was for 2-3 weeks out for delivery/very happy with purchase. Thank you

  165. max

    installed and generator started immediately

  166. Fred St.Pierre


  167. Robert Miller

    Easy, direct replacement for original battery. Power seems same as OEM and started generator easily.

  168. South Texan

    Second set, I get about 18 months before replacement which is about normal for the 18 AH batteries, maybe a little more. Get max life by charging up every night to keep them topped off and don’t run them down to dead.

  169. Debra B.

    Needed replacement parts for an APC 1500 Smart UPS Battery Backup. These batteries are the ticket. Expected lifespan of around 4-6 years and it will keep my test stations from having issues with power surges and brownouts for the next few years. Even slightly extended power outages won’t cause problems, as these units are able to stay active with these batteries for several hours each thanks to the low power draw of the computers it supports. Perfect!

  170. Daniel maclean

    Came fully charged with all hardware needed to install

  171. Jerome c.

    Is perfect replacement for the battery I needed

  172. Dcurry

    Modified the sons dino racer to fit and it goes for a long time. The neighbors kid has the same powerwheel and it consistantly outlasts the factory battery

  173. Samuel Rodgers

    Working great

  174. LS

    For our large Champion generator. OEM battery was gutless and didn’t survive well its first winter. We kept a Battery Minder on it but alas, it couldn’t keep enough to electric start let alone generate enough spark for a pull start. This battery is exact same size, and it fit. On first attempt at electric start it didn’t, yet this may partially be due to being at 8,000 feet altitude, but gen started on first pull start, which was better than the OEM when it was new. So far we are happy, but we are entering our first winter.

  175. fixing stuff

    Bought as a replacement for an old CMM1200 Black & Decker mower, much more power. not too much a hassle to change out. Works so far, but only did the tail end of the 2021 mowing season. Arrived promptly, no trouble with the batterys, worked fine (so far so good). Would buy again. But ask me again in a couple of years.

  176. Razor

    i have always had good luck with these battery’s i use them in riding lawn mowers, because they last longer than the ones that come in riding mowers, is it the exact match no but it fits and so far works good even if i have too spin engine for a bit after setting a while not talking about excessive. So far i like them for there versatility.

  177. R. Schuman

    Needed a replacement batter for my generator- fit perfect- ready for winter- easy solution- fast service

  178. Thy

    great product

  179. TheAnwerman

    Perfect. Fit. Came charged and ready to go

  180. Deal $hopper

    These battery fit the apc ups 1500. Will buy again. When it is needed. So far so good.

  181. AppleJack

    Direct replacement, good fit.

  182. Kenneth Stubbs

    Used this on a 13 hp Generac generator that i converted over to electric start. Works great. I use a trickle charger on it because it sits alone unused.

  183. Justyn W.

    I needed a new battery for my portable generator. This came pre-charged ant fit perfectly, replaced a battery that was 5 years old.

  184. Web Customer

    Used these batteries as replacements in an APC 1500 UPS. They worked as expected and provided additional power over short outages. I am not sure the exact load on the UPS but it was able to carry the load over all outages I had this past summer. There were no outages that lasted long enough to get an idea of the exact run time off these batteries. I am not getting daily alarms from the UPS to change the batteries.

  185. Carl P

    I decided on this battery to provide a solar lighting solution to my back yard shed. Thus far it is working great.

  186. Martin Bunagan

    Used it for my portable generator , it started right away out from the box. Love it

  187. Christine F. Zook

    Back in the saddle mowing again

  188. david waitt

    IF you are installing a pair of these in an older APC 1500 UPS, I found that there was BARELY enough room for the little fuse that goes between the batteries. I could make it fit by bending the fuse leads a little, but be aware, it does NOT have the ample space for the fuse that the original APC batteries have. It was also a little snug in the UPS, but it did fit. It also took an initial charge OK…according to the UPS. I just received it so I cannot comment on the longevity!

  189. skeet

    Great for home or for replacing your old dead battery. Not for cars or trucks.

  190. Jessie

    Old Northern Tool jump starter had an exhausted battery. this one fit like a glove.

  191. James Hardie

    Only needed minor changes to fit into my checking box

  192. NH Reader

    Perfect replacement for the one in my generator. Comes with new hardware as well.

  193. Gary C

    Perfect fit….just as advertised

  194. Kindle Customer

    Exact size as original. Easy to install. Replaced a 5 year old battery that was not chargeable anymore. Time will tell on longevity. Used for two weeks and it seems to charge and cycle well.

  195. CC

    Excellent purchase, works as committed.

  196. Rossnet

    I have a PowerStation PSx (purchased from Costco) that is several years old and the original battery was depleted to the point that it would no longer take a charge. This battery was a perfect fit in that product. A previous reviewer stated that he had to make some difficult modifications as the terminals were offset by 3/4 from his original battery. There was a 1/2 difference between my old and this new battery but the internal wiring was such that it was actually an improvement over the old battery. I cannot speak to the longevity of this battery as I have just installed it but so far, so good.

  197. Corny_04963

    Can’t comment on longevity, but it started the Honda Engine on my Billy Goat bush hog right up. Arrive on time in good condition. The sealed construction means no leaks.

  198. Maxwell Holbert

    My old generator battery had finally died, so I needed a new one. The price was right for me and it was a direct fit for my generator. Hook up was very easy and it started my generator on the first try. So far it’s been great.

  199. Datakeepr

    This was purchased as a replacement to the battery in my portable power pack (air pump, auto booster, ac/dc supply). Works great.

  200. Mike

    My Centec 3 in 1 Model 62306 used a 17 AMP battery. This is a 18 AMP replacement. Fit great and charged as described.

  201. Tom S.

    This was the perfect replacement for my emergency battery system.

  202. William Beatty

    So far so good, my APC 2500 is working again

  203. Kindle Customer

    Far superior to the original battery that came with the generator

  204. Web Customer

    Mobility scooter

  205. Gordon L

    I had to replace two batteries in a mobility scooter, the old ones would last most of the day these replacement ones only lasted a couple of hours

  206. R Thomas

    seems to be well built and has plenty of amps to jump start a vehicle

  207. Darin K Riddles

    Got here faster than expected and was the perfect replacement for the one battery that died in my mobility scooter. Took a charge and has held it well, got a couple of hours worth of use with several days of standby in between uses. Will come back when I need another battery.

  208. Shahid Shafi

    It works for my battery jumped

  209. penelope pitstop

    the little screws to attach the leads are real little and it makes it kind of hard to put together wish the holes in the thing were a tad bigger so I could have used the ones off the other battery I took out. it started the john deere lawn tractor right up we will see how long it lasts . it is more narrow but is fine as far as I can see.

  210. Aj1024

    I bought this to replace the original battery on a CC ZT1, had other mowers, and bought a u1 from a local store and they never last over 6 months, initial use is great so far but only time will tell if it was worth it or not.

  211. country music

    Does what I wanted, starts the engine.

  212. Doug Zumbrun

    Works great.

  213. Wes

    Installed in a peak 900 jump box. Fit just like original. Only been in little more than a week. I have only used the air compressor on the Peak 900 to inflate a large tire. The battery performed well, only dropped 1 segment from full charge.

  214. Stephen V. Le

    Works as it should, docked a star b/c it took a long time to get here. I don’t know what happened to prime

  215. Leslie E Beavers

    Availability and speed of delivery.

  216. M. Bos

    We keep ours handy and when it wouldn’t hold the charge any longer, we really didn’t want to have to buy another one. Just simply changing the battery was awesome. Easy to do, and now we have a brand new unit for emergency power. Never go camping without it.

  217. Richmond Kid

    This battery fit my Gentron 10,000 generator and spins it just fine. Other batteries were more expensive.

  218. Linda Webster

    Not too difficult to change out. Just took my time. Purchased for my old Pepboys jump and compressor box. Looked and fit just like the original one. Needed to charge as it came low. After a nights charge it pumped 4 trailer tires from low but not flat tire and only went down one light on my box meter. Ran for 20 minutes.

  219. Web Customer

    So powerful

  220. Ron Johnson

    Great replacement for the motorized wheelbarrow cheaper than oe.

  221. bobby brown

    Works great

  222. Scott

    Perfect match for the same battery I took out of our vehicle jump starter with air compressor.

  223. Roger Savoy

    this fit my need perfectly . needed a new battery for my portable car jumper. and this fit perfectly and was very easy to install.

  224. Z28glh

    Fits my generator perfectly plenty of power to spin motor

  225. Bill Moss

    Least expensive AGM battery I can find for my R11RT that fits perfectly. A battery has never lasted for more than 3 years in this bike and 2 is more common; the battery is too small for the bike (BMW’s stupidity). This battery last as long as any other and is fairly inexpensive. The only modification I have to make is to drill out the terminal from 5mm to 6mm. My original battery connection are 6mm; I guess the new bikes are 5mm.

  226. Tetrode

    Allowed me to resurect a 22 year old jump-start-box for half the price of a new one. I keep it in my truck to power a portable compressor type refrigerator. Seems to work well.

  227. Richard H.

    i have an old but good running lawn tractor,this battery was the best thing i could have done. Thank You Poppy

  228. Mimi

    Neighbor installed for me and it started my generator right away. Had Champion guide me to the right purchase. That is the maker of my generator.

  229. KW

    The battery arrived in excellent shape and fully charged. The packaging was sturdy and well protected. It is a perfect fit replacement for my portable 12-volt jump-start unit.

  230. Web Customer

    Easy to install, and works as expected

  231. PP

    It holds charge a lot better then the one that I replaced

  232. Walker D. West

    Our old battery for an electric start generator finally failed and would not charge. This battery came almost fully charged and starts the generator instantly and just in time for a protracted power outage.

  233. Tri-Z

    I have an old Professional Power Station Battery box. (Costco) The battery went bad, so replaced with this. The debate was to replace the battery, or the whole unit. I could have got another unit from H.F. for about $10 more than this battery costs. But everything on this unit still worked, so I chose to replace the battery. This is the 2nd time I have replaced the battery, so not a hard job for me. This is the same type and sized battery that it originally came with so no problems with fit. The terminals are also on the correct side. I’ve had this installed since May of 2020 and it’s still working good. I do run them down and then charge back up every 4 months.

  234. Garett Bolin

    I purchased these batteries to power a gate opener. I used 2 of them to make a 24v system and hooked them to a solar charger. Batteries are doing great so far.

  235. Ron

    Honestly can not attest to the longevity of the battery as I have only had it a few weeks. My only problem was that it did not come charged, was almost depleted.

  236. Amazon shopper

    I read a review indicating that it works for Powerstation jumper bought from Costco (Psx3). So, I ordered it. But after comparing it to the original one, the positive and negative ends are not in the position as the original, which are at the end of battery. This one is about 3/4 inch inside… So, it was a struggle. After bending and pushing, I finally get it in. Now, the jumper works.


    Use for jumping vehicles

  238. Michael Palisca Sr.

    They work great on my Black & Decker lawn mower

  239. nelson

    Great price for my Generator Plenty of starting power

  240. D. M.Wallace

    So far they have worked out real good. Recharge after every use and plug up the charger at lease once a month even if you hadn’t used it to make sure the batteries stays fully charge at all times.

  241. Web Customer

    Easy to install came with warranty

  242. Paul C.

    I used this replacement battery in a Schumacher power pack/jumper. Fit perfect and was fully charged when I installed it. Great price for for this battery.

  243. Web Customer

    I purchased this to replace the battery in my jump box it works very well

  244. Phil

    Bought the four pack to replace batteries in two APC Smart UPS 1500 units. They fit fine and so far are working well. No complaints at all.

  245. Robert Green

    Great service, easy to install with value for the money

  246. Steven Ashley Wilson

    I was a bit shocked when I opened the box for the new battery. It was a completely different shape and size, with the poles in a completely different location. My first thought was that it wasn’t going to work. But then I remembered seeing a YouTube video about a similar unit where the battery slid in bottom first. So I took a breath and tried it. It worked great. NOTE: Be sure to have the battery cables with the L copper fitting facing toward the outer edge of the unit, not inward (see photo #1). If they are facing inward, the long, square, plastic pieces that stick out from the back cover (see photo #2) will hit the battery cables.

  247. The Paw

    Haven’t needed to charge yet but no issues so far. Perfect replacement.

  248. Bill C

    Have not had it long enough to see if it will hold a full charge, but it is a perfect fit for my generator.

  249. dirk diggler/jack mayhoffer

    value in product. replaced o.e. jumper box battery. only difference was in mounts to top of unit. not an issue to change with provided hardware.

  250. shindo

    using for bad recharger battery, after installed and it is working great. and this is a good product and i like it!

  251. Sample S.

    I used it to treat my beehive with oxalic acid. The Oxalic Acid is vaporized with the energy from the battery. I’ve had the battery about a month so I can attest to it longevity, so far so good

  252. GB35

    It works again we purchased this to replace the old battery in our PSX Vehicle jumpstart.

  253. William

    Works well paired with the 10w solar panel.

  254. C. B. Smith

    The battery was an exact fit and so far it’s working fine. I didn’t score longevity because I haven’t had the battery long enough to make a proper judgement.

  255. BJ

    I bought this to replace the battery in my Lobster Elite One Tennis Ball Machine. The dimensions and specs are the same as the OEM battery that Lobster sells. This battery is quite a bit more affordable than the OEM battery. So I gave it a try. As far as I can tell, it’s working. Don’t know how long it will last, but nothing to complain about. The one thing to note is that the battery posts are a different size than the OEM battery and the wires cannot connect to the battery without a little modification. You can cut off the existing connector on the wires and twist the wires on onto the battery posts (or solder them). I opted to cut the posts from the old battery, and soldering it on the new battery, and then connecting the wires using the existing connectors that are on the wires. Either way is fine. It’s not difficult.

  256. mh

    Exact fit to replace my PL18-12 battery. We’ll packaged. Received charged.

  257. Web Customer

    Charged it up and it flung clay pigeons for several hours and was still going strong.

  258. Web Customer

    I put this in my Super Start Power Pack. It fit good and charged right up. It was cheaper than a new power pack.

  259. Thomas

    When replacing this battery. I was very surprised that the installation was simple and fast. Battery works great so far. Grey replacement battery.

  260. curt pytlarz

    Like new booster pack now

  261. Raghunath Ramanarasimhaiah

    Easy to install and use. Very well made. Compact. Heavy in a good way.

  262. dswf

    Correct size

  263. Robert Fore

    They were okay thank you

  264. kmitch

    Bought this to replace the battery on my tennis ball machine. Same specs as original equipment except much lower price and faster delivery.

  265. Special_K

    I have a Snapper 281223BVE (85622) 28 12 Hp Rear Engine Rider Series 23. I looked and looked and I wasn’t sure what to get. Finally, I realized it needed a U-1 lawn battery, so I picked this one. So glad I did! It fit a little snug, but when I finished, it fired right up and ran like a champion!

  266. Michael Dowell

    I used these batteries in series on my son’s ride on toy and I couldn’t be happier! Highly recommend!

  267. John E. English

    I bought 4 batteries for a battery powered scooter. One of the batteries arrived late and wouldn’t hold a charge. Unfortunately it took me a while to install that one and by the time I realized it was no good I could no longer return it. I’m giving it 3 stars because the other 3 batteries are working fine.

  268. GerryR

    After 8 years I finally replaced the battery on my standby generator, which had failed, probably by overcharging. It was Mighty Max brand and served well. No complaints so I ordered the same brand.

  269. John Carson

    For power plant worked great

  270. Jim

    Bought this to replace the one in my 7 year old car jump starter. Much cheaper to replace the battery than to replace the whole charger.

  271. John W York

    Installed it on my jump pack…seems to fit and work just fine.

  272. earl johnstonbaugh

    Longevity it’s still working

  273. teri

    Replaced the built-in battery in a jump starter/air compressor I bought a few years ago. Now it works again just like when I bought it. Replacement was a breeze and the results were instant.

  274. Jay

    I used this to replace a 17ah battery in a b&d multi accessory jump pack. Worked and fit perfect.

  275. network engineer

    Purchased this because it said it could be used in the JNC660. Note that at least in my JNC660 the original battery had screw terminals (like threaded vertical posts). However this battery was true to the photo and had only the holes which 5mm bolts could be passed through horizontally. So had an annoying time getting this setup in the JNC660 . The bolt hardware that was included with the battery was too short to safely handle all the lugs that need to be clamped on. You’ll need to buy your own.

  276. Joseph Rizzo

    Perfect size for my generator.

  277. Timothy G. Larrick

    I used this to replace the original battery that came inside my Stanley FatMax jumper box with tire inflator. Fit perfectly. Ready to go for another 7 years hopefully.

  278. Joseph boulier

    Works very well for electric start on my 9 horsepower Honda motor

  279. Alan

    The batteries are fine but the logistics piece is slow with these guys. Granted, they’re heavy batteries so I wasn’t expecting to get these quickly but I was surprised to receive only one of four batteries initially. Ok, everyone makes mistakes, told them about it, they asked for evidence, I provided it, they agreed to send me the rest of my order. It has been 10 days and I still do not have the rest of my order so, I’m only giving 3 stars. If they had rushed the rest of my order, would have been 5.

  280. Mallen

    Good value

  281. Persival Smithers

    Economical and works great for my generator.

  282. Stephen S

    Easy installation, brought my old jump box back to life. More efficient than having to replace the entire jump box. Just remember to recycle the old battery properly.

  283. Richard J Lazine Jr.

    Easy to install in B&D portable power supply. Lots of power and lasts long. Big savings and great delivery.

  284. Gilbert Villarreal

    It came charged with 12.6 volts DC and it’s quite large and it had good power out put it runs my Fourwheeler Fan and light bar and electric start it’s a polairs magnam 325 the battery was larger than the battery try but that ain’t a problem

  285. rw

    Went right in no issues fit my generator same as the one it came with hoping it lasts at least 4 years.

  286. big jim

    I replaced the battery in my B&D tire inflator and jumper. Fits like a glove.

  287. Kerry

    better than oem

  288. kevin

    Just thought I’d try to rebuild my charger rather than buy a new one. Works great.

  289. TB3 Raptor

    I received the battery and it was Identical to my Champion Generator battery. Perfect replacement. I would give this a 5 star if it wasn’t for the fact, the box came with a card to scan the QR code for an extended warranty. I did scan it and the page was not available. No biggie, but I wanted to register anyway, so I got on their website and created an account to hoping to register the battery to me, just in case. Nope no way to register the battery to my name. So I emailed them 2 times and no reply as of yet. This was a couple months ago. I am going to give the battery some time, if something happens to it soon. I will update my review. For now and for the most part, I am happy my Generator has working battery.

  290. Frank Brown

    Does just what I needed it too

  291. bp

    Works well in my jump pack.

  292. Tkm4366

    A battery jumper.

  293. chris7soccer

    My Champion Generator needed a new battery for the push button start. I could not find a replacement locally at Walmart or HD. Batteries Plus had it but wanted $90. This one fit perfect and was much more affordable.

  294. Kindle Customer

    I ordered this to run a water pump in our garden and it’s done great actually exceeded my expectations

  295. Gary

    as described

  296. cjrin

    Does the job. It comes already charged, ready for use. So far, so good

  297. CS

    Replaced battery inside a PSX3 jump starter. This batteries terminals were a bit off from the original battery but it still connects up

  298. Coastal crabber

    Bought it for a generator. Works great so far.

  299. B. W.

    I replaced the battery that was inside my jump box with this one. It has worked very well and took a nice long charge. Previously the air compressor wouldn’t fill a bike tire without needing to be recharged. Now after a single recharging, I filled up all 8 of the bike tires and it still tested out good. I even needed to jump my truck one time and it did the job. So this $40 battery saved me from having to buy another $80 jump pack. Sure it took me an hour to disassemble it, some time to find and pick out this battery and wait for it to be shipped, then actually about 2 hours to install it and reassemble it correctly, but I gain and practiced some skills while reducing landfill waste.

  300. Robert E. LEE

    My six-year-old portable jump starter/air compressor was losing its mojo and wouldn’t even reach full charge. This battery was an almost-perfect drop-in replacement for the weaken battery in the unit. The terminal tabs on the new battery were positioned slightly differently from those on the old one, so I made a short 10AWG jumper with ring terminals to replace the short copper strap on the – side. Works like new now.

  301. Rettop!

    Replacement for my battery changer

  302. Pascual

    Very strong battery and it can hold it’s charge very well after many uses. Will highly recommend this product.

  303. Robert Bendel

    Battery works well and good for the price

  304. Diana. Edleblute

    Seems to be working ok It came fully charged

  305. Dingodog

    Bought the ML18-12 12V 18 AH SLA Battery – Mighty Max Battery at beginning of winter for the snow blower. To date, it still starts the engine. I usually have to grind on the starter before the engine fires. This battery has shown a good capacity for this activity for each start up. I will buy it again when needed. UPDATE Over a year later this battery is going strong. I made sure to keep it charged through the winter months with a good trickle charger. Even with the temperature dipping below zero I was able to start the engine. The engine is 22hp twin Koehler. This is a good battery.

  306. Populo Iratus

    This fit my portable car charger, takes and holds a charge, that’s all you can ask of a battery.

  307. misty

    Easy to install, and overall a good value

  308. Brad C.

    I’m not sure about longevity, have not had it very long. I replaced a battery in a jumper box. It was exact except for 1 hard today connector.. the terminals are not in the same place. Got it to work. Jumped batteries again and inflates tires!

  309. Gary

    Not difficult to install in jumper unit. Only a few months old, so can’t really assess longevity. Saved 1/3 on cost of replacement jumper unit. From that perspective this seems to be a good value.

  310. Bob/Jan

    Replaced my generator battery with this. Great price and generator starts with one push of the button.

  311. Al

    Has held up this winter and seems to have plenty of power to start my generator.

  312. Lixin Jia

    I received this item on scheduled delivery date. I followed the instruction to 1) set frequency, 2) connect with bluetooth with my mobile. It works just great!

  313. avcommander

    Also came with replacement Terminal screws and Nuts. I added locking washers since they have vibrated loose in the past.

  314. Denver Foundation Solutions LLC

    Replaced battery in a Stanley Jump Box. Fit perfectly. Better value than purchasing another jump box. TIP: On jump boxes, don’t leave them plugged in to charge. Only charge after use or monthly. This damages the battery, which I did.

  315. Travis

    Great. Don’t leave it in the cold for a long time, people and you won’t have issues.

  316. todd yarborough

    Fit perfect, and worked great. Good value for the price.

  317. Motormike

    Get replacement with a little more power. Always nice to save some $.

  318. Smokerider

    This is a portable battery supply for my amateur radio and worked just fine for an outing I had last summer. Since then I havent done much with it yet it was still about 12.26 volts when I hooked it up to another radio yesterday (9 months later) without charging in a few months. It was a great price and I am pleased.

  319. Web Customer

    Bought this for a Blue Point jump pack I have. Snap On wanted $125 to fix it, bought this instead. My pack works like new.

  320. Ryland G.

    Replaced the 19AH battery with 18AH battery in my Stanley 1000/500 Jump-Start, $38 in stead of $120 new one. It fits and works fine.

  321. Big D

    My Stanley battery back up, USB, charger and car starter quit. I traced the issue back to the Lead Acid battery that gave up the ghost. Everything works fine, now.

  322. Jimmy D

    Same size as ML17-12

  323. john lintner

    Great. Battery

  324. R Gomez

    Good battery

  325. hap

    Well packaged, good quality case and hardware.

  326. Hossein G. Ghavami

    Perfect fitment, and durability, I have had this now for 2 years or so and it continues to provide perfect power.

  327. John

    Bought for you 8 hp generator.

  328. Fred Renee

    If you had read my other reviews, you’ll know that I speak a lot about doing videos and photography work remotely. Not being the brightest bulb in the draw, I often forget to disconnect devices plugged into and being charged by my car’s/van’s/truck’s cigarette lighter, either at home or at a shoot. Therefore, I always have my trusty Vehicle Jumper unit with me. It died (after only 7 years of constant use). I was able to find this battery, which was able to replace the units original battery. And, as usual, I did it again, but didn’t need Triple A. Yeah, for the dummy (me).

  329. ian

    Battery tested bad and wont charge. I am using new lawnmower battery from walmart for generater and charge battery with charger while generater running.

  330. Web Customer


  331. Keith Brooks

    Replaced battery in an old jump box, fits perfectly and works great

  332. pb

    for $8 more you could get the 22ah unit, same exact size. mine arrived not fully charged. spent about 5 hours on the charger before showing full.

  333. ed hall

    works great and fit perfect. take a pic first before disassembly. i missed a few extra wires. lucky i had the pic.

  334. Johnpincf

    Four day delivery – not bad for these Covid times. This was a replacement battery for a combo jump starter, air compressor, USB charger, 200 Watt 110V outlet and work light. This unit gets a fair amount of use for inflating tires and occasional use as a jump starter. It is not a high amperage jump starter but provides enough power to start a weak car battery but not a fully dead one. I do keep the battery charged but they still only last for 3 years – this is the third replacement. Perhaps this brand will last longer but at $12 per year I guess it provides a decent cost/benefit return.

  335. Brian West

    Easy to install, cheaper than in store purchase. Will update later after using.

  336. David D. Griggs

    powers a skeet thrower well

  337. David D. Griggs

    powers a skeet thrower well

  338. Troy R.

    So far so good. For in my generator and starts it with no problem.

  339. JB

    This battery did not last our first cold night here in Florida. I am handicapped and use my riding mower to pick up my mail and paper at the end of my drive way. Battery was less than a month old and was completely dead with one night of lower 30 degrees. had to keep charger on every night so the mower would start in morning. Finally went to auto parts and bought regular mower battery for about the same price, now no problems starting even in upper 20 degrees

  340. Nate

    Brought my jump starter back to life

  341. Adam

    Good replacement for power station psx3 from costco, hoping to get another 5 years of juice.

  342. Nate

    Brought my jump starter back to life

  343. Michael W Stevens

    Great price

  344. D. Harrison

    This is my second Toyo clone for use in a 1982 BMW R65 motorcycle. The first one lasted 10 years and this one seems identical. It is looks identical to a Westco branded motorcycle battery that cost more than 3 times as much. All the mold lines on the plastic were in the same places as the Westco. It arrived fully intact and with about 80% charge. I fully charged it before putting it into service, old habit of mine, and it started the BMW instantly, as it should. If this lasts even half as long as the previous one, I will be very pleased. There is one slight modification that I needed to do, same as the previous one. The hardware is slightly smaller in diameter and the power tabs needed to be reamed out a little to fit in the hardware I use, took all of 5 minutes, most of which was finding my reamer.

  345. N. Lappos

    Arrived on time, fully charged, perfect condition

  346. Michael W Stevens

    Great price

  347. EM

    Exact replacement for my 11 year old DR Power (circa 2009) brush mower. Battery came charged and started mower right away. It has only been a few months so time will tell how long this battery will last.

  348. G W Renzelman

    Fits my Briggs generator


    Good battery for the price.

  350. Fred Majewski

    It arrived as promisedI don?t have a feeling for longevity since I only installed it a few months agoThe battery arrived fully charged

  351. Mike in Oregon

    Perfect replacement for the battery in my portable jump starter/compressor. It works again!

  352. Mike in Oregon

    Perfect replacement for the battery in my portable jump starter/compressor. It works again!

  353. Eric

    Worked just fine

  354. Eric

    Worked just fine

  355. Mark

    Nice battery, perfect replacement for my generator

  356. Kathryn Seymour

    Don’t know about the longevity as we just purchased it a short time ago. It is a replacement for a Generac generator battery. This particular brand of battery has served us well in the past in different forms.

  357. Gordon C

    Was an exact fit for my Ridgid generator

  358. Megen

    Great buy but to big to fit on generator

  359. Gordon C

    Was an exact fit for my Ridgid generator

  360. stinky

    Very nice drop in replacement for my harbor freight jump starter. I just hope this battery lasts a lot longer than the first one

  361. Sancho Erni, Jr.

    This battery replaced an 8 year old battery in my Westinghouse Generator. Works properly.

  362. Abel O’Dwyer

    Stoked we will see how long it lasts.

  363. Harwell Family

    Works well

  364. Papa Scott

    It was an Exact size and fit for my Battery Booster Pack. I won’t know how it is in Longevity until I put it thru a Few Uses. The Battery Holds a 13V+ Charge well and runs the Air Compressor in my Booster Pack ver well. Hoping it Last Longer than the Original Battery that was in the Booster.I carry this in my Vehicle and that way I’m prepared. I also like being the Good Samaritan if someone needs a Battery Boost in a Parking Lot somewhere, ‘m Glad to Assist! Cheers

  365. Harwell Family

    Works well

  366. Bob L.

    The battery was not fully charged when i received it . It took the charge to full quick and i have had no problems .The battery is working fine and i expect it to hold up .

  367. lloyd

    For my generator only started it twice so far so good

  368. Gerry

    As advertised

  369. lloyd

    For my generator only started it twice so far so good

  370. Patrick M.

    bought 2 for 2 different boxes.fits both perfectly. comes fully charged.

  371. SWaggoner1

    I was completely satisfied with this battery when I received it. It was very easy to install, fit my machine perfectly, and has tremendous starting power.

  372. Jeff vollstedt

    2AH more than what originally came with generator.

  373. SF

    Physical configuration was right on for replacing the battery in my Black and Decker tire inflator/power supply. Battery shipped with better quality screws than were in my inflator, which was appreciated.

  374. CT FLIER

    Fit perfectly and was an exact replacement. So far so good. No issues.

  375. Kevin Conley

    Great battery for less price

  376. SF

    Physical configuration was right on for replacing the battery in my Black and Decker tire inflator/power supply.Battery shipped with better quality screws than were in my inflator, which was appreciated.

  377. PenroseTribar

    Bought to replace the original UB12180 in our 9-year-old Energizer All-in-One portable charger. Same size, fit like a glove.The Mighty Max arrived almost fully charged, well-packed and within only a few days. Included were new nuts and washers for battery posts.


    Nice item, Thanks!

  379. CT FLIER

    Fit perfectly and was an exact replacement. So far so good. No issues.

  380. titans

    Was a perfect fit in my jumper box.

  381. Dave987

    This thing work great right out of the box for a generator can’t beat the price.

  382. Sawdusty

    came charged and ready to go! does what it says it will.

  383. Michael B

    I was gone for three months and came home to find the starter battery for my emergency generator was completely dead even with a trickle charger running constantly. I ordered this battery and it arrived quickly and was fully charged. Can’t speak to the longevity because I just got it.

  384. old hot rodder

    purfact fit. droped right in and fired my gererator right up

  385. Keith Brandon Ponton Jr.

    Im not sure about the longevity as far as years but it seems to be a great product. Small, lightweight and installed on my children’s ride along toys, has lasted hours and hours. 2nd time byyer.

  386. Olan

    I used this as a replacement for a PL 18-12. The dimensions were identical and it fit well when replacing my old battery. I?ve not had a chance to use the battery installed in my jump starter so I can?t comment beyond that. As for value for the money, the price was much more competitive than other brands.

  387. Philip Schubert

    I put them in and my scooter worked they do what they say they will do

  388. Marcio Pereira & Filipa Gaio

    Great battery for 12v power wheels

  389. Ashu

    Bought it to replace a dead battery in the jump start/inflator that I had bought fromCostco 5 years back. This fits nicely and did the job.

  390. greg h.

    When the battery totally discharges it can be hard to charge the battery again. Some can be recovered and a fewwill not recharge, but almost all brands of these type of batteries can do this. I use about 50 batteries in thefield and have about a 10% failure rate

  391. Bruce E.

    I can only say it came quickly…I?ve bought it before…and it lasted a long time, as a lawnmower starter battery. Haven?t had it long enough to this time to get this battery?s longevity! It?s easy to install, but it will depend more on the equipment you?re installing it into…your equipment may make it hard to install…not, the battery.

  392. Sandmansays

    Good price. Fit my Champion generator perfectly, and now I am ready for winter poqer outages.

  393. Steven E. Sands

    Good price. Fit my Champion generator perfectly, and now I am ready for winter poqer outages.

  394. Don R.

    These batteries were put into two battery jump starters. So far they have held their charge but I have not used them much.

  395. Joe Klinetob

    Good item

  396. AuZZie

    Bought this for my JNC 400 and charged it overnight and works mint. Will see how it holds up after usage and recharges. But fit perfect

  397. AuZZie

    Bought this for my JNC 400 and charged it overnight and works mint. Will see how it holds up after usage and recharges. But fit perfect

  398. Don E Ho

    Fit in battery compartment using only 25% of the space of the battery it replaced. Boost starts instantly!

  399. Don E Ho

    Fit in battery compartment using only 25% of the space of the battery it replaced. Boost starts instantly!

  400. Stephens215

    I needed to replace the battery in my generator (Troy-Bilt 7000 watts), and fortunately I ordered this battery and replaced it just before hurricane Sally hit us directly. We live North of Pensacola, FL and were hit directly by the storm. Power was out for 4 days and the generator worked perfectly with this battery.I had checked around town at a few places and no one carried the type of batter I needed for my generator. This Mighty Max was exactly what I needed.

  401. Ian Haynes

    Used on a 1985 Honda XL350r. FIts into the bike perfectly.

  402. AC

    Bought only mighty Max batteries for all my battery backups and my jump starter.What was $60 in 2013 is now $80. So a $25 battery to keep my jump starter/air compressor going was worth it. My original battery was from 2013. Naturally you can’t find the same battery. Let’s see how Mighty Max holds up on all my products.Should one of them fail prematurely, I will move on to another brand.

  403. RGK

    so far working working well we will see how low it last

  404. Carmen I

    Good price when comparing the watts, fast shipment and excellent shipping package.

  405. robert Kleigleng

    so far working working well we will see how low it last

  406. Rherrada84

    Used this battery to replace a battery in a Diehard Portable power pack. It works like it was new now.

  407. rayraygillinger

    Charges well everytime

  408. Mone

    Used the battery to replace existing battery in my zero turn lawnmower. Dimensions we exactly as described and fit perfectly.

  409. Mark

    Good battery

  410. Thorin Labby

    I got these for use in my APC UPS and they are working great.

  411. Lester M.

    Perfect for small solar setups in barns or greenhouses. I own two of these in this type of setup, and swear by them!

  412. MoonDoggy

    Be prepared to modify the battery hold down. The original was way too short.

  413. Thorin Labby

    I have ordered 13 of these total, one had to be replaced due to the shipping company mistreating it. took care of it right away. I am using these in an APC UPS, and they are working great.

  414. c banks

    Came charged with post nuts and bolts… Double boxed and padded for shipping….

  415. Gilberto Vega

  416. jerry hall

    Perfect fit

  417. Marcus Briley

    This battery was perfect fit for my generator will have to see how how good and long it?ll last but I?m thinking this year maybe I can get a solar battery temp tinder so that it doesn?t run down Nick?s, maintain a battery so if I need it it?ll actually work.

  418. Web Customer

    Good battery for the price. Just bought and will see how long it last.

  419. Customer

    Good battery for the price. Just bought and will see how long it last.

  420. sonic

    Got this to replace a 6 year old battery in the portable battery jump station. The battery size is a good fit but the connection was not straightforward. I had to bend both the battery posts to connect.

  421. sonic

    Got this to replace a 6 year old battery in the portable battery jump station. The battery size is a good fit but the connection was not straightforward. I had to bend both the battery posts to connect.

  422. linda mcdannel

    Fully charged and ready to go Thankyou

  423. Doc S

    Good value. Won’t know how long it will last until it runs out!

  424. Web Customer

    So far so good!

  425. Customer

    So far so good!

  426. M. Carder

    Seems to work well as a replacement for my generator. Have not had it long enough to test for durability.

  427. JOSE VERA

    I arrive in good condition and it works very well

  428. Dom

    Had to modify the wires to fit the battery terminals. Wasn’t hard at all to install. I haven’t tested it yet but I did charge it. It didn’t charge to 100% but that may very well be the LED lamp is burned out.

  429. JOSE VERA

    I arrive in good condition and it works very well

  430. Dom

    Had to modify the wires to fit the battery terminals. Wasn?t hard at all to install. I haven?t tested it yet but I did charge it. It didn?t charge to 100% but that may very well be the LED lamp is burned out.

  431. Brendan C.

    I was in a hurry for a cheap battery to get my lawn mower going again and ending up buying this. If I were to do it again, I probably would have bought a bigger battery, this battery is pretty small and has just enough juice to turn over the mower. My fault for thinking this was a lawn mower battery, but it works so I am not complaining. The mower doesn’t turn over as quickly as my last battery, but it still starts and that’s the only thing that matters.If you have a riding lawn mower, I’d recommend you buy a larger battery. That being said, it works!

  432. RevJayG

    The charger is great. The former battery ran out of goodness. After some difficultly removing the old one the new went right in the box, wired it up, gavel it a full charge and it did the trick.

  433. Happy Camper

    Slightly lower capacity (18ah) than the original battery (22ah) and slightly lower initial amps, but more than sufficient to get most cars and SUVs going in any situation.Perfect fit and easy replacement for a Clore Automotive JNC660 jumper pack.Can’t speak to longevity yet since I just received and installed it.

  434. Mattieg

    Worked like a charm I hope it lasts

  435. Michael P

    Fit perfect as a replacement battery in my champion generator 7500k. Same size as OEM and came with new nuts and bolts and charged ready to go.

  436. Mike

    works great

  437. Mike

    works great

  438. David H

    I have had a Champion 7500 Generator I bought just after Sandy. Been unused and battery was not on a trickle charger so I replaced it with this one. Came charged enough to crank up the generator immediately. Very pleased ????. Now it is on a trickle charger and I will be more ready for the next blackout.

  439. ANON

    I have had a Champion 7500 Generator I bought just after Sandy. Been unused and battery was not on a trickle charger so I replaced it with this one. Came charged enough to crank up the generator immediately. Very pleased ??. Now it is on a trickle charger and I will be more ready for the next blackout.

  440. James R. Schings

    Charges finer and load test show it is better than it’s rating. (18ah. Tested great at 20+AH.) I have only had this one a few days but have had the same brand used in out formula First race cars and they went for years.

  441. Mark

    I got 7 of these for my car. All powered by my solar panel. I can live off grid (no gas usage) for 4 days on these cells. Must mout upright. NOT on the side. They leak when on the side. Must have for the prepper or any solar use.

  442. Rich

    Replacement battery for my 8 year old generator. Seems like the thing was at my door by the time I closed my computer. Fit perfectly and appeared to be fully charged upon arrival. Best price around for that battery. Very pleased. Great Job.

  443. Web Customer

    Used for a 8000 watt generator. Works great, more than enough cranking amps. Can’t wait till winter time and see how it holds up. Can get quite cold here.

  444. Customer

    Used for a 8000 watt generator. Works great, more than enough cranking amps. Can’t wait till winter time and see how it holds up. Can get quite cold here.

  445. Joseph T.

    worked great perfect fit

  446. Web Customer

    Battery won’t hold a charge!! Unfortunately I didn’t install it right away and passed the return deadline.

  447. Customer

    Battery won’t hold a charge!! Unfortunately I didn’t install it right away and passed the return deadline.

  448. shi11001

    Used several times real good

  449. Joe S.

    Easy to use and easy to install.

  450. jush jones

    works well

  451. Joe S.

    Easy to use and easy to install.

  452. jush jones

    works well

  453. Scifigrrl

    My older Earthwise Model 60120, 24v electric mower no longer sells their replacement battery so I have to compile a suitable battery pack myself from time to time and two of these worked great and for a better price than most other options.

  454. AMIE C

    Worked great for my battery jump starter

  455. It is a wonderful day!

    My old battery was long gone and I couldn’t not find a replacement locally. This fit perfectly and now the engine starts and runs. I am a happy camper now.

  456. Andy Reed

    These work great for my homemade portable solar generator project.

  457. Kevin Wetherell

    best price I found and the exact one I needed

  458. Steve C.

    These were exact fits for my Homelite lawnmower. It’s alive again! Hopefully for another 4 years..

  459. Templer

    I used it for replacement battery for Costco tire air station.

  460. Templer

    I used it for replacement battery for Costco tire air station.

  461. anatoliy


  462. michael murphy

    bought two batteries for $70. for the pair. installed them myself saved over $100.00

  463. anatoliy


  464. Tony

    I have just added plenty of years to my Stanley Fatmax 450AMP jumpstarter purchased on 2014. The fit is perfect. OEM quality. Very easy to install. Hope it lasts as long as the original. Will update as time goes by and the unit is used.Update 08/01/20: Had to jump start wife?s RAV4. Worked like a charm.

  465. Michael Skersick

    Got this for my kayak had it for 2 years and still going strong awesome battery

  466. Chris

    My scooter takes two batteries. They are in a plastic box. Need a long handled screw driver to get the screws out of the case. Then you see the two batteries. Pull out old dead batteries. I had to tug a little. The old batteries were valcoured on the bottom. Easy to install new batteries.

  467. Michael

    Good as replacement for Powerstation.

  468. Habnar

    Black and Decker Lawnmower replacement batteries. Fits perfectly and works great!

  469. Paul R.

    Now i have no idea as to longevity. I just got it.

  470. Capt

    I have bought a number of 12V batteries from . This one came very quickly. The battery was in great condition, safely packaged with plastic caps on the terminals and new nuts, bolts, and washers in a plastic bag. It comes pretty well charged, but I charge new batteries with a smart charger. It worked ok, but for an 18 aH battery it did not last as I had expected. customer service quickly resolved my issue. Overall, very happy with this brand. It is solidly built. The terminals and bolts securely hold my cables. My charging clamps fit securely enough onto the terminals. I try to buy from sold and fulfilled for batteries as customs service adds to the confidence I have in buying SLA batteries online. I recommend this battery and brand.

  471. Web Customer

    Great replacement for my car battery jump starter.

  472. Customer

    Great replacement for my car battery jump starter.

  473. Carl Davis

    Item was delivered on time in excellent condition. The battery was a replacement for an older faulty battery inside jump start box. The battery arrived fully charged. A very good replacement value as opposed to buying a new jump starter box.

  474. N. Franke

    I purchased this for my champion generator. Although this is 18 AH and the one it came with was 15, they are exactly the same size. It cranked up the generator just fine. Unfortunately champion generators are unreliable garbage, but that?s a different issue.

  475. thomas Thurston

    Perfect replacement fit.

  476. Jesus escutia

    I use the battery for my riding lawnmower started right up.

  477. Kjoe331

    Arrived As Listed! Lots of power! Good to go!

  478. walter brunoni

    nice and compact alittle heavy for a back packtho

  479. Kjoe331

    Arrived As Listed! Lots of power! Good to go!

  480. Jim

    Troy-Bilt mower battery died after three years. Installed this on and it spins the motor faster than the old battery ever did. Seems to be a winner.

  481. James Walth

    Perfect fit

  482. James R Bates

    Troy-Bilt mower battery died after three years. Installed this on and it spins the motor faster than the old battery ever did. Seems to be a winner.

  483. Cheesus

    Works great for my snowmobile. It starts up and seems to hold a charge!

  484. MDHarmon

    To make this work I used a 3/8 inch aluminum deal that is about 5/8 inch long and used a couple of M5 bolts that are 25mm long. I cannot see the icon to add an image to show what I did to make it work nicely with my jumper box.

  485. MDHarmon

    To make this work I used a 3/8 inch aluminum deal that is about 5/8 inch long and used a couple of M5 bolts that are 25mm long.I cannot see the icon to add an image to show what I did to make it work nicely with my jumper box.

  486. Earl1943

    I put it in a battery box, hooked it to backup that had a dead much smaller battery and it is doing fine!

  487. Payan


  488. Antonio S.

    Box is in good shape,battery is fully charged so far so good it?s newly installed.

  489. Payan


  490. Mittens

    But, I’ve only had it for two months. We’ll see how it holds up.

  491. Simone

    I’ve gone through two of these ML18-12 batteries to power my 90 lineal foot fence. The first one lasted about 3 years. I liked that it was small and lightweight so I ordered another one, this time from ebay. It started having trouble keeping the charge within a year. After I hooked it up to a solar battery charger it worked fine for another two years, but then died. The Mighty Max rep I spoke with told me they should last at least 5 years. I don’t know if any other brands are better but I’m disappointed.

  492. Web Customer Chabely


  493. Customer Chabely


  494. Mark piotrowski

    Brought my craftsman jump box back to life, if you charge yours and it says it’s at 100% but it doesn’t work it’s the battery and it very easy to change.

  495. Doug m

    I installed it today and I am charging it up. Will see how it works.

  496. Web Customer

    Great price and electric start worked again after replacing 5 year old battery.

  497. Customer

    Great price and electric start worked again after replacing 5 year old battery.

  498. Bob Adams

    I bought this to repair my Harbor Freight jump pack. It fit well and works like it should. I have jumped many cars, trucks, mowers and tractors with it. It was worth the money to me.

  499. Brad Shea

    Exactly matched replacement. Well packed, easy to install, working great so far.

  500. JJ

    Update: Added load so bought a second one of these. Same as before, charged, great packaging and ready to! The first one has been perform great but the added load I just couldn’t get the 4 hours of run time I needed. Still very impressed!Can’t yet speak to longevity, but battery arrived charged, undamaged (great packaging actually) and ready to go. Using on a single 160w solar panel to run garden lights.

  501. Alex Divov

    Does exactly what it says on the box!Buy it with confidence.

  502. Kristen Jolly

    My Champion brand propane/gas generator only cranks on gas if you have a good battery. When my battery went out I had to use propane. I installed this battery and it now cranks fine and I am up and running again.